The best to-do and notes apps for Android

To-do and notes apps structuring ideas, sort shopping list and help in work processes. But the to-do apps are talented in different ways. Which app is best when and whether a premium upgrade is worthwhile, we show you here. updateMicrosoft has introduced a successor to Wunderlist, Bring! has the best shopping lists and tick tick is the community recommendation.

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To-do list apps for Android in the overview

Bring!EvernoteGoogle KeepMicrosoft OneNoteMicrosoft To-Dotick tickTrellopricePremium advantageplatformNote hierarchycollaborationDeadline ReminderAttachments formatsOffline functionspecial featuresdownloadFurther information
0 €0 / 29,99 / 59,99 € per year0 €0 / from 69 € per year0 €0 / 2.99 € per month / € 29.99 per year0 / 9.99 € per month
-Offline functionality, email import, PDF search / mark, course, more memory-1 TB of online storage, monthly 60-Skype call minutes for calls to landlines and mobile networks, cooperation-Calendar integration, create unlimited lists and tasks, team functionslarger file attachments, authorization management,
Android, iOSAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows, WebAndroid, iOS, WebWindows, iOS, macOS, Android, WebAndroid, iOS, Windows, WebAndroid, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Mac, WebiOS, Android, Web
Shopping List > entryNotebook > notelabel > Note colorsNotebook > section > notelist > entrylist > entry > subtaskboard > list > map > checklist
Shopping listsEntire notebooks or single notes sharing, instant messaging, summary,individual notesChargeableNolistsMembers of Boards, subscribers for cards. share links to boards or cards. Revision history.
-Per note, based on timePer note, time or location basedNoPer note, based on timePer note, time or location basedtime-based
photoFrom Google Drive file, photo, video, audio, handwriting, CheckboxPhoto, drawing / handwriting, audio, checkboxText, image, audio, Handwriting, List, also mixedNoPictures, voice recordings, filesPhoto, file, Google Drive link
Android Wear integration, recipes and templatessave written notes, websites completelyglobal searchGlobal search, free design of the notesIntelligent suggestions and searching, Office integrationCalendar viewtrack progress, move cards quickly, select employees
Play StorePlay StorePlay StorePlay StorePlay StorePlay StorePlay Store

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This note-taking app that specializes in shopping list. Here Bring places! worth in a practical and clear design. You can create different lists and add via Web form entries. Are you in the supermarket, so you just tap on the large square entry when the product is in the shopping cart. The order of items on your shopping list based on the basis of categories that you can arrange on the circumstances in your supermarket. Quantities and additional details you can add entries.

With templates and recipes you can create collections of articles that can you rely on a shopping list with a finger pointing. Tomorrow there will be lasagna? All the ingredients for this are then collected in the recipe and on the shopping list.

todo shopping chit apps android bringOptimum App for managing shopping lists: Bring! / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Bring! is free and available for Android and iOS. Web versions or desktop apps do not exist. is it practically the SmartWatch app which is now optimized for even Android Wear 2.0.

Bring! Shopping ListInstall on Google Play


Evernote is more suitable for documentation and quick detention of notes as to create and plan of to-do lists. Unfortunately, the upload in the free version to 60 Mbytes per day is limited, so you should buy early premium features. Without it, Evernote can not play to its strengths and not worth it.

evernote 2016 testRecorded quickly with the pen. / © AndroidPIT

also make the collaboration features is bulky with Evernote and complicated. Here are considerably more suitable other solutions, especially Trello.

evernote 2016 tes detWeb sites can be completely store (left). / © AndroidPIT

Evernote You may use simultaneously with a free account on only two devices. In addition, the synchronization sometimes designed as hakelig. The worst: To edit the list offline, you need the premium version.

EvernoteInstall on Google Play

Google Keep

Google Keep is simpler than the other apps, but still can do much. are notes like emails tagged, so provided with labels. You can color the notes in addition, but not sort by color. Above all, to-do lists can be extremely easy to manage notes and sort with Google. each note you can individually share.

google keep test de 2016Handwriting, free text, list: Keep Good enough. / © AndroidPIT

The highlight of Google notes are location-based reminders. You can create two shopping lists, one for the supermarket and for the construction market. then sets you ever a location-based reminder; a Aldi, when a Obi; the members of the list are automatically reminded of the shopping list when they come over to the respective store.

google keep 2,016 test de2Let's remind you of a certain place on a note. / © AndroidPITGoogle KeepInstall on Google Play

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a notepad app on the market. It was designed primarily for brainstorming or transcripts, and thus suitable - especially in the free version - less for cooperation. The special feature of OneNote is the free design of your notebooks that do not end at the edge of your screen and may be infinite.

onenote 2016 testOneNote is more suitable for research. / © AndroidPIT

Also cool: You can cross the notebooks and fill across different media types, ie text or image. Furthermore, OneNote automatically makes references to extracts from websites. So that it becomes a magnificent documentation tool for larger research.

OneNoteInstall on Google Play

Microsoft To-Do

OneNote manages more notes. In 2015, Microsoft bought the ToDo List Wunderlist and the developer company 6Wunderkinder. And indeed, Wunderlist is pulped in the coming months. Alternatively, there will be the newly developed service Microsoft to-do, who already believe in the preview version.

Tasks can be sorted into lists, multi-level subdivisions not support to-do-date, just as subtasks. Conceptually is the My Day Focus: Registered tasks can swipe right and already they appear in this overview. Of course, this simple idea does not replace the traditional due dates, but facilitates the planning of a working day. Proposals make it easier for you to fill your day.

Even in the preview version of Microsoft to-do makes a brilliant impression. The app works quickly and is extended with functions of Wunderlist gradually - apparently the Wunderlist team is also working on to-do with.

todo apps android microsoft todoMicrosoft To-Do: My day is the focus / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Moving from Todoist and Wunderlist is possible via import. Because at present but not all functions are supported the competition, this is of limited value. From Wunderlist sublists and subtasks are not accepted. Ultimately, therefore, the switch requires a reordering. but Wunderlist may have found a worthy successor.

To-Do's free. Some features are related to Microsoft's subscription model Office 365th

Microsoft To-DoInstall on Google Play

tick tick

Tick ​​Tick is one of the favorite AndroidPIT community and has its place in our leaderboard deserved. The task management by lists, tasks and subtasks. Of course, to register Reminder - not only time-based, but also location aware.

The app is very reliable and synchronized tasks between different devices very quickly. While there is no stand-alone version of Windows, so desktop users use browser extensions. Tick ​​tick can also be used without the account, then the tasks remain on the smartphone and can not be synchronized.

todo apps android tick tickThe best TodDo List Apps: Tick Tick / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

The free version of Tick Tick should be sufficient for most private purposes - but has, for example, the limit of nine task lists. Who wants to limitless store scheduling required team functions or much working with attachments, must upgrade to the premium account, which costs EUR 2.99 per month or 29.99 euros a year.

Tick ​​Tick-do listsInstall on Google Play


Trello is suitable if you want to organize work processes in the team. You can assign tasks, document processes, staff contact by @Markierung, track progress quickly move tasks cards.

Trello test 2016 deTrello documented and structured. / © AndroidPIT

However, the sharing options are a little more complex, smart thought out and intuitive to use. The free version offers so few restrictions that it is sufficient for small teams immediately and help. For larger teams, the Premium version is worth because of better rights management.

TrelloInstall on Google Play


In Microsoft To-Do Wunderlist is in a few months have a worthy successor. Tick ​​Tick the competition with its many features but is ahead. Especially for notes and research Evernote and OneNote are ideal. The best shopping list management has Bring!

Does your other services? What features are especially important for you?