As you can set your default apps and change app shortcuts on Android

Again and again it happens that Android uses the wrong app to open images, videos, or specific sites. This is annoying, but a recoverable problem. We show you how to change the default apps and set new app shortcuts. Update: So changes its app shortcuts on Android 7.0 nougat.

  • So you can delete and uninstall your pre-installed apps
  • open all files on Android and play

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It happened! You have a new gallery app installed and want to use them from the camera, tap on gallery and over and then it was the wrong app see. Or you installed the Wikipedia app and select the browser from accidentally when you are asked, to be called with which app * But that is no reason to despair, because set for ALWAYS settings can be revoked in the menus of Android. And we show you using the Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop and Nexus 5 with Android M Developer Preview 1, what can be done to ensure that links and files open in the correct app.

  • Android marshmallow in the practical test

Standard apps reset in Android 7.0 nougat

Android Nougat (Developer Preview) to reset the default apps is relatively simple. Go to the settings and the appropriate app. then selects Clear Defaults and have the link to the app is finished. Please note: As this is currently trading at Android Nougat is a preview version, this process may change until the final version.

Standard apps reset in Android 5.0

samsung android apps 50 standard set deSelect an app, press and ALWAYS get angry. But do not despair, you can change your mind later. / © AndroidPIT

Once dialed the wrong number, you can change your mind later. Is to be explained in the right screenshot, the menu opens and standard applications.

samsung android 50 standard apps delete deIn the standard applications you can find all apps where you had once ALWAYS selected. / © AndroidPIT

Once your apps delete from this list, you are asked again which app to manage your home screen or websites which browser opens.

android m vs 50 app info dedoes the same job of "Defaults Delete"Button in the app info. Links Samsung TouchWiz, right Android M. / © AndroidPIT

Standard apps reset in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow are somewhat inconvenient and especially the list of standard applications or app shortcuts is not as easily accessible as Android 5.0.

android m standard apps place deThe standard apps for Android Marshmallow is something hidden in a menu. / © AndroidPIT

To find the apps and modify the open file types and URLs, you must live in Android Marshmallow first in the settings in the list of apps to be there to open the top-right menu. Then go to Advanced.

android m standard apps list deThere are the standard apps for Android marshmallow. / © AndroidPIT

What at first seem complex is ogarnoch complicated in reality. For Android 6.0 Marshmallow splits the previous standard apps on further and distinguishes between standard apps and domain URLs so that your defining separately whether an app should open a special file types or a URL structure by default.

To escape Apps file types standard, you to go to Apps in the App info of the app (see screenshot above), tap on actions to default and already you are asked again whether you play your songs with another app want.

Standard apps: Conclusion

Hopefully you were able to save a bit of frustration and an uninstall you thanks to this guide. Android improve the management of standard apps and it gets a little more about how you can define app shortcuts. But an administration on the file type you will still owe us. Unfortunately, you can also Android M file types standards not yet set, so you have the VLC player snatch the complete package of standards just because one wants to change the audio player. Hopefully this will not improve.