Setting the SD card as internal memory does not work (Samsung Galaxy j5 v2015, Android 6.0.1)

Hey Community,

I got myself a new SD card from SanDisk (32GB) and wanted this to be an extension of the very small internal memory use (8GB internal). Because I knew that you (usually) can / format an external SD card for Android 6.0.x to the internal memory to add, so I've bought myself a new SD card. The one can normally "Format Settings / Memory / SD Card / SD card to internal memory" do. but if I follow this path I meet only Disable SD card or SD card format (this does not format the SD but an extension of the internal memory, for whatever reason). I have uploaded below two screenshots.

Can you help me to make the SD card to the internal memory?

Many Thanks :)



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J5 & Memory problems is really a perennial favorite since then the part on the market.
The last discussion in the forum's here goes:

android-6-0-SD-Card-use as internal-memory-

Ina, thanks for the link, because I did not have degrees on the screen. Then it's on there, of course. :)