The best Android smartphones: An interim report 2017

Which smartphone is right for you? We have compiled a list of the best Android smartphones in this article and update it constantly. You can find top smartphones for different categories: Photos, battery life, value for money or package. updateAfter the IFA the rankings suddenly looks very different. We have a new winner and in other Kategoreien we have new tips for you.

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The category winners

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The best Android smartphone: HTC U11

What makes the HTC U11 for best Android smartphone? HTC has presented with the U11 a smartphone that stands out in all respects.

  • HTC U11 in the test
AndroidPIT HTC U 11 4601HTC U11: Currently the best Android smartphone / © AndroidPIT

HTC has not been easy when it comes to smartphones. Nevertheless, HTC continues to deliver on good work. And the U11 can say: Very good. inserted inside all the finest technology, the camera is one of the best on the market and, of course, can also design fully convince. Other pluses collects HTC with the usual good update supply its top smartphones. With Edge Sense also a feature is implemented, which is to have no other smartphone HTC U11 detects when your pushing it sideways and can then start the camera or trigger other actions.

Of course, the U11 does not make everything perfect. Especially the capacitive navigation is no longer appropriate, even the rather large margins above and below. However, it currently ranges for the top spot.

Cheapest offer: HTC U11

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The smartphone with the best camera: Google pixel

What makes the Google pixel to the best camera phone? In the blind test you have decided that the Google pixel has the best camera of all smartphones themselves - or most of it gets out.

  • Google pixel in the test: How Google Android wants verpixeln
AndroidPit google pixel 9886The Google pixel makes the best mobile photos. / © AndroidPIT

A narrow margin by one point the camera of Google pixel beats the Samsung Galaxy S8 in our camera Blind Test (Edition June 2017). That's good, because Samsung's top model costs 200 euros more commercially around. Google has at least reduced the price of 32-gigabyte version of its first Made-by-Google smartphone. Therefore the price falls from insanely overpriced crazy expensive.

Cheapest offer: Google pixel

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The best value for money: 9 Honor

What makes the Honor 9 for value for money? The Honor 9 shines with everything that makes a good smartphone: It's fast, snaps good photos and pretty it is too. Nevertheless, it is not too expensive.

  • Honor 9 in Test: Fast, fun, affordable

Whether performance, camera or software: In Honor 9 the whole package right. While it is not in any of the territories class, which is also to be expected at a mid-range phone. And there's even features that are not or no longer to be found in the luxury class: The Honor 9 has an infrared transmitter, which makes it almost the universal remote control. Besides, it takes two SIM cards - not the same with a MicroSD card.

Cheapest offer: Honor 9

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The best compact smartphone with Android: Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

What makes the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact at the best compact Android smartphone? No other smartphone brings high end features with a compact housing.

  • Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact in hands-on
AndroidPIT sony xperia XZ1 compact 9692Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact / © AndroidPIT

Our detailed test of the Xperia XZ1 Compact is almost complete. We can already reveal: Those looking for a compact smartphone, should consider the XZ1 Compact in his purchase decision. Finally, Sony has the compact again donated the high-end equipment. Thus, although the price rises, but the smartphone just also provides the necessary power. In addition, the XZ1 Compact with Android 8.0 is among the first to be factory-equipped with the latest Android version.

Cheapest offer: Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

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The best ultra compact smartphone has no Android

4 inch your pain threshold for the size of a smartphone and are you still in terms of hardware and camera equipment unwilling to compromise, it must be the iPhone SE. This has even won a memory upgrade, after the cheaper version with 32 GB offers ample storage.

Cheapest offer: Apple iPhone SE

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Huawei Mate 9: The smart phone with the longest battery life

For whom is the Huawei Mate 9 is the best Android smartphone? The Mate 9 is suitable for users where performance and battery life in smartphones are most important.

  • Huawei Mate 9 in the test: No Alternative but first choice
AndroidPIT huawei mate9 0188Dual sim cross-country skiers Mate 9 can also. / © AndroidPIT

The predecessor was by the powerful battery and a duration of 1.6 days a perennial smartphone. The proposed end of 2016 dual SIM smartphone Mate 9 is linked to the performance of its predecessor. In addition, the Mate 9 has a completely revised software. This relies on machine learning to obtain long-term high performance. This is to prevent that the Mate 9 slower feels after one or two years of use than the first day. In our long-term experience shows that Huawei will keep his Born-almost-stays-almost-promise.

AndroidPIT huawei mate9 0111The double clippers of Mate 9 makes great pictures. / © AndroidPIT

The Huawei Mate 9 incidentally, has a surprisingly good camera equipment. Thanks to Leica dual cameras may still really good despite backlit or twilight. The focus effect makes for interesting shots at close range, which emphasizes portraits. However, since many streaks occur during post-processing, the results do not arrive at the pixel on closer inspection.

Cheapest offer: Huawei Mate 9

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: With pen there is nothing better

For whom is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best Android smartphone? Who needs to make notes or sketches often finds the perfect companion in the Galaxy Note. 8

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the test
AndroidPIT Samsung NOTE 8 GOLD 4370The pen makes the Galaxy Note. 8 / © AndroidPIT

The high-end segment among the smartphones is moved closer together in recent years. Few devices have real unique selling points. The Galaxy Note 8 has one, namely the S Pen. The is useful for drawing and note. Here, the users will also benefit the seemingly huge 6.3-inch display. Fast processor, a very good camera, and high-quality display: otherwise the score 8 shines.

Cheapest offer: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The best Android smartphone for hobbyists: OnePlus 5

For whom is the OnePlus 5 is the best Android smartphone? Especially developers and hobbyists come to the OnePlus 5 hardly around: No other smartphone flashing of firmware images falls so easily.

  • OnePlus 5 in the test
AndroidPIT OnePlus 5 0231OnePlus 5: For hobbyists the first choice / © AndroidPIT

The OnePlus 5 has many qualities. Outstanding is the performance, the relatively low price and especially the ability to flash firmware images without problems. That was also formerly fairly straightforward with the Nexus smartphones in the pixel but Google has tightened the protective measures against firmware changes. The OnePlus 5 may be described as a legitimate successor to the Nexus series.

Cheapest offer: OnePlus 5

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Outlook: Mate 10 and pixel 2 still missing

The Smartphone 2017 is coming to an end. But there are still pending some presentations. The pixel event brings the pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL and the Mate 10 is still out - it will be presented on 16 October. More surprising ideas are quite conceivable. The LG V30 may not appear in this list because it is not yet available - but in our ongoing test, it does make a very good impression.

What do you think is the best Android phone on the market? Does the HTC U11 earned the title, or you say that the Google pixel deserved the place on the throne rather?