Xiaomi Mi 1S band in the test: Fitness Tracker with “heart” – hardware tests

Xiaomi Mi gives the band 1S a successor of the Mi band. The most important innovation: The new Smart-band generation of Xiaomi has received donated a heart rate monitor. The gadget will accompany you during training at every turn and ensure the appropriate analysis. Is it worth buying? The test provides information.

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  • Price and Availability
  • Design and processing
  • software
  • performance
  • battery pack
  • final verdict

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  • &# X2713; Very good price-performance ratio
  • &# X2713; Minimalist design
  • &# X2713; heart rate monitor despite its low price
  • &# X2713; Very good battery life
  • &Waterproof; # x2713
  • &# X2713; Replaceable bracelets


  • &# X2715; No display
  • &# X2715; only basic functions

Price and Availability

The official sale of the Xiaomi Mi band 1s started in China on 11 November 2015 the biggest shopping day of the Chinese: Singles' Day. In this country, kicks off on the same day and is now available in China Importer Trading Shenzhen for 25 euros. At Amazon.de you have to pull the trigger is currently 39.99 euros plus shipping.

Trading ShenzhenXiaomi Mi 1S band25,00 €To the Online shop

Tester of Trading Shenzhen

At this point we would like to thank the online retailer Trading Shenzhen, who sent us a tape Mi 1S for the test.

Design and processing

Minimalist and compact

Sun can be put into two words the design of the Mi 1S band. When Mi band two components must be mentioned: once the bracelet and then the actual gadget, the sensor core of the band Mi 1S. Outwardly band has done little since the first Wed.

mibandMi band or band but Mi 1s? The differences in design are minimal. / © Xiaomi

confusingly similar

The Mi strip 1S is 37 x 13.6 x 9.9 mm something slightly larger than the Mi belt (36 x 14 x 9 mm) and 5.5 grams of somewhat heavier (Mi Volume: 5 grams). but the difference is hardly noticeable. Unobtrusive and discreet is the design. According to the motto "Wear and Forget" is to serve the user without bothering him the gadget. Wrist band Mi 1S attracts little attention, but still looks chic and elegant. A display is missing, but that's probably intent and users feel so not constantly forced to read data from the tape Mi 1S.

All the technology in the rice grain

The entire technology is on the small elliptically shaped sensor housing, the upper side is made of scratch resistant aluminum. Noticeable here are the finely honed edges that contrast with the roughened aluminum surface and let shine the fitness gadget elegant.

The heart of the band Mi 1S is the optical heart rate monitor.

In addition, built on top of LEDs that you see your training progress and battery strength. On the underside of the band Mi 1S, the actual heart of the Mi is band 1S: the optical sensor for measuring the heart rate.

diving allowed

The entire sensor housing is dust and waterproof to IP67 certification, should therefore put away short dives loose, To be more precise, the Mi holding strip 1S at a water depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes under water through. You can therefore use the lap pool fitness tracker. Using two contact pins on the side fueling the sensor via USB cable Power.

Cuddly, but sturdy

Some users had complained to the predecessor too soft bracelet that slopes gently from wrist. This error has been corrected with the new model Mi 1S band. The bracelet is now made of very soft, but more robust TPSiV material that is suitable for allergy sufferers. The material feels very supple and is almost unnoticed on the wrist.

colored prospects

Where the sensor housing houses the technology, the bracelet serves only as a support for the band Mi 1S and encloses the actual gadget. If desired, can the bracelet, in our case in black, replace afterwards by a colored alternative. You can when buying but also equal to another color variant (also camouflage variants already exist) Select, but the selection is limited to the bracelet, the sensor housing remains the same. Here you have to just rauspulen the sensor from the bracelet, heavy is the dismantling not.

AndroidPIT Mi band 1S 9636In addition to the Mi band 1S a charging cable only is in the package. / © AndroidPIT


So minimalist that Mi tape is designed 1S, the packaging acts. In a small square cardboard box, the new Xiaomi fitness tracker came to us in the AndroidPIT editors. Apart from the actual gadget and bracelet was a USB charging plug it with. That's it!


