The best apps for Google Chrome Cast

The HDMI Stick Google Chromecast turns any TV into a Smart TV. As in the entire Play store is also here that only some are recommended for each user. Therefore, we have selected the best apps for Google Chromecast for you. update: Updated list and added to waipu.TV, DAZN and Euro Sport Player.

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  • Music streaming Chromecast

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Google Home: Chromecast app and promotions

If you have bought a Chromecast, you will on your mobile device, whether to install iPad or Android smartphone, the Google Cast app - this is called Google Home. It is necessary for the first device. Later, it helps you in finding new Chromecast apps. And it brings you also to certain special offers.

chrome cast offersIn the Google Home app also available for sale you are displayed. Currently, unfortunately, none are available. / © AndroidPIT

You can find the latest special offers before buying a Chromecast. Currently, ie in April 2017. There are no promotions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are available. In January 2017, for example, there were Google Play Music and max cathedrals that offered you extended trial subscriptions of its streaming offering. You can find the list of Chromecast offers for Germany, Austria and Switzerland here.

Google HomeInstall on Google Play

Games for Chromecast

Even if the hardware of the Chromecast for demanding gaming is not enough, you can run simple games with it. Who have prepared us for fun, we show you below:

Alien Invaders

Alien Invaders is a Space Invaders clone: ​​On top of the screen is an armada of aliens who want to conquer the world. You control a small spaceship and shooting the enemies with rockets. On your TV's to watch the game on the phone again You control a small spaceship.

Alien Invaders Chromecast gameInstall on Google Play

Big Web Quiz

Directly comes from Google's Big Web Quiz. Caution: It is in English. Each player sees the issues on TV and can answer on his cell phone. The faster the response is, the more points you get. Billing is based on ten questions. The questions come from the Knowledge Graph by Google and are sometimes easy, but sometimes simply absurd. For fun is certainly made with this little Google experiment. And the best: Big Web Quiz is free.

AndroidPit chrome cast big game web quizBig Web Quiz: A Chromecast game from Google / © AndroidPITBig Web QuizInstall on Google Play

Just Dance Now

Ubisoft has now made the popular Wii game available for Chromecast. Hold your smartphone firmly good and dancing going on, then measures Just Dance how good your performance was. The app has an online multiplayer mode, advertising and in-app purchases.

Just Dance NowInstall on Google Play

Slide Puzzle Game Chromecast

Sliding puzzle with a grid of 2x2 to 9x9 can deal with your little ones for hours. Pushing as long as the tiles in the gap until there is a meaningful image. Simple, but lovely.

Slide Puzzle Game ChromecastInstall on Google Play


With Twitch your professional players in the world can watch live over her shoulder as they provide epic battles, or simply transmit only a live tutorial for the new strategy game.

TwitchInstall on Google Play

Music apps for Chromecast

Chromecast pops the cork now! Always there is music apps for Chromecast, but not all worthwhile. Above all, the majority of the larger providers have now implemented the Chromecast support. The following Chromecast apps bring listening after your taste in your living room.

  • The best music streaming services for Android

Spotify Chromecast

Spotify dominated both Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. The paid version here is highly recommended, as you then have full playback control.

chrome cast spotify deSpotify streams on Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. / © AndroidPITSpotify MusicInstall on Google Play

Google Play Music with seamless playback

Much listeners of concept or live albums know the problem is that most Android music player are not able to let music flow into one another. Gapless playback, there are at Google Play Music for Chromecast.

Subscription customers will also find radio stations that they can adjust their mood or genre. The search for the right radio station can you also based on songs, artists, albums, genre and even decade to start. Furthermore, now the top charts and lists the releases depending favorite genre.

play musicGoogle Play Music supports continuous playback of songs via Chromecast. / © AndroidPITGoogle Play MusicInstall on Google Play


Effective radio listening is done via Audials. The Android app is from 65,000 channels the radio station that best suits you. Individual songs or artists can be found itself, record and store on your cloud storage. The Chromecast app then transfers the sound to your stereo system. With the current version from the Google Play store your recordings can now also plan.

audials radio heroWith Audials your radio songs can archive on a cloud storage and playback at a later time. / © AndroidPITAudials ProInstall on Google Play

Deezer Music

The online radio is also available for Chromecast. Who joined a stereo system to the streaming device in the living room, will be pleased with the Deezer. With the latest update, a new cleaner look, you are offered, so you can overlook the music offering even clearer.

deezer music screenshotDeezer Music has been given a new coat of paint, which provides a clear overview. / © AndroidPITDeezer - Your music platformInstall on Google Play

TuneIn radio

10,000 radio stations around the world out of a box: TuneIn links the radio station in the world and brings them into your living room. Podcasts and sporting events are part of the program.

