Google Play Store “Server Error”

For several days my Google Play can not be opened, it will appear each time the message "server error", Now my Whatsapp has expired and I need to make an update before I can use it again.
I have emptied the cache of Google Play and erased the data. unfortunately I do not go on, help!:(


I have exactly the same problem and have tried everything possible, but not yet the resetting of the system. I would like to avoid ...
Would be grateful for any tip!

Good evening, which I can only agree and so far has not helped try to get it back into gear


you have already found solutions?
Have the same problem and am slowly desperate, because nothing helps ...
Was already 2x in a mobile phone shop, but even that could not help me ..

Hi everyone,
you have now found a solution or is it with you again?
still with me :(

Hi icb need dringemd called me to delete my account now herewith vehen all hamdydaten lost:( have cache gelöschg order. Spejcherplatz to schaffenab it hjng nimma :( it js dringemd !!

It always means trying on opening VKN play store server error restate ... is nit.

Also have the same problem.
the apps on the PC, can not be installed too ..... there is always with me


one probably still is after all a solution ;)

Remove Google account and add new?

When I try always comes:
"Some applications require an account. You can only remove it, idem the phone to factory settings put (this will restore all personal information deleted)."

However, only the telephone data does not delete the SD card and SIM card data or ??

Hello Jackii the same phone and the same problem I have.
And but for several weeks. My Whats app must I update in three days, but what then?
And what about the resetting, really going all lost?

LG and thank

I think I'll try that now times from ..... as reset all I can do anyway, but I previously on the PC and write whether it worked Save my data or my phone completely stupid is ;)

My Whatsapp today "outdated" -.-

So if I want to put the phone back to factory settings to delete the Google Account to delete the Samsung account I previously .... but this would not (Angry)

So now I do a hard reset:
make 1) mobile phone, SD card out
2) Press Power / Volume Up / Home button and hold until the "Samsung" logo / writing comes (comes handy at)
3) It opens a window with the Android in the background
4) With the Volume Down button on "wipe data / factory reset" go and press the home button
5) "Yes" Click (up / down + home)
6) "reboot system now" click
7) the phone reboots / normal

if it worked, I tell you the same ;)

my phone is working again !!!!

Play Store is back !!!!
aktualiersiet Whatsapp and luckily I had another backup before ;)

One probably there is another SOLUTION but I'm glad that something sparks it again

With me not you go.
maybe I irgendwelchte settings changed on the phone when I tried to create space (Sometimes you throw things away yes / out and needs them later strongly again.)
despair I'm now on. Maybe you can help me? Would be so grateful.

so I had to go to Settings > then hold-Fi connected network down>Network configuration and in the advanced settings Proxy do so on '' without 'make', hope it helps you : D

So I just switched from wireless to mobile data.
Then I got the play goals reloaded switched back to wireless and went to half a minute (about) it again.
Is of course only if you have ne flat : D
Hope I could help.(cool)

Hey me that same thing. Only that it was 2 weeks ago, but I was able to fix it by chache empty and delete data. And jz is not Please help me on, I can also use any apps like Whatsapp or CoC; (

Hope to answer ThroneMc


Hello everybody,

my friend had the same problem with her cell phone ... was able to solve as follows;

Have to uninstall the Google Play Store and manually downloaded the Play Store APK on the computer and downloaded to the phone.

Link for downloading the APK file, I can not post unfortunately ...

Finally, the Play Store APK have installed on the phone and restart ... lo and behold! IT RUNS!

First he showed the Play Store or any server errors .. but after I pressed 2 to 3 times try again .. it was ..

If it does not work right .. I would try again the same with the Google Play service to make ...

Download So uninstall .. APK via a computer, copy to mobile phones and install directly over the phone and reboot ...

do not get panic if Google Play Music so reports errors !!

Finally, again open the Play Store .. the newly install Google Play Services version uninstall .. and again install .. If the Play Store when installing Server Report an error .. Then the phone before installing again restart.

Thank you