Google pixel 2 in the test: what is essential is invisible to the eye – Hardware Tests

In early October Google introduced its two new high-end smart phones before: the pixel 2 and the pixel 2 XL. We had the opportunity to subject it to a complete test and show you here our experience with the new smartphone. Can it fulfill what it promises at first sight?

  • Google pixel 2 XL in the test: The extra portion of pixels
  • Pixel Event 2017: Google Home Mini & Max and Pixel Book presented

To the section:

  • Price and Availability
  • Design and processing
  • display
  • particularities
  • software
  • performance
  • Audio
  • camera
  • battery pack
  • Technical specifications
  • final verdict
  • Where buy?
Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503566 participants?



  • &# X2713; Protected against water
  • &# X2713; the most recent version of Android
  • &# X2713; Continuous updates
  • &# X2713; Outstanding Camera
  • &# X2713; Great features (Google Lense, motion pictures, etc.)


  • &# X2715; Dated Design
  • &# X2715; A few software bugs

Cheapest offer: Google Pixel 2

Best priceeBay677,00 €To the shopT-Mobile.de799,95 €To the shopCompare prices

Google pixel 2: Price and Availability

The Google pixel 2 is to buy a number of ways: If Google itself in the online shop, on the open market or from Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. With a price of 799 euros with 64 GB of memory and 909 euros with twice the memory, the Google pixel 2 is anything but a bargain and leading the trend towards ever more expensive luxury smartphones continue. Since 17 October, the smartphone comes.

Cheapest offer: Google Pixel 2

Best priceeBay677,00 €To the shopT-Mobile.de799,95 €To the shopCompare prices google pixel front 2Google pixel 2 / © AndroidPIT

Google pixel 2: Design and workmanship

The first pixel smartphone had come up with a surprise with its back because it mixed glass and metal. The pixel 2 continues this momentum, acts in reality but a bit strange: We have the impression that if we keep a plastic smartphone in hand. As for the feel, it's a real trip back in time, because we had a long time not so easy high-end smartphone more in his hands.

google pixel 2 side1The design of the pixel 2 has a non-directly from the socks. / © AndroidPIT

The tendency now is, smartphones with a 18: 9 screen format (or 2: 1, as the manufacturers like to say) offer. The pixel 2 XL follows this fashion, but the little pixels 2 remains at 16: 9 with large margins up and down, just like its predecessor. Express will of the designer, the symmetry, the stereo sound - there are several explanations for this decision possible, but the result is visually definitely a bit disappointing. Also on the sides there is no borderless edges.

Of course, Google retains the clean separation on the rear panel. Look and feel, we can feel a distinct difference between the trunk and the top of the camera. The white model has a slightly gray top, black a deep black glass insert and the light blue is slightly darker at the top.

google pixel camera 2The camera on the back extends the Google pixel 2 is pushed out. / © AndroidPIT

The connections, Google has separated from the mini-jack as such. As Apple has done on his iPhone 8 and Huawei Mate on his 10th If you would like be sure to use a headset with jack, you can make good use of the provided Google adapter in the box.

A quiet and rather subjective criticism concerns the position of the volume control, if one is used, the volume up (right or left, that is, with the index finger or thumb) to regulate, you have to get used to the button on the pixel 2 at the center to find the smartphone. Therefore, it is necessary to either turn the thumb or to keep the phone more deeply into his hand.

Due to its small size, thickness (7.8 mm) and weight (143 grams) is to handle the small pixel very pleasant. The rear of the unit provides a pleasant feel and is resistant to fingerprints. However, the low weight also gives the impression of fragility.

The fingerprint reader is left in the same place as its predecessor, as the USB-C port. The nano SIM card slot is located on the right side, but there is no room for a microSD card or a second SIM. The pixel 2 is protected against water and dust and equipped with an IP67 certification.

Google pixel 2: Display

On this point there is no great revolution. The Google pixel 2 has a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and no quad-HD as we stay at the flagship 16: would wish. 9 The screen content takes 67.9 percent of the total one - that's not very much, but not surprising, considering that part of the screen, which already is not very big, is also used for the navigation bar.

In practice, however, the screen makes a good impression. This is an OLED display from Samsung, unlike the LG panel in its big brother, and there is a very visible difference between the two devices in terms of color reproduction. The large model they are pretty bland, even though that will not strike every customer.

As so often on OLED screens, the display in some corners is slightly bluish, but overall the screen of the pixel 2 is entirely satisfactory. When pixels 2 XL things are different. The pixel 2 has an always-on display, which can be disabled if desired.

