Tips for gamepads and Android

There are numerous Bluetooth Gampads and game controller for Android. We show you some interesting examples and concepts and tell you how your games with gamepad support in the Play Store will.

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Bluetooth controller

Mad Catz (Micro) C.T.R.L.R.

Madcatz sent us three patterns. The two C.T.R.L.R Mobile gamepad or Micro C.T.R.L.R look quite conventional and are based layout to the Xbox Controlelr. They are compatible with Bluetooth Android, PC or Mac and thus versatile. In my test session with several games, including Tomb Raider, Asphalt 8: Airborne and Limbo, I could use the Android controller without problems.

AndroidPIT game controller 5136Left the big right the small C.T.R.L.R. / © AndroidPIT

The C.T.R.L.Rn, depending on a smartphone clip; the large model it is screwed, just put the little ones. The clasps pinch a smartphone in the middle of their long sides. This has led two most devices in our archive to the fact that the clamp rests permanently on the power or volume button. Only with Sony smartphones the design was perfect.

AndroidPIT game controller 5130The holder clamped inevitably a button. / © AndroidPIT

After all, the clip is quite flexible. HTC One M9 is Huawei Mate 9 we were able to accommodate smart phones of several sizes in the holder. Toll: The construction will not tip over when they are placed on the table.

AndroidPIT game controller 5197The C.T.R.L.R. stands with smartphone like a one. / © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, the controller is not very environmentally friendly. Instead of a lithium-ion batteries alkaline AAA batteries are used in both variants. These can not charge and hold about 35 hours. The alternative operation via USB with OTG cable was HTC One M9 (Maximus HD ROM) with little success: the inputs are mapped incorrectly and the analog sticks will not work. Also, switching to another of the three available modes (for Android, as a mouse for PC) was fruitless.

Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9

From mechanical point of view much better solution is the L.Y.N.X. 9. With built-in keyboard, a large tablet slide and Phone clip it can be used in several scenarios; Renovation work needed. The construction of metal and plastic can be combined diverse.

AndroidPIT game controller 5170With the Lynx You have a blockhead everywhere. / © AndroidPITAndroidPIT game controller 5206Elements can be separated ... / © AndroidPITAndroidPIT game controller 5210...and reassemble. / © AndroidPITAndroidPIT game controller 5214So that the Lynx can make more compact. / © AndroidPITAndroidPIT game controller 5223Keyboard and touchpad make the Lynx diverse. / © AndroidPIT

The Lynx is technically a great addition. By the touchpad centered over the analog sticks You can even control a mouse cursor. Special advantage: The Lynx has a 500 mAh big battery that can be recharged via microUSB cable. Unfortunately, this also applies to controller Bluetooth duty: The control wired could not succeed in the test. Wired and firmware upgrades are possible.

We did not photographed, but the Lynx offers just like the C.T.R.L.R. a smartphone terminal. Diesse is the L.Y.N.X. of metal, but has the same design flaw and pinches constantly volume or power button. Only a slant mounting of the phone can work around the problem.

8bitdo Nes30 gamepad

A completely different purpose pursues the retro gamepad of 8BitDo (translated: 8 bit is enough). It is relatively expensive for its features, but comes along in an attractive packaging and with a unique style. Meanwhile, improved variants on the market, we could not test.

AndroidPIT retro console 3207With the right gamepad Retro Game Night does equal more fun. / © AndroidPIT

The NES30 has the obvious disadvantage that the analog sticks are missing. In titles of many genres that proves to be a disadvantage; especially the lack of looking around or walking in Tomb Raider makes the controller virtually unfit. The cable operation is not possible with our review unit; which dominates the little only on the PC or Raspberry Pi. However, the integrated battery allows flawless operation via Bluetooth.

Screenshot 20170210 120841Checks with the gamepad tester to make sure everything is running. / © AndroidPIT

If you already could you test the more recent edition of 8BitDo gamepads, then gladly leave a comment with the impressions: Are the analog sticks reliable and well made? As he is in your hand? What games you play with it most?

gamepads via USB

Theoretically, you can also connect the controllers known consoles with an OTG cable to the smatphone. However, since all smartphones are not equipped with OTG support and no longer the gamepads all consoles with Android smartphones are compatible, we can only give general advice to you at this point.

OTG?Install on Google Play

Check first the OTG support of your smartphone. An indication provides the app OTG ?, but it can also give a false-positive result and be wrong. This can let you down when the OTG cable was then bought but useless.

Then you need the luck that the manufacturer of your smartphones did not remove the driver for the corresponding game pad from its Android version. TRY forums or a simple Gogole search continues to find the testimony to your unit combination. like reported in our comments that combo works best for smartphone and gamepad with you!

For gamepad games for Android

Are smartphone and gamepad matched to each other, we face the next problem: What games I can now enjoy with this setup anyway? The Play Store Google failed once again to expel the gamepad games as such. Third parties can do better.

AndroidPIT game controller 5193Pew pew: This design is good! / © AndroidPIT

The list on the website of the widely-praised Moga game controller shows gamepad games for Android. Nvidia holds for its Shield tablet a large collection of recommended Android games ready, the gamepad support is displayed immediately.


Gamepad gaming on Android has unfortunately developed quite slow. Our test track was so far not yet large enough to issue a clear buy recommendation. Promising candidates as the MOGA game controllers we could not test itself, however, it appears to be here to the most important representatives of the Android gamepad. If your experience with a not mentioned here gamepad manage to collect, like leave a comment so we can delve deeper into the subject.