Google released ADB download links

Who intensively deals with Android smartphones and happy times inserts ADB sessions, knows the problem: ADB is in many cases the flash tool of choice, but without Android Studio or the command-line tools, there are not the software. Now Google offers a direct download for the ADB tools.

  • ADB: drivers, tools, commands and error messages
  • install Android updates to Nexus and Pixel Devices

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ADB (Android Debug Bridge) offers various possibilities and is part of the Developer Tools Android Studio. But also for users ADB is helpful because so that backups can create, flash firmware images and some other things. So far, the tools were part of Google part of the Android Studio (Download size about 1.6 GB) or via the command-line tools (Download size 300 MB) available.

Third party had already longer downloads such as Minimal ADB in the offer, which contained only the most important programs for ADB. Those who wanted to use them, but always had to find out in advance whether they were the latest version. It was also not certain that all major operating systems are supported.

Now the Google developer Elliot Hughes has posted direct download links to the platform tools. This includes ADB and Fastboot. The files come in a size of approximately 4 MB and must be integrated after extracting only the system.

Here you will find the constantly updated downloads of the minimum ADB tools from Google:

  • ADB for Windows: Click here for direct download
  • ADB for Linux: Click here for direct download
  • ADB macOS: Click here for direct download
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I use ADB comparatively rare. Therefore, I will not install Android Studio or the command-line tools on my MacBook that eat each lot of space. The direct download via Google so come to meet me, now that the limitation on Windows eliminates that had been with Minimal ADB. Well, it's enough to download the files from Google to unpack and then I can start because the directory is set with me as a system path.

Does your ADB often? Comes to you the new download option located? Or use your third-party tools such as Minimal ADB? Let us know in the comments.

Via: AndroidPolice.comSource:Elliot Hughes (Google+)