AndroidPIT features screen pixel 2The pixel 2 has an always-on display. / © AndroidPIT

Google pixel 2: Features

Active Edge

Anyone who has followed the current smartphones, is likely to have heard of the Edge Sense feature of HTC. Like Google offers on its two pixels smartphones: Active Edge. This is a squeeze feature, which can be simply launch the Google Assistant by pressing the smart phone in hand something. The pressure level can be configured in the settings. Active Edge does not work with Google Now on Tap.


Google offers users two types of SIM cards: one is the nano-SIM card that everyone probably knows, on the other hand eSIM card.

  • Where is the eSIM if it is so good?

First, Google provides the eSIM only in the US and together with the Project Fi. However, the industry is developing in the direction to further promote this embedded SIM. In Germany, the pixel 2 is available only with normal SIM.

Google pixel 2: Software

The two new pixel use Android 8.0 Oreo. Anything else would have been surprising, as the special feature of the pixel (and Nexus before them) to get the latest Android updates before anyone else. In practice, we have recently discovered that this is not necessarily the case, as some smart phones (Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, Samsung Galaxy A5 etc.) have received the October security patch before Google pixel second The security patch on the pixel 2 is September.

google pixel 2 heroGoogle pixel 2: The new home screen / © AndroidPIT

We may find several new features compared to the previous pixel. The Google search bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, so that's up space for a widget with date, temperature and weather symbol. Google App (formerly called Google Now) on the right side can be easily disabled in the settings of the home screen. see the animated wallpapers pretty.

Of course, we find in the Google smartphones Google Assistant. As described above, you can start it by hitting the device, the Home button or hold down "OK Google" says. The microphone button next to the search also works. Google Assistant works offline as long as he does not have to search the Internet for an answer.

AndroidPIT home pixel 2You can disable the Google app. The animated backgrounds look to your right "Living Universe", / © AndroidPIT

Google pixel 2: Performance

Like most high-end smartphones also uses the pixel 2 the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. This Octacore processor has four cryogenic cores with 2.35 GHz and four cores at 1.9 GHz. The graphics chip is of course the Adreno 540. Unlike its competitors, Google has a perfect software and hardware management, and that means excellent performance.

On the RAM side we find "just" 4 Gbyte, but loose enough in practice for a particular liquid multitasking. The internal memory is, depending on the model 64 or 128 GByte.

The impression is somewhat clouded by the immaturity of the software. It happened to me several times that applications have crashed, but not often enough to really present a problem. Android updates will solve this problem most likely quickly.

We have the pixel subjected to the typical benchmark tests 2 to obtain theoretical results that allow us to compare it with other flagships of the moment. but that these results never tell the whole story in mind.

Google pixel 2: Benchmark Results

Samsung Galaxy S8Google Pixel 23DMark Slingshot ES 3.13DMark Slingshot ES 3.03DMark Ice Storm UnlimitedGeekbench Single CoreGeekbench multicorePCMark Work PerformancePCMark Storage

Google pixel 2: Audio

The pixel 2 offers stereo sound. The speakers at the top and bottom of the front in the wide margins that make the design so characteristic. In the test, the quality is good, and even at maximum volume agrees the result. In this issue we will discuss in the final test in more detail.

The jack is gone, so we have to find an alternative. Either by the included adapter or via a Bluetooth headset. The codecs in the pixel 2 allow this high quality: LDAC, APTX HD etc. While talking the sound is very correct, my interlocutors and I could understand us easily.

As mentioned above, the Google pixel 2 listening for music permanently to show you the appropriate title and artist. The feature is not enabled by home and can not recognize all the songs. The database used for this purpose is located locally on the smartphone and currently includes about 10,000 songs. If the smartphone detects a song, it will be displayed directly on the lockscreen.

Phone calls are not a problem with the pixel second My opponent was always good to understand and my voice was broadcast loud and clear.

Google pixel 2: Camera

The cameras of the new pixel phones were expected with high voltage - and how the initial tests show good reason. The pixel 2 Guns least useful to generally more great photos in all lighting conditions. When I click my way through the picture gallery, the photos seem to me more like a full-blown camera and less like a smartphone.

Hardware and results

The hardware requirements are not so extraordinary. Under the hood infected with the Sony IMX362 the same chip as the HTC U11 12.2 megapixels, 1.4 micron pixel size and 1 / 2.55 inches - standard fare for a superclass smartphone. In contrast to the old pixel thus is now an optical image stabilizer on board.

