Tap Titans: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Tactics

Tap Titans for Android has developed within a few months to an absolute hit game and it is definitely addictive - we are Tap Titans expire. To be even better with Tap Titans, you should follow these tips and tricks also you learn everything you need to cheat, boss battles, tactics, prestige and artifacts. New additions include fresh tap Titans tips for the special abilities.

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Beginner tips and tricks to Tap Titans

  • I need you not necessarily watch videos in Tap Titans, so you get a Feenbonus because most cases are usually free.
  • This tip to Tap Titans should consider particularly Android gamers who have little experience with such "Tap games": It is advisable to press alternately on the screen with two fingers. This you think at the beginning a little longer and can watch so slow at the gameplay of Tap Titans used.
  • At the beginning, it pays to level up your helper in Tap Titans a few levels. If new and better helpers will be unlocked later in the game of Tap Titans, you should you focus on them. then during the game you can still improve your previous assistants, since you then more coins are available at Tap Titans.
  • Coins that fall during a battle in Tap Titans, you must not necessarily repair (fall out) as they will be credited to you anyway after a short time.
  • At the beginning you should mainly level up your hero in Tap Titans. He rises faster, it is advisable to have the menu on the bottom left is always open and ready to click on the icon level up when a Level at Tap Titans is enabled.

Tips and tricks for the hero in Tap Titans

  • the special abilities of your helpers will unlock immediately, since this they cause significantly more damage.
  • You have your hero to reach level 600 not level up, as it only requires this value to unlock Prestige.

Tips and tricks for special skills in Tap Titans

  • If you can unlock the special ability Berserkerraserei at Tap Titans, you have the "critical hit" is no longer level up because the Berserkerraserei is much better.
  • The Tap Titans Special Power "Hand of Midas"Where you will receive 15% monster gold per tap, you can ignore, since you'll supplied as the game progresses steadily with gold.
  • The Schattenklon at Tap Titans should you prefer the celestial impact because the Schattenklon at Tap Titans also continue fighting when an enemy is already defeated.
  • Here an important Tap Titans tip for special abilities like the "heavenly blow" or "critical hit": Sets the attacks in a boss fight in Tap Titans immediately beginning a. If you see that this special ability caused enough damage to dispense with another special attack, but defeated the bosses easily by normal fumble.
  • And another important Tap Titans Tip for Special Abilities: If your model is treated by a fairy a special ability, such as a Schattenklon, changes to a boss fight and see if you can defeat him with this capability. If it becomes clear that the boss is too strong, break off the attack and is in no way a more special abilities.
  • The special ability war cry (All heroes attack 150% faster) should your only upgrade if your has many heroes in Tap Titans.

Combat tips and tricks strategy to tap Titans

  • If you have enough helpers, you can save time and still masse defeat opponents with this tip for Tap titanium. Because even if you do not tap on the screen will be fought, or the aid cut for you to. However, this trick for Tap titanium does not go on with boss fights, and you should make sure that the smartphone or tablet does not shut off after a certain time in the settings of your Android device.
  • Animated heroes who have died, not again. It costs too much money, you can also without a hero in Tap Titans, be it ever so strong rival against opponents and bosses. After a certain time, the slain hero Tap Titans come back anyway.
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Tips and tricks for the boss battles Tap Titans

  • The boss fights in Tap Titans need for speed, so follow this tip: Pressing alternately with two fingers on the screen and then briefly with a finger. This enabled us to win many boss fights in Tap Titans.
  • You notice pretty quickly if you're up to a boss in Tap Titans or not. So if even after five seconds, only a fraction of Lebensergie the opponent has declined, then profaning the boss battle at Tap Titans, and Levelt your heroes on. then returns strengthened back to the boss fight.
  • Wen you activate a Schattenklon at Tap Titans or your him of a fairy (with the box) will receive, switched to a boss fight because you will fight almost certainly decide for you with the increased damage.
  • Special abilities should you just let go of succession to the opponents. This tip help you especially in boss battles, as these struggles often go out very scarce.

Cheats Tap Titans

  • So far there are no cheat codes for Tap Titans.
  • Stay away from information on Tap Titans, where extras are promised by cheat and you need to specify for your contact information. Thus trying to scam to come to your account in order to then sell it.
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