Huawei launch was unfortunately terminated

Hello everybody,

I am now only despair on.
Brief history.
Some time ago, caught my Huawei G750 U-10 to make of faxes. In normal operation desöfteren came the announcement that the services provided by the system available keyboard has ended. Then this message came at 5 second intervals and could be pushed every time only by Ok. Since this is not permanently occurred's what I thought not much.

Last night, I had the problem again so I summarily wanted to restart the smartphone. After it was started up, it was no longer possible to come to me to the desktop or the menu since I permanently the message there "Huawei launch was unfortunately terminated" get.
In the hope this would only be a one-time problem, I started the whole once again. Now I get only the Huawei Start screen that locks up obviously and the screen is only gray. After what felt like 50 reboots did bring me back in and the problem was still there.
Then I went to the boot menu to perform a factory reset. This lasted for what seemed to me funny for a minute. Problem was thus not solved. Did the whole already 3-4x tried, but nothing changes.
Have the phone then connected to the PC all the files from the SD card to erase because there might the problem and another app for complications is responsible. No change. Quite the opposite Splits. Now I get, if I disclose it then but times manage to overcome the gray screen, even messages like "Google Play services has unfortunately ended", All would be too tedious to enumerate.
Unfortunately, I do not now on and would be reluctant to buy myself a new smartphone, on the one hand because of the money and also because I was very pleased with the mobile phone to date. The mobile phone is now on the Android version 4.2.2, if this is in any way relevant.

First of all I thank you very much help & Solutions.
I apologize for any spelling mistakes, the wealth of the text and that all landed here in the wrong forum tab. Unfortunately have not found a suitable.

VG Michael