Samsung Galaxy S2 – samsung galaxy s2 no longer goes to

I have had a S2 Plus and the same problem with the switch off for a few days. If the time-out screen is active, it went into the SOD mode. The tips with the key combination to get to the menu have also works net. I then only times the newest software loaded (4.2.2) - was still out. Then I have the pre-installed apps "myTaxi" and some "phone book" deleted. Whatever the reason, until now the mobile phone stays on :-)


I have for some days the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S2 plus .... powers up only until Samsung characters.

Have the key combination also tested and the instructions have followed but ..... nothing .... still can not start my smartphone. (Just before it starts, it shows me only briefly" Error!" at)
can NEN someone tipp give what else I can do ??

Total'm in a fix :-(

Hi Clare,
This is a thread vomS2 not S2plus.
Is the S2plus might be different

did it but what you say when you say in how the last step to wipe cache partition go then comes the exact same page over and over again there is nothing new mehr.Egal how often I confirm it is indeed short black but then comes right back back.

also had a s2 and worked out what you hattes written with the : D


I have a problem-my cell phone had no battery more (0%).
and have battery charging cable drangemacht and it is not recognized then I try with usb cable on pc phone is not even recognized.
I'm so desperate battery I've already changed one times.
cable is purchased new.
got my second phone at the cable made off upload it properly.
only my s2 does not want to go to something I can do ....
have no guarantee it've had purchased from a known before about cell phone a year there already 1.5 years ....
am a single mother can not buy new me ......

thanks in advance

Have the same problem :( HIIIILLLLLFFFFEEE !!!!