So you can use your PC WhatsApp

If you want to use the PC WhatsApp, you have several options. We show you how to get started on the smartphone and can continue to chat with WhatsApp on PC. updateFor Windows and macOS there are native WhatsApp Web clients. All information to the new section.

  • WhatsApp for Android: tips, features, and updates malware
  • WhatsApp Web: So you solve the most common problems

My new favorite phone - which you would have liked?

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Now jumps to the section:

  • WhatsApp Web
  • WhatsApp Desktop Client
  • WhatsApp use on PC with push Bullet

WhatsApp Web: Chat in all popular desktop browsers

The first official variant with which you can use on the computer WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web was. With a supported Web browser your surfing to and can after the activation of the browser chat. Although this method is functional, but also has some disadvantages.

WhatsApp Web Interface Screenshot PCAbout the menu entry WhatsApp WhatsApp Web opens the QR scanner for the login on the PC. / © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately WhatsApp Web has some weaknesses and can not convince one hundred percent. There is no stand-alone client, because the actual sending and receiving of messages is still running on your smartphone. So this must have an active Internet connection for WhatsApp Web. A true multi-device option thus represents WhatsApp Web is not.

WhatsApp Web Interface Screenshot PCWhatsApp WhatsApp Web brings to the PC, but has some weaknesses. / © AndroidPIT

What do I need for WhatsApp Web?

  • First, you need a compatible browser (here you will find the list).
  • On your smartphone WhatsApp must be installed and set up.
  • Both devices must be connected to the Internet.
  • It may be active no other WhatsApp web connection. You can existing but separate new connection before construction.

How do I start WhatsApp Web?

To use WhatsApp Web, you must synchronize your smartphone and your computer as follows:

  • Go with your browser to the site
  • Opens WhatsApp on your phone and select WhatsApp Web from the main menu.
  • Scans with your phone the QR code that is displayed to you on the website.
  • Chats.

To log out you again, you go back into the menu and remove the PC from the list, or you open the three-point menu and clicking over there on logout.

WhatsApp MessengerInstall on Google Play

use special client for Windows and Mac: WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web works, but has some drawbacks. Above all, the feature is not integrated with the operating system. Those who use Windows or a Mac, so can access stand-alone programs, holds the WhatsApp under These programs are wrappers for WhatsApp Web. there loads the correct file for your platform down and installs them.

AndroidPIT whatsapp pc 2WhatsApp for macOS / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Now you can set up WhatsApp Web as described above within the software. Some disadvantages of WhatsApp Web so you will not escape: For these desktop programs, the smartphone must have an active Internet connection.

AndroidPIT whatsapp pc 3WhatsApp for macOS / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

We tried the Mac app. Notifications will gain about the system and the synchronization between phone and Mac takes place almost in real time. Even the recently activated Gif-Search is available in the text box for new messages.

Alternative: Franz

As an alternative to the official client from WhatsApp Franz is eligible. This program integrates many different services like Gmail, Skype or indeed WhatsApp Web in a tab-based interface.

Franz 2 0 1 active useFranz integrated among other WhatsApp Web. / © AndroidPIT

And the best? Franz is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Franz: For more information on the official website

WhatsApp use on PC: Even push Bullet has limitations

Push Bullet is available as Android app as a Chrome extension. The app is used to display all the alerts on the PC and send it from the PC to the smartphone news, to other devices and to your push Bullet contacts. With push Bullet You can also respond to the PC and you can write SMS messages from WhatsApp, Hangouts, and other messengers.

Unfortunately, this method has to use WhatsApp on PC, a crucial weakness. Although push Bullet is more flexible than WhatsApp Web, because that can, among other things Write text message on your PC, email links and files from device to device, but it can not (yet) send any WhatsApp message initiative from the PC. If you are still interested in the tool, you must note your following steps:

  • Aimed push Bullet one on your Device Setup (PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • Report back on with your Google or Facebook account.
  • Click on your original computer, the push Bullet icon at the top right and then on the gear.
whatsapp on pc push bullet 2Even with the browser window will your desktop notifications WhatsApp & Co. will receive and be able to answer. / © AndroidPIT
  • Enables Push Bullet remains active when the browser is closed (see above).
  • Installs the push Bullet app on your Android smartphone.
  • Report back there with the same account.
  • Allows the app to access your notifications (Android settings, sound & Notifications, Notification access).
Push Bullet - SMS on PCInstall on Google Play

If you now get a WhatsApp message, you can pop in on answers press (you have to push Bullet popups in your browser permit). Your missed the popup, you can simply push the Bullet icon button top right, and dig it under Notifications again.

whatsapp push bullet on pcNot a full PC client for WhatsApp, but much more: read with push Bullet and answered your not only WhatsApp messages on the computer. / © AndroidPIT

If you want to use WhatsApp on your tablet, we recommend you have a look in our separate instructions: How do I install WhatsApp on your Android tablet? We have explained elsewhere, with which Android apps you can write SMS on the PC.

Push Bullet - SMS on PCInstall on Google Play

The article has been revised and extended by the official desktop software for Windows and macOS. Some comments are therefore obsolete part or act incoherently.