TuneIn Radio heroWith TuneIn you can listen to the radio stations of the world. / © TuneIn Inc.TuneIn radioInstall on Google Play

Vevo - Music Videos

Music videos in impressive quality with astonishingly large selection you will find on Vevo.

vevo music videosVevo will be the largest gathering of world-class music videos. / © AndroidPITVevo - Music VideosInstall on Google Play

The best movie subscription services for Chromecast

Sky, Netflix and so increase pressure on cable operators because they make available movies and series at any time and in good quality on demand. Sky ticket finally makes the leap into the next era and thanks to the Chromecast support the service may also invest in this list.

  • TV apps for Android: Streaming Services for the smartphone

Crunchyroll: The anime expert

Anime fans should definitely download the Crunchyroll App, because then you can hundreds of animated series on your smartphone and via Chromecast stream it to the TV. To stream videos, your need a premium membership, which costs you 4.99 euros a month. For that you can Naruto Shippuden, Parasyte & See Co. ad-free and in HD quality. Current anime are already included in the app one hour after the first broadcast.

CrunchyrollCrunchyroll lets you stream on your smartphone latest anime episodes. / © AndroidPITCrunchyroll - Anime and DramaInstall on Google Play

Sky ticket to Hollywood movies and US series earlier than Netflix

Sky ticket does not require a pay-TV subscription, but as Netflix handled separately and used exclusively via the Internet line. The Chromecast support is spotless, although the sound of many series is only transmitted in stereo. All other information about the successful app you get in our test.

sky online game of thrones deBrand new films and series episodes, even in the original sound, make Sky ticket special. / © AndroidPIT

Uses the free trial thoroughly to see if the app works well with you. Support for Android is highly dependent from your device, so there may be difficulties.

Sky ticketInstall on Google Play Streaming on Demand

Who does not want to go to the video store, old and new blockbusters using can also easily get to the home TV. stands to choose from a wide range of shows and movies, sometimes some strips are offered before the official DVD release. Similar to Amazon Instant Video can rent movies and buy. O2 customers get a free movie per week. - Movies & seriesInstall on Google Play


Of course, Netflix support your Chromecast. Instead on the smartphone are Netflix to stream easily to your HDMI stick on. Your smartphone is used then the playback controls and volume control.

netflix 2Netflix is ​​Chromecast connection to the pure catalog app. / © AndroidPITNetflixInstall on Google Play

The apps to stream from your phone to Chromecast

Chromecast is actually designed for online streaming and not for streaming directly from the smartphone to the TV. But the apps in this category allow you wireless networking your home appliances.

Solid Explorer file manager with Chromecast Support

If you use the Solid Explorer, you can teach this with a plug Chromecast support. Then your files from your smartphone can show on your Chromecast. For this you have to do is a file with the integrated viewer to view and then taps the cast icon appears.

Solid Explorer File ManagerInstall on Google Play


With AllCast your photos, music and videos can directly stream from your smartphone on the big screen. AllCast supports several formats and Chromecast addition, Roku, Apple TV and the Xbox 360 / One. There is a free and premium version. The latter suggests at 3.65 euros.

allcastchromeAllCast one of the first Chromecast apps and is still one of the best. / © AndroidPITAllCastInstall on Google Play


If you have a bubble server in your network, you can locally run your own streaming service; an offline Netflix, if you will. BubbleUPnP also supports Direct-Share feature that has been integrated with Android marshmallow.

BubbleUPnP heroWith BubbleUPnP your media can stream to all your devices. / © AndroidPITBubbleUPnP for DLNA / ChromecastInstall on Google PlayBubbleUPnP UPnP / DLNA LicenseInstall on Google Play

Local Quantcast

With Local Cast you can manage and play on the Chromecast all sorts of files and media from your smartphone, other network devices or cloud storage as Drive or Dropbox. The app is free. There are in-app purchases, but they only remove the advertising and offer little additional features.

Local Cast ChromecastInstall on Google Play


For 4.33 euros Plex you donated the ability to catalog your private film collection and stream from your PC to Android, Chromecast and other devices on the network. Also online channels and services such as TED, Dropbox and so on are accessible from Plex out.

plex heroPlex serves as the main interface for all your media. / © Plex Inc.Plex for AndroidInstall on Google Play

Video Stream Chromecast: Mobile

Thanks to the Chrome app video stream Chromecast: Mobile and the same Chromecast app can simply send it to your TV your MP4 videos. The app also supports AVI and MKV files, as well as 450 additional formats.