Where Google really works wonders, is in the software. The pixel 2 Guns ten underexposed photos each time you press the shutter button and combines the best of it then to a properly exposed picture. This + baptized by Google HDR feature extends the dynamic range of the notoriously small smartphone sensor enormous and ensures that even in extremely high-contrast scenes details are still to be seen in light and dark areas of the image.

AndroidPIT google pixel photo sample 2Nights and colors prepare the pixels fewer problems than the competition. © AndroidPIT

When Google enables the eight-core co-processor called Core Visual in the coming weeks, there should be at Camera Performance again a boost. At least in the recent Android 8.1 Preview (as of 10.30.2017), the Visual Core in the developer options not yet activated.

Also off the momentum, the camera does a great service. With few exceptions, the white balance is possible even under difficult conditions reliably, and the colors are very close to reality. When exposing the camera suggests also excellent. I like the results here are a bit better than the last pixel generation, where the blacks like once seemed drowned something.

Even in low light, the pixels 2 proposes excellent. By combining multiple photos smartphone shoots with comparatively short shutter speeds and lower ISO sensitivities, which ensures sharp and noise-free photos - with Google's algorithm magic comes at the end of also a correct exposure it out. The night scenes are certainly impressive and offer good, unlike the vast majority of competitors still stable colors. We will let the pixel 2 camera definitely compete in a systematic test against the current flagship team and will report separately to do so.

  • Gallery of the test images of Google Pixel 2

Portrait mode

Let's talk about the portrait mode. The point here is to take pictures of a person and the artificial intelligence then ensures that the background is blurred. Below you will find an example, our model Pierre appears in the middle of a big blur. It should be noted that the portrait mode is also available on the front camera. The technology behind it is quite complex.

To allow schematizing, the portrait mode works like this: We have to create an accurate picture as possible, which is incorporated HDR + technology. Once this is done, we have a high-quality photograph, rich in detail, which only needs to be blurred. Here the artificial intelligence comes into play: A neural network looks at the picture and understand what it has to change and where, based on the many images with which it has experience. This is done with the help of machine learning. In practice, for the user, the portrait mode, a photo is simply activated, snapped, and at the end two different images come out.

AndroidPIT google pixel 2 portrait modePortrait mode delivers a blurred background. © AndroidPIT

Motion Pictures

Also on the software side, there is much to discover. First of all, a feature called "Motion pictures"The camera captures not just a simple picture, but also a mini video that is up to 4 seconds. The added value is questionable, the option can be disabled.

Google Lens

Also interesting: Google Lens. If you ingest a picture with the camera, you can see what you see with Google Lens. In theory, it's about what is photographed, to be able to identify much detail as possible. For example if you take a picture of the famous TV Tower, Google Lens would realize that this is the TV tower.

AndroidPIT google pixel 2 google lensGoogle Lens can recognize what is shown in the picture. / © AndroidPIT

Google pixel 2: Battery

The Google pixel 2 has a 2,700 mAh battery. Since the processor very powerful and the battery is not large, it is legitimate to wonder whether the smartphone by holding, if you use it a lot. The answer is "Yes", Without any difficulties it creates the battery in the pixel 2 to get through the day without any problems. does not depend so often your smartphone at 1.5 days are also quite possible. This shows how well Google hardware and software compatible. The loading speed is neat, from 39 to 100 percent, it takes 1:15 hours.

On the software side, we find the changes of Android Oreo menu, especially the usage time of the screen since the last full charge. In the test, we will continue to monitor the battery.

AndroidPIT battery pixel 2The battery life of 2 pixels is good. © AndroidPIT

Google pixel 2: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
145.7 x 69.7 x 7.8 mm
143 g
2700 mAh
5 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels (441 ppi)
8 megapixels
12.3 megapixels
8.0 - Oreo
stock Android
4 GB
64 GB
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
2.45 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0

final verdict

Try one pixel 2 only once, it's hard not to fall into enthusiasm. The software is a real pleasure despite a few bugs and the camera is really excellent. The performance is very good.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry used to say: "The essential is invisible to the eyes"And if we did not know the Little Prince, we could almost believe that it was the pixel second As for the sheep, the pixel 2 may not know how to draw them, but with Google Lens will soon realize they can.

This article has been completely revised on 07 November 2017, the comments were not deleted and can therefore on no longer apply existing passages.

Where to buy the Google Pixel 2

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