Only works with app

The Mi 1S band is only in conjunction with the companion app "mi Fit" functional. Of course you can the Fitness Tracker as jewelry on the arm wear, but you can not read the fitness data without your phone with the appropriate application. The Mi 1S band running from the factory with the Mi-Fit software and the heart rate monitor software

AndroidPIT Mi band 1S 9645The heart rate monitor is located on the underside of the band Mi 1S. / © AndroidPIT

mate companion app with Mi 1S band

The connection between smartphone and Mi 1S band is set up quickly and easily. Problems arose only when multiple Bluetooth devices were within reach. The app could be difficult to make the Mi 1S band identified. For the coupling You just have to install on the mobile device, the Mi-Fit app (version 1.8.111), create an account and then follow the instructions. In addition, the Bluetooth function of the smartphone must be enabled because only via short-range radio Your devices are allowed to connect to each other. Wireless module missing the band Mi 1S, but this is understandable under the 30 euro mark. Once a fitness tracker and phone are connected to each other, the LEDs on the sensor. then taps the metal top, thus confirming the connection between two devices. Note: The app is compatible higher with smartphones running Android 4.3 or.

  • Download Mi Fit the Google Play Store

What can the Mi 1S band?

The Mi 1S band provides the functionality of its predecessor - and something more. The Fitness Tracker is one of the steps taken, calories burned and measures your sleep patterns. In addition, the Mi band can be 1S used as an alarm clock or signal generator for incoming calls and app notifications. With a vibrating alert, the band Mi 1S makes you pay attention to the news. Unfortunately, the alarm function is limited to only three alarms. However, there is also an alternative: With the "Early stayer alarm"-Feature evokes the fitness tracker you from sleep when the body is gentle already on waking. Targets can be set via Companion app and Mi book shows you the progress via LED lights. If a light on, it means that you have already reached one-third of your goal, two dots represent two-thirds and three flashing LED lights You have reached your daily goal.

Fitness Tracker with heart

The highlight of the band Mi 1S comes in the form of the heart rate monitor, which the predecessor does not yet offer. The new sensor measures your heartbeat, but is not permanently active. With a matching update this feature could, however, reach the Mi band 1S, only remains open when Xiaomi stirs. Only in conjunction with the app, the sensor is driven by about a measure during the sleep phases. You can with the Mi-Fit app but also actively your pulse measured by three-point icon > Heart rate.

xiaomi mi belt 1s heart rateYou can actively measure your pulse or use the heart rate monitor for sleep analysis with the Xiaomi Mi 1S band. / © AndroidPIT

Benefits for Xiaomi smartphones

In addition, the device provides a clear advantage for owners of Xiaomi smartphones. For users to which the band Mi 1S as a tool to unlock the smartphone display. We know the smart lock feature already from other devices, such as the Nexus series. The unlock feature was the band Mi 1s and the Samsung Galaxy S6 not available as a tester.


First practical experience

In practice, the band Mi 1S was a very unobtrusive companion. I'm not really Armbanduhren- or jewelry holders, but the Fitness Tracker bothered me on the wrist only slightly. So I have taken the tape 1S for four days continuously and the fitness gadget has so well with me while sleeping and of course with my daily activities. And I was amazed at what I was given as a result.

At every turn

So I let the fitness gadget count my daily steps and it also archives the number of calories burned. My most successful day I had on 17 December 2015 where I have a total of 5.37 kilometers covered with 7,793 steps. Here were reportedly burned 273 calories. In between, I also inserted a small sprint, according app I covered 766 meters in seven minutes and it burned 36 calories. Whether this is true, I can not confirm this, but the number of steps and the distance should suit.

