Hay Day: Tricks, tips, cheats, get diamonds and strategies

Hay Day by the Clash-of-Clans-makers is still one of the most popular Farm games for Android. To successfully lead his farm and to get quickly to extras, I have summarized some of the best tricks, strategies and diamond tips. New: With the success "longshoreman" switches your free six-day Hay diamonds. This way to success.

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Diamond at Hay Day

Here diamonds found in Hay Day

  • Connect your account from Hay Day with Facebook: Go to the settings and link where your account with your Facebook profile. This leaves you with five Hay Day diamonds.
  • If you then have the official Facebook page of Hay Day one "I like it" give, you also get diamonds.
  • Stop by on the Facbook site of Hay Day. There developer Supercell starts regular events where you gain with a little luck a lot Hay Day diamonds.
  • Goes fishing regularly in order to collect Hay Day diamonds. When you begin a new species of fish, the fish book on strike. There the respective fish should be flashing. Tap on this to be rewarded with a hay-day diamond.
  • If your level 24 reached, you can build mines. There you will find regularly Hay Day diamonds.
  • Looks back regularly in treasure chests. There you will find five Hay Day diamonds with a little luck. So keep an eye on.
  • Anyone who looks at Hay Day trailer, is also rewarded with Hay Day diamonds. To the Hay Day Diamonds your reach if you can find a ticket that is next to the mailbox. Unfortunately, the ticket will only appear at irregular intervals.
  • If your achieved success, you will also be rewarded with Hay Day diamonds.

Success in Hay Day

  • You can unlock at level six hits in Hay Day. If you have fulfilled the task, the player is rewarded not only with experience points, but also with the long-awaited Hay Day diamonds.

free play Hay Day diamonds by success

Hay Day Diamonds: Success "Tut tut!"

  • To unlock a Hay Day diamonds, you have to deliver 20 orders with the van.
  • Thus you will be credited two Hay Day diamonds, you have 500 orders the van exit.
  • For three Hay Day Diamonds your supplies from 2,000 orders in the van.

Hay Day Diamonds: Success "supporters"

  • So you rewarded Hay-Day with a diamond, you have to sell goods to customers eight times.
  • To get two Hay-diamonds must sell two hundred goods your customers.
  • For three Hay Day Diamonds Your customers need to sell 2,500 times goods.

Hay Day Diamonds: Success "Cash!"

  • When Hay-Day Success loot! you have to earn 200 coins with a street sale, so you will be sent a Hay-Day Diamante.
  • For two Hay Day diamonds you have to achieve at a street sale 5,000 coins.
  • To get three Hay Day diamonds, it is important to achieve 25,000 coins at a street sale.

Hay Day Diamonds: Success "longshoreman"

  • So your a Hay Day diamonds in the success "longshoreman" gets, you have 3000 coins by loading the own river ship deserve.
  • If you earn 25,000 coins by loading the own river boat, you two diamonds will be credited.
  • To get three Hay Day diamonds, 100,000 coins must be earned by loading the own river ship.

Tips to the chickens

  • If your eggs are not needed by the chickens, the chickens let's just sit on it. Thus, the eggs do not occupy a space.

Tips for vans

  • Important: You do not necessarily meet the requests of the van. The van is just one of many ways to get to coins and extras.
  • Certain tasks you can only fulfill if your also you are able. So build and grow only once and then take a look at the van.
  • The orders you should be looking at how they bring you money, coupons and information. If it's really not worth ignoring the orders, waiting for better deals.

Tips for Newspaper

  • You can set the start date for an ad. Since your offer can see all the players in the world, it makes sense to think of the American market. So looks when in the US the day begins and then sets the timer for your ad - if you do not hurry you there with a sale.
  • Only good products sell well, so make a rather rare products and fruits.

Tips and tricks to the buildings

  • In order to bring more visitors to your city, you should improve the station.
  • How many visitors can take a train into the city, depends on the capacity of the city. If it is full, the train brings no new visitors.

Successful catch fish

  • To catch the desired fish while fishing, you should always pay attention not only to use the right bait. Even the fishing spot is crucial. Although each fish can go online or to the fishing at any point, the right fishing spot but increases the probability of drawing the coveted fish out of water. Which bodies preferably a fish, the player recognizes the background of Fischprotraits.
  • Special fishing events are announced you. Take part in it necessarily because you can there with little effort more fish pull ashore.

Tips and Strategies

  • If you have enough space for your building, sold the explosives and saws for the highest price since you first no longer needed these items.
  • Greg every day buys at least one article of you. So he sold an article for maximum price.
  • Looks every day at Greg over, as he has very cheap goods on offer in general.
  • On decorations for your farm you should forego possible if, as they have no added value for the farm and the pretty extras are relatively expensive.

Help for beginners

  • Sells goods that you do not need in the newspaper - is possible every three hours. Requires there always the maximum price, as this is also usually paid.
  • Look regularly at the main house over where other players have placed orders for you. Does your it, you gain success, experience points, and later diamonds.
  • Selling sugar products and dairy products not in the store, but it invests in new products.
  • From time to time visitors look over at you and want to buy products. If you do not have the desired goods, you should send them away immediately. They usually wait and so you have enough time to fulfill the orders. Besides money these visitors give way also experience points.
  • Occasionally emerge treasure chests that can be opened with diamonds. There different things in it, such as building materials. Not always but you get what you currently need. So it's a gamble that you should only do if you have enough diamonds.
haydayfuerandroid 1With Hay Day there is always something to do. / © Supercell
  • If none of your friends Hay Day plays you can search for other players and they make for an invitation to your neighbors in Game Center.
  • Builds at night plants that grow slowly. Which you can then reap the next morning. Throughout the day should grow their plants that grow quickly.
  • When street sale your products for 30 minutes are visible. After that they disappear. If they are not sold after 30 minutes, it therefore provides a return for the players to see them again.
  • to repair the harbor swallows at the beginning a lot of money - 16,000 gold coins. but worth it in the long run, there, always new products offered by vessels visit the port.
  • Invites for the loading of a ship a friends to help you. This all goes easier and faster.


  • So far there are no cheats for Hay Day.
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