did help the operating system from my samsung galaxy s4 mini GT-I9195 Cleared!

Have deleted the operating system provided by my samsung galaxy s4 mini GT-I9195 and when it launches stands
"Firmware Upgrade encoutered as issue.Please select recovery mode in gravel & try again" I've already ne new firmware flashed there but was always fail what should I do


I have just moved your thread times in the right to your device root Unterforum because it fits a little better ;)

How exactly are you proceed when flashing?
With Odin? Have you previously completed all gravel processes in the task manager and run Odin as an administrator?

ehm ups because I have not thought Thank you try the same times XD

No it's not possible :/

What should I do?

How did you get introduced and what did you do exactly? Which firmware you downloaded. ..as it happened or what did you do that you have the deleted?

So I have got on SamMobile the firmware down (I9195XXUBNB3_I9195EPLBNC1_I9195XXUBNB3_HOME.tar.md5) charged and tried, and it did not work
because I had cm 11 and it did not want to so I wanted to flash my normal firmware again and then hung the 99% therefore had ichh the off device and the firmware was gone and whenever I want to flash my new stands at the end fail

Do you have the firmware via the recovery or Odin tried to flash?

with odin

Just try it once on the recovery.

I do not come clean I have no operating system

You have to press the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.

it does not work

If your mobile phone Odin recognized at all? :?

yes it is

And all gravel processes have also been completed?

yes yes there is only one

Why are you doing not what Odin says?

what do you mean

Choose the Recovery Mode in gravel ?!