Slept well

Yes, I have - for example, on December 17 - and that confirmed to me the app. For me it was amazing to see how well the sleep test works. Whether the stages of sleep really agree as the Mi-Fit app said I could not measure it. But at least the length of my sleep time seems to be right. For this, the band Mi 1S uses the heart rate monitor. And once your sets you sleep, of course, also changes your pulse. Also during the sleep phases of the heart rate monitor measures your heart rhythm. So it can specifically analyze the phases of sleep.

xiaomi tied 1s companion app dataMy fitness data from 17/12/2015 at a glance. / © AndroidPIT

Overview of the fitness data

Are you coming straight back from training back and you find yourself back in the near your smartphone shows you the Mi-Fit app to the fitness analysis of the current day. Typing your top of the statistics symbol of weekly overview appears. With the minus sign you can watch Watch the best possible overview of all accumulated fitness data, with the plus symbol you gain a detailed insight of the training achievements. Selects your the moon icon, you can overlook your sleeping habits. The data on the overview pages can all be using the arrow Half Circle symbol top right of the menu to share with others, such as via WeChat, Line and Facebook.

mi 1s tied mifit dataThe Mi-Fit app provides you an overview of the current day, weeks or even months of your training progress. / © AndroidPIT

sync fitness data

The collected data are allowed fitness you also like to synchronize with Google Fit and besides also the WeChat in the Mi-Fit app can be supplemented. Google Fit offers about the advantage of better evaluation of the data, if the software learns which sports activities was conducted during training,

xiaomi mi belt 1s google fitYou can synchronize your Mi-fit data with Google Fit. / © AndroidPIT

Successfully through the day

With the app you can set you different goals, starting with 2000 steps up to 30,000 steps. Thus are targets for beginners and experienced athletes it with. Personally, I have put my goal to 8,000 steps. can progress your view you as a round diagram on the app. Your typing on the Statistics menu in the top left, you have an overview of recent days. Who showed me also that I am now running 52 meters and not gone, while two have calories burned.

battery pack

30 days endurance

The battery provides only 45 mAh and is to hold up to 30 days according to the manufacturer. Compared to its predecessor the same maturity is at a slightly larger battery (Mi Band: 41 mAh) specified. Since not using a display and Bluetooth 4.0 is used for interfacing with the smart phone, the sensor should be efficient enough to keep the promise. In practice, therefore, for a four-day practice test the battery 85 percent had dropped to 64 percent. And I had not even charged in between the device. However, it must be mentioned that I had all the features enabled except incoming calls and app notifications. Should these functions be turned on, the Mi band would vibrate more often 1S, which should result in an even shorter battery life.

Economical sensor?

While it is not known how much electricity sucks the optical heart rate monitor, but it can be assumed that these claims the battery next to the vibration motor most ,. This should negatively affect the battery life also, if you will constantly measure your sleep habits. Although the scenario was in practice before, but with empty battery flashing as a visual signal transmitter every three LED lights on. Then it's time again to fuel flow.

final verdict

Wear and Forget

The Mi 1S band is a discreet and very aesthetic fitness gadget that can score with a minimalist design and also its unobtrusiveness. Compared to its predecessor was only slightly filed on the exterior, but also the technology inside shows no great changes. Another new feature is the heart rate monitor that comes with sleep and when training is used. This is well hidden in the housing core installed and is not prominently visible. And these are also the advantages of the Mi 1S band. be athletic, does not mean that the right gadget is expected to flash on the wrist conspicuously prominent and it is Xiaomi keeps the band Mi 1S.

Display los happy

Because the display at Mi 1S band is missing, a smartphone for data analysis is needed. With the companion app was produced quickly and easily connect via Bluetooth. In terms of functionality you offers fitness gadget to all the basic functions that we know from competing models at a slightly higher price segment, such as the Jawbone UP3. So the gadget accurately displays your steps, calories burned, distance covered and even heart rate.

Buy or leave?

All in all, the Xiaomi Mi 1S band is a great gadget that is worth to buy. Whether experienced athletes or beginners, the gadget shows you the data needed without constantly bugging. And I like it very much! With a current price of 27 euros, it is currently the cheapest Fitness Tracker with heart rate monitor on the market. The gadget is designed especially for beginners, because the app has little depth, which could deter some experienced athletes. But the options offered ranging from completely, for people who do not go to sports every day, but still want to see what progress you wins. For this group of people, including yours truly, the Xiaomi Mi 1S band should be given as a gift idea for Christmas into consideration.

What do you think? the acquisition of Mi 1S band is worth? What must you think is a fitness trackers can and how much should cost the gadget? Write me your opinion in the comment section!