Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Since the update the device is slow and it does not work all the cores

Hello, I have noticed for some time that my Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, since the last Android upgrades, has slowed to version 7.0.
Noticeable me in multiple CPU tools that only 4 cores work and the other four cores are permanently inactive. Now, when I start a load or two tools for CPU, I 100% CPU utilization displayed and the cores clocked high, but only said 4 pieces

What can I do?
Is Andorid 7.0 not suitable for my smartphone, which was then delivered with version 5.1.1?

Here the display to:

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Did you after the update carried out a full wipe?

No update has approx. 2 hours lasted, it seemed quite normal automatically
and then I was able to work normally on.

Full Wipe after an update is indeed often recommended, but it can not be. The whole effort with backup reestablish all apps and restore the data, but then some data will be lost ... No, no!

Try out the data from "Android system" Under Settings - delete apps (, the system processes previously Display on the three-point menu).

There are also some processes "qualcomm" or "qti" in the name, in which you can do the same. I do not go to any one.

In addition, you should report the behavior Sony. For it is certainly not in the sense that half of the cores is silent.

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performed've NEN factory reset and Android 7 properly set plays on the PC again
unfortunately was no change, at 100% load 0 working core to core 3 full cycle
and core 4 stopped to remain core 7, even if I open multiple tools, so that the smartphone barely responding.
It remains only 4 active cores.
Even if I make a benchmark, my Xperia Z5 Compact is slower than my old Xperia Z1 Compact.
Is also clear why, active is only the weaker of the two 4 core CPUs.
The Z5 thus has 4x 1.55 GHz and the Z1 4x 2.15 GHz.

It's quite frustrating, especially as yesterday was a huge effort to restore everything like that.

So what I did with my the Z5C me be displayed as stopped and four cores. Could this perhaps be the big.LITTLE principle, which activates the high-performance cores only under load? If so, at this control at TE what went wrong with the update?

To the victims: what does Sony that?

So far, nothing, I do not honestly did not notice. In benchmarks, the level is a bit lower than in the OP2, it could be that Sony had the SD 810 further curb to avoid overheating? I'll go dig deeper ...

I wait itself on the response from Sony that are looking internally well for a solution.
And no, the cores with the higher clock are never addressed,
so that only 4x 1.55 GHz maximum possible always, the 1.95 GHz cores work under any circumstances

Sony writes:
Thank you for your request to Sony Xperia Support.

We will be happy to help you to solve the issue with your Xperia Z5 Compact.

We would like to thank you for the comprehensive feedback. As a premium manufacturer, we attach great importance to the opinions, criticism and suggestions from our customers.

The attached point you we have forwarded internally.

And yes, it falls clearly that my 2 year older Z1 Compact in the test is faster.

have the problem when s7 g930f the cores of 6 only run 4 how to fix it. firmware android 7

Tobias Blome

No update has approx. 2 hours lasted, it seemed quite normal automatically
and then I was able to work normally on.
![Image] [1]

[1]: images / 1.jpg

how to say the app saw it with me only cpuz but that's a little more detail

The app is Androtics CPU info

Here is the answer from Sony:

Good day,

Thank you for your request to Sony Xperia Support.

In an octa-core processor only all cores work if the

4 cores are overloaded. That Which in normal use only

4, the cores and the remaining work in an overload

to be activated.

We will be happy to take your calls. Call us on 0211 993 342020 * and hold it possible your reference number ready.

If you want to send us an email, please send them to [email protected]

// Funny that with my only the stroke weaker cores work.
When using CPU only 4x 1.55 GHz comes loose on 88 to 90 ° C, while working
instead 4x 1.95 GHz u. 4x 1.55 GHz

Can it be that Sony will not admit a heat problem with the CPU and therefore throttled?

with my s7 is the temp always at 25 degrees is probably because of the heatpipe. But then I ask myself why am learning not run: oo. alsu andeotics shows me the 6 run from the eighth was up then wrong with 4 of 8 but funny was when I opened the app as have been shown very briefly. and are abruptly jumped to 0, 7 and 8 doe

Answer by Sony:

Good day, Thank you for your request to Sony Xperia Support.
We will be happy to help you to solve the issue with your Xperia Z5 Compact.
Unfortunately, a downgrade to a previous software version is not possible.
Because of you described the problem we suspect a software problem on your Sony Xperia smartphone. We therefore recommend a software service about our program "Xperia Companion" perform.
Using the software, you can repair play again the software on the phone and then download a software problem quickly beheben.Xperia Companion and install:
You can download the latest version of the Xperia Companions here always. Install the program on your PC. repair Click Software. Make sure that your phone is not connected at this time with the computer. When you start the support zone for the first time, the function is initialized. This process may, under certain circumstances a few minutes you dauern.Folgen the step-by-step instructions and connect the phone please until you are prompted.
Please note that should be charged for a software repair the phone battery is at least 80%.
Make a backup beforehand because it will lead to data loss. This can be the Xperia Companion perform (backup) quite simple and straightforward about our program. These can be found at:
The unit must remain switched off during repairs. Furthermore, it must be first not connected to the PC, but only if the PC prompts you.

// Two mails before I described that I have already done this ...
So you go today to deal with problems, class.