Whats app backup – deleted phone number restore possible?

Hello my love, firstonce I'm new here and do not know if I'm right here. I have a contact from my contact list deleted was quite important. Have been also some attempts to these get back. So I did it with Dr. Fone tasted the supposedly all deleted contacts is to restore, does not work. Then I had the idea whats my app to open back up and read, and to find the number there. my phone have already rooted and with whatsapp xtract program tries to open the crypt file. Did not work. Now my question is if I can open the file at all at some point is in the course of any phone number? And if so how wars I go to open it, the crypt file? Where to find this key?
I hope to answer it would be very important. lg ��

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have you never phoned the contact, so that the number is still in the call log?

Are your contacts associated with your Google account? If so, you can delete a contact here, under the item "more" -> "restore contacts" restore.

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if it did not, as Daniel described it, then you're going to a root explorer such. B. ES File Explorer, in the root directory -> data -> data -> com.whatsapp -> databases.
The wa.db you copy in a directory that does not need a root and open this with a SQLite database app.
Inside is a record of wa_contacts is there all your contacts are stored.

If you do not hinbekommst that alone, I can do your idea.

Hey Ludy,

I have exactly the same problem and racking my brain. Whatsapp loads the backup that I want, but TZD all current messages are displayed ?????
How can I get my deleted contact ?? :( You can find me there please help?
Is that just by this app?

lg Mina

Hi Mina, which usually you exactly?
You have a contact that you deleted but still need?
Where have you deleted the in contacts?
What you have for a cell phone and what Android you've got it?
Is your phone rooted?

PS: I still secure my contacts regularly in a vcf file, then I can make older contacts again and again.

That's right .... have contact neither Google nor synchronized in the call list ;) The apps with the above I did not understand that.
I also do not understand why WA says it loads the backup from 6.8. and then they all news exist ??

What does that mean for rooted? I have already read several times. Know told me honestly do not like this: / Android 5.0
Elephone P7000

You can also restore older backups.
Here I would copy the WhatsApp folder from internal memory to the PC in order to have a safety.
Do that first. I will get back to you.
What you have for a cell phone and what Android?

The WhatsApp folder is called in the internal memory of the device or phone.
Watch first their own files to the folder WhatsApp>Databases.
As all backups are in there.
Choose the backup that was made before the deletion of your contact out.
The other you need to delete.
Then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp WhatsApp and then provides this backup to restore.
Your chat history of all contacts at this time would all be here again.
Do you understand it?

(Danger)But before that necessarily transfer the WhatsApp folder on the PC !!!

The backup files are named there "msgstore-Datum.db.cryptZahl"

Top Android 5.0. Elephone. copy the whole folder WA Data? And aufn PC?
I think to myself, too, the last time WA also said "Load the backup of 6.8" and TZD all the latest news

OK to try it so again. But why it had not worked the way it is described in WA? Did the file is renamed, etc?

I invite the best all files or backups on the PC.

WhatsApp always loads the last current backup, but if only one file since it provides them recover.
Copy all the WhatsApp folder on the PC and not just Databases.

Do you understand everything right?

OK that sounds logical to me. so no matter how the file name?

What do you mean, no matter how the file is?

Have you found a backup file that was created before the cancellation?

Well in WA is said one should, to the backup that you want to restore, alter. In msgstore.db.crypt.12 the date out Delete .... and thus was still a file it with the latest backup ....
But what I do not get two WA said at the restoration: invites backup from 6.8. and then TDZ are all news because ??

Yes .... the file I find

Before you start it.
Which and how many files are present with you?

Ten .... crypt.12 files ...