[How-To] Galaxy Note 4 root instructions

Date: 11/05/2017

Dear Community,

in this thread, it should go to the Rootprozess for the following device:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910F) Android 6.0.1

[How-To] Galaxy Note 4 root instructions



The Knox counter is increased!

Neither I AndroidPIT or developer of the root files accept any liability if the root process goes wrong or does not boot the device. In this case, Samsung Support should be contacted.


  1. Make sure it is charged the battery of the device at least 30%, recommended are 50% or more.
  2. Make sure that the model number of your device as follows: SM N910F
  3. Secure precaution all local data of your device.


  1. Download the CF-Auto-Root file: CF-Auto-Root-trlte-trltexx-smn910f.zip Download
  2. Extract / Extract the downloaded .zip file. In the consequential folder you now have the actual root file and the program "Odin" 4 which it is required to flash the touch.
  3. Now open the Odin3-v3.10.6.exe with administrator rights.
  4. Now the root file must be read in Odin, this is where you click the button "AP" RV and the downloaded file
    CF-Auto-Root-trlte trltexx-smn310f.tar.md5 selecting. If the file has been read correctly in the field "Message" are the following:
  5. Now the score 4 must be booted in the Download mode, it goes like this:
  6. Turn the power off and when the display is off for about 10 seconds.
  7. Now you press simultaneously and are holding the following buttons: Volume Down + Power + Home until a "Warning screen" appears.
  8. Now you press Volume Up to confirm that you want in the download mode.
  9. Now you connect the device to the original cable to the PC. then the following must be in the in the program Odin "Message Box" stand:
  10. In order to start the root process you hit the "begin"Button Odin. After that you let the Odin program and the smartphone to work in the upper part of Odin following message appears:

The Note 4 will now start automatically. The cable connection to the PC can now be released.

That was all. Now the score 4 is fully rooted.

(!) Tips if the device has not been successfully rooted: (!)

  1. If the device does not automatically automatically boots into the recovery and the root process simply performs the root file in Odin to flash again.
  2. If the device is then still not rooted please check that in Odin the point "auto reboot" is unchecked. After that flash again, remove the battery of the device for it and reload, and manually follow the shortcut key to boot into the Recovery: Volume Up + Home Button + On / Off switch. Then this step starts the installation process manually.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to Chainfire who has developed this root method.

Download links to the CF-Auto-Root files for different note 4 models

SM-N910W8 (Canadia, Qualcomm)

SM-N910C (Thailand, Exynos)

SM-N910U (Hong Kong, Exynos)

SM-N910S (Korea, Exynos)

SM-N9106W (China, Snapdragon)

SM-N9109W (China, Snapdragon)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the instructions - even if not as much going on here in the root sub-forum, I have your thread ever pinned, not that he goes down at some point here ;)

Thank you ;)

PS: Took me with Markdown, incidentally, almost 30 minutes of my life tasted this how-to post : P

Has anyone tested the whole?

wait eagerly for "root" for my SM-N910F.

How it looks after the import of, comes the "triangle" at boot time, and the Knox counter increases (which is actually the case in a CF-Root)?

With Chain Fires method ists also in Note 3 so that the counter is set.
When Touch 4 Counter is also available on 0x1

Should perhaps be added to the Start Post ;)

Quote Chainfire:

"Using this root Increases your flash counter and trips the KNOX warranty flag!"
(Here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/orig-development/sm-n910-cf-auto-root-t2897428)

Thank you. I had somehow found until now no real statement by him ...

Was supplemented in Open Post.

Hey Daniel,

What advantages would bring me the root with my Note4, or what are the highlights of the rooting? The price for this is indeed the Lord plates guarantee, although the rooting is indeed very popular. clear up me : D

Hello Yannick,

excuse me, but about root there really is enough information here in the forum and via Google. Alone to make it because you would supposedly "cool" is in my opinion not worth it in. You should also read before that, good.

PS: Just because your device is rooted or flashed, it does not mean in principle that the producer is not obliged to improve or repair it.

Tough to say, casual .. ..ums "cool" his walk me not quite so, but after the allusion we leave it's better here. Not that we talk even in the root sub-forum about rooting. The 30 seconds of your life would you used to get me to name just three to four key points I will not rob you.

Thanks anyway


10sec found on Google: http://www.androidpit.de/forum/428144/begriffserklaerungen-rund-um-das-flashen-und-rooten-bitte-lesen

Root is basically the full access to the system. Useful for backups or other things for which one has to intervene more deeply into the system.

thanks for the info / link. I'll get it by myself smart. :)

Hello Yannick,

excuse me, if you were disappointed by my answer. Of course, it would have to sacrifice me not mind 30 seconds of my life, but I think it's not necessary rehash the same general topic up for the umpteenth times. In addition, war / I'm online with the app and the bus does not tap sooo much fun.

Myself, it is very disturbing when the same is in each thread and, if necessary, by the thread topic is different.

If you have specific questions you can ask me then like at any time. I am the last person not trying to help.


Thumbs up for the manual Daniel, worked without problems. (cool)

Do I get to the CF Auto root method nor OTA updates or Odin my new update center?



after today's update to Samsung PDA: NK4 / CSC: NK4 / PHONE: NK4 (DBT)

the above rooten works for me NOT more.


Where what does not work anymore? Odin? Kernel-Flash?

Some information would be nice. Thank you.

the rooten no longer worked. report "FAIL",

Have it but get out, reactivation lock the note was activated after deactivating the rooten worked.
Should be noted as perhaps me on the top thread for dummies.


All right. Thank you. I will add soon in open mail.

Here, too, again thank worked perfectly ^^
Thanks also to Daniel U. of technical competence : D

What here have the self is formulated Translation ;)