Error message “App has been terminated”: So the problem is resolved

"Facebook has been terminated" or "WhatsApp unresponsive"App crashes are particularly troublesome when they occur again and again. You have the app so do not delete and reinstall it: Sometimes, a restart of the smartphone already helps, but often you have to take further steps. With our tips you broken Apps repaired.

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Unstable Apps repair in three stages

If an app crashes on startup, the error in the cached data is. This so-called cache is filled with prepared data that can get the app for a quick start. If this data is incorrect, the app is facing an insoluble problem, and is terminated by Android. You can manually empty the cache to happiness.

Make your way in Settings > Applications (or apps) > Downloaded and type there the question App. Depending on the version of Android you encounter different views here. Sometimes you can see immediately the cache button. but you must only in space part to press there on the Clear Cache button. Afterwards you should the app to start.

AndroidPIT clearcacheThe Clear Cache button fixes most app crashes. / © AndroidPIT

Have you already Android nougat? Then you have to do is choose the sub-item memory before you can clear the cache in the app settings.

Clear app data

As you can see at the screenshot above, is located in the same place a button app data whatsoever. With it, your puts the app in its state after installation. This inconvenient means is unfortunately necessary if the fault lies not only in the cache, but in the application data.

update app

Actually, the auto-update feature should be turned on, but maybe that's not the case with you.

google play store auto updatesProvides automatic updates to prefer. / © AndroidPIT

The default setting for app updates consumed energy or mobile data. It is only active in WLANs with plugged charging cable. App updates often fix bugs an app and eliminate causes of app crashes.

Do you have acute problems with an app, it's worth an extra look in the Play Store: Gets the page menu, select My apps and games on and watch to see if updates for the broken (s) app (s) are available that do not yet were installed automatically.

Reset all smartphone to factory settings

If several apps crash often, a serious error has occurred in your entire operating system. It only helps to reset the phone to factory settings. Go to the settings, click Backup & Restore and then on to back factory settings.

AndroidPit factory reset play moto xThe so-called factory reset clears all app settings and accounts. / © AndroidPIT

The so-called factory reset your set your smartphone to the default settings. All Apps, accounts and data should your backup before this process, as they will be erased.

The article has been updated to include information on Android nougat. Some comments relating to text passages that are no longer present in the article.