Video Stream Chromecast: MobileInstall on Google Play

Web videocast | Browser to TV

The app Web videocast allows you to stream any video from the Internet to the TV. It does not matter which service is used here and whether this offers a Chromecast support. The app detects the video and streamed it. Interesting for the undisturbed video enjoyment: The app takes you directly with an ad-blocker, so your videos are interrupted not by advertising.

Web videocast | Browser to TVInstall on Google Play

The best library apps for Chromecast

Various public broadcasters also offer apps that support the Chromecast.

  • The three best library apps for Android (and even radical)

ORF TVthek: Video on demand

The Chromecast offer from ORF is very interesting for German spectators, as the public broadcaster also has numerous films and series on offer, running in Germany for private broadcasters. ORF but significantly less advertising is included.

ORF TVthek: Video on demandInstall on Google Play


The Franco-German television channel Arte flagship was one of the first with an online service for later watching its outstanding programs. Of course, he is also one of the first non-commercial television on Chromecast.

ARTEInstall on Google Play

BR library

Also Bayerischer Rundfunk has positively surprised at the big comparison of the library apps. That a third program technically his mother ARD depends, is expected immediately.

BR libraryInstall on Google Play


If you want to quickly bring the latest news stand, in which ZDFheute App exactly to the right place. The application for Chromecast (there's also for smartphones and tablets) will keep you on the most important news about politics, economics, current affairs, culture and much more on running. If you want more information, viewed with the app simply by ZDF programs like the Today Journal.

ZDFheuteInstall on Google Play


ZDF grabs his three thematic channels and the main channel into a single app and saved and the stress of fragmentation (Love ARD, please do that for!).

ZDF MediathekInstall on Google Play

The best TV apps for Chromecast

It does not always have a satellite dish or cable connection to be. The old TV finds new ways and some of them cost you not a penny extra. With these apps you can stream TV channels via Chromecast.


ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH, a increases with 7TV into the streaming business. You can call up missed programs of Pro 7, Sat 1, Kabel 1 and Sixx later in the app. Live streaming is unfortunately only available for a monthly fee. The advertising is you then also not spared, however.

7TV - Library, TV Live StreamInstall on Google Play

Zattoo Live TV

Zattoo has taken up's sheet to make all TV stations via the Internet line available. Who spends money on the premium variant gets more image quality. You can missed German broadcasts to stream up to seven days later. In addition, the search has been optimized and search results are displayed in groups.

ZattooInstall on Google Play


waipu.TV pursuing a similar concept to Zattoo, but does not offer a free basic service. All known German channels are available and will be streamed live and recorded. The app is well implemented and easy to use. Also a separate digital remote control waipu.TV implemented. You can the app initially for 30 days free of charge.

waipu.tvInstall on Google Play

The best sports apps for Chromecast

NBA app

NBA Game Time is of course THE Chromecast app for fans of the strongest basketball league in the world. Every day many clips are provided by the best games as well as information and pictures. For almost eight euros a month and a Premium Pass can be purchased with which the fan can follow every game live. A year subscription currently costs 49.99 euros.

NBA appInstall on Google Play

CBS Sports

One of the most best US sports apps, CBS Sports, also offers the Chromecast support. Thus, all the contents of the apps, also videos can enjoy on the big screen.

CBS Sports scores, news & moreInstall on Google Play


DAZN is still a relatively new offering that focuses on all sports. Available are live streams and recordings of various sports: football, motorsport, American football, baseball, tennis, basketball and more. The first month is free, then the use costs 9.99 euros per month.

DAZNInstall on Google Play

Euro Sport Player

The Euro sports player is the offer from the same sender. In the app you have access to all content from Euro Sports and Euro Sports 2, live and on demand. Currently, there is the 2017 Pass to 30 April 2017 for 19.99 euros on offer. The normal price for the annual subscription is 59.99 euros. but you can also choose a day pass that costs 9.99 euros.

  • Euro Sport player in the Google Play Store

Best Utility Apps for Chromecast

Google Photos

Recently, Google announced a version of Google Photos, with some new features to come, including a support for Chromecast. Gained enables streaming photos on the TV images of Google, so as to look at vacation photos with the whole family.

Google PhotosInstall on Google Play

Dead Pixel Tester

Examines your big screen with Dead Pixel Tester and your Chromecast on color accuracy, distortion and dead pixels.

Dead Pixel Tester (Chromecast)Install on Google Play


Mozilla has provided its Firefox browser with Chromecast options. You can now all tabs or individual videos from websites send to the TV.

Firefox: private + safe surfingInstall on Google Play

overlooked app?

If you found content in the growing list of Chromecast apps that we should imagine, then gladly uses the comments and we'll take a closer look at the app. This item is then adjusted continuously expands and improves.

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