Installing CyanogenMod 13 failed on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini …

Hello everybody,

after yesterday I rooted my S3 Mini, the Recovery "TWRP-" installed and Wipe carried out, I have started the installation of CyanogenMod 13, which I purchased from Nova merger. The Gapps I installed in the connection and then allow the unit to boot. After an eternity already the start screen appeared, but the keyboard was not working. So I decided to repeat the process again from the wipe, but the problem remained even after reinstalling CM13 exist.

And now the real problem:
I opted again for a wipe and place CM13, CM12.1 to install. However, of the installation process was not using a "succesful"But with "failed" completed. The same I tried with CM12.0 and with the competition Carbon 5.1. There was always (the same problem"failed") on. Enclosed is a photo of the installation screen.image

'm now at my wits end and sincerely hope that I can help at this point someone more experienced.

Hello Thomas,

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Hello Thomas,
I would first TWRP update, there are mitlerweile version 3.0,
then wipe system, cache and data and then flash the repeat.

Many Thanks! :)

Hello, Jens,
I can for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, unfortunately, nothing but the TWRP- find newer.

Look here for times

I recommend to stay with the recommended TWRP.
Here can be found as your current with and a later version.

Thank you! But before I start this trial, I have a question. Do I need to delete the previous recovery? And if so, how does it work?

Best regards

no, flash the new current in TWRP,
then again reboot into recovery and flash CM

Nice! Any issues are resolved! CyanogenMod running!
Thanks again füt your support!

Very beautiful :)