Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo – S3 Neo Root?

Hi first,

I've decided to root my Neo.

can think of someone a link post with ner guidance?
am still inexperienced in the field and'd be grateful for ne instructions.

and some questions I've also said:

Data will be the root so lost ..
If only it photos, music and calendar entries is still to cope with it.

Go to Apps lost?
Impaired root my battery life?

Is it advisable to flash a different kernel?
if so, which ones?

Any drawbacks then? except eventual loss of warranty?

what can go wrong?

Thank you for the answers!

Only the root itself does not affect you, does in my view, only advantages, Custom kernel there are (still) should not be lost, data is not, most all settings and app data (for me everything remained the same, I think, but it is already a while ago prefer to ask someone else) should go wrong if you follow the instructions, nothing, it was after this rooted (I have also S3 Neo : D) If something goes wrong you have to hire the firmware from the network to download, but really it should not come as far. Here is the link:
I hope I could help you, I accepting any responsibility if something goes wrong : D But if all goes running :)

Do you have the dual SIM model? Since there ne other instructions

No, have no dual Sim.

Thanks for the answers :)

Please, no problem :)

Thanks for the link.
For me, however, the build number is wrong.
My reads KOT49H.I9301IXCUAOF1
but find nothing suitable.


The instructions are in English, there is also an on German because I namely not speak English? Thank you

Hi Frederik,

Welcome to the forum (*)

Step 1: Download and Install Samsung USB drivers on your computer. If Samsung USB Driver already installed on your computer then Skip this step.

Download and install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer. Has he been installed, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Download and extract the root files on your computer. After extracting you will be able to see the Following files:

Download and unzip the file in the root directory of your computer. After unpacking it should look as shown.

Step 3: Now, Switch off your smartphone.

Turn off your cell phone

Step 4: After switching off the phone, you need to boot into download mode. To boot into download mode Press and hold Volume down, Home and Power button at same time for 5-8 seconds until download mode is active.

Boats your phone into download mode to keep the volume down, home button and power button for about 5-8 seconds.

Step 5: in the download mode you will be able to see a Warning Yellow Triangle Sign. In this situation you have to press the Volume Up key to continue.

When you see the security message, confirm with the volume-up button.

Step 6: Now, Open Odin3 (Found in the Extracted files, did you have downloaded in the Step # 2) On your computer. Then connect your phone to the computer.

Open Odin (you find in the Unzipped files that have downloaded in step 2). Connect your phone to the cable.

Step 7: Once you have connected the phone to the computer, Odin will automatically recognize the device and show "Added"Message at the lower-left panel.

If your phone is connected, shows you Odin top of the display "Added"

Step 8: Once your device detected by Odin, click on the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root.tar file (you have downloaded this file in step # 2).

Recognizes your mobile phone Odin, click on PDA or AP and select CF Auto.Root.tar from, down loaded in step two files.

Step 9: Now, click on the begin button in Odin to begin flashing the.

click on "begin" and Odin starting to flash the file.

Step 10: Flashing Usually takes 30-50 seconds to complete the rooting process on your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-Neo I9301I. Once Rooting process got completed, you will be able to see a Green box with passport written on it in Odin. During this process wants Smartphone re-boot automatically.

The Flshen takes about 30-50 seconds. If the rooting is complete, a green box will appear with "passport", Your phone will now reboot.

Step 11: Once you see, the passport message in Odin, you can disconnect your device from the computer.

You can email your phone when Odin "passport" indicating separate computer.

Step 12: Now, to make sure you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-Neo I9301I, open Applications menu on your smartphone and Find SuperSU App. If this app exist on your smartphone then it Means you have successfully rooted your device. Congratulations.

Look after the restart, whether you're in the app launcher "SuperSU" see if it is present, your phone is rooted.

Freehand translation and not translated verbatim. Images and description of

Hi I would like rooten my S3 Neo.
I have a different build number, can I still rooting or do I have to flash?
Mfg. Stefan321

Hello Stefan,

Welcome to the forum (*)

which build number do you have?

Hi Ludy,

My build number is: KOT49.I9301IXCUANJ4
I inquired already on the Internet and have read if you have to flash the Andorid software has a different build number.
My question is: Is it even without flash?
Best regards. Stefan321


I further inquired today and have discovered this website: htttp: // id = GT I9301I?
In this page the appropriate Android version you can download the correct model number.
Then you could flash it in principle and then you have the right build number for rooting
But the mobile phone is still free for all networks or is it locked?
I found on the pages Link 3 t installed at http because I'm new here and registered can upload a link.
Best regards. Stefan321

Hello further inquired again and came across this website: htttps: //

I have again added 3 t.
On this page you can download the appropriate Android OS when you registered.
Open means Austria, that the OS is open to all networks?
I've heard theories that you can flash back to the old firmware again, is it?
Best regards. Stefan321

Hi, I have even further asked me again and I managed everything !!
Here is the solution: So first on this page: htttps: //
There Sign up and then this OS I've verlingt download here. But it must be exactly this which I linked!
Then the Samsung USB drivers download, gravel you do not need!
Here is the link for all Samsung USB drivers without gravel: htttp: //
After it is installed, it ensures everything you have on the phone.
Then I pulled out the Sim card and SD card.
Switch off the phone as the next.
Then the volume down key press home button and Power button.
In the download mode to Continue
At any applications include (even the antivirus program !!!!!)
After that Odin start as an administrator in.
There, the AP or PDA button then the file which you have downloaded to insert. (Nartürlich previously extract !!)
infected cell phone, wait until Odin the file has finished loading.
Press Start.
When the phone is ready flashed, you have the right build file number for the root.
Next, take the root file from here: htttps: // (equal with Odin Included, extract again !!!)
Then rooten with Odin and when it's done rooted, you have a problem: The camera does not work !!
Camera troubleshoot: htttps: // v = g8PxbvXkwy0?
The steps to perform as shown here.
Then the camera should go.
Best regards. Stefan321
Ps: I have added back t at the links. 3

I rooted my phone with this guide went super fast and without problems.

the YouTube link is dead.

When the camera goes on strike, just under Settings / General ... in the application manager change, "All" Choose among the top riders and the APP "camera" tap. Then "force stop" tap and to the following question "OK" to confirm, "clear cache" Tap and here the question with "OK" to confirm.
Back to the base side and restart the device. - FINISHED

At least it was going so perfectly for me!


Good Morning,
do you use the Samsung firmware with root privileges or have you running a CUSTOM ROM on it?
I would like to know whether there is for the S3 Neo Too Stock-ROM's a la CyanogenMod Android 7 and whether they are stable? Unfortunately, I could find nothing useful.