Samsung Galaxy S6 – fbmcadmax – virus?

I will not speak long drum rum.
I have the following problem:
For several days opens (SM-G920F) on my S6 constantly and absolutely arbitrary the browser with a pop-up of fbmcadmax under the pretext that my Android, passwords are at risk, etc. and then leads me to the Play Store on, where to install either a virus scanner or a game.
This pop-up occurs randomly, regardless of whether I open an app, an app close, etc. Sometimes it opens even right after I unlock the smartphone. I have uninstalled several apps and can also pass through the scanner built by Samsung but finds nothing.

I hope I could describe my problem sufficiently and hope you can help me

Exactly I have the same problem

Xperia z3

Hi Tim and andi (welcome by the way ;))

Check it this, please times in this thread over, where it can then please go ahead