Samsung Galaxy S4 – Sim Card enntfernt requires restart

So the same problem with me! I (Galaxy S4) still have warranty on my device, I was calling the customer care Vodafone, and since you said that it is not a fault of samsung android but by and I could not help! He gave me a tip, LTE off then the problem would appear to be very rare.
I sign if the problem persists!

I thought I was alone with the problem.
For me it is just, but not in the frequency of.
I use Bluetooth not, however, LTE ..
If the whole, however, be a software bug, the so apparently have several, then that should be fixed yet.

hey, I have the same problem! is far emerged already a solution?

Are apparently still no solution, the problem is still with me ... :'(

Hi everyone ... very strange for us: after I got myself an S5 (S6 boycott) I bequeathed my s4 my wife. It ran the whole time properly under kitkat. Rebuilding for them was installed automatically lolipop. My provider was O2. She K Classic (Kaufland prepaid). My Sim card itself was cut. Their is pre-cut. She has several times nen definitely a day involuntary restart "sim card was unexpectedly removed", With me there was NEVER. I think so to a bug of Lolilipop but if someone has an another idea I would be very grateful. to have a guilty conscience made her cellphone Hab :(
Greeting your Djimage

I did not even slightly helped the same problem with me sending the have piped me a new firmware.
3 days all went well, and then the "fun" the new

Have you set to factory settings after the update back? This fixes many errors .. But if this does not help, it is either a bug in the software or your sim slots are broken / dirty so they could clean if necessary bring what


I had the mistake on my Galaxy S4 also has Short.
The Android version 5.01 (current version on the S4).
The error occurred more and more on the day and my phone was barely usable.
I called Samsung and was positive that I not surprised
response was "device has to factory state" are set.
Instead, I got the answer "the bug is known" and take on not only the S4.
As a remedy, should I remove the micro SD or replace it with another.
(I teillte him with which I had been given a new SIM from the provider and the error !! continue bestannt)
I had fortunately still a Brand New Micro SD there and did this thing the competent Samsung Mitt workers recommended me.
Since I (knock on wood) not this error.
Now why this error occurs so the reason I found out about Samsung Mitt workers.
The SIM card and the micro SD card slot lying on the same board at S4 (and also on various other Samsung devices).
Is one of the two cards, SIM or micro SD broken, or an error occurs,
it always comes the error message "SIM Card was unexpectedly removed" it will not be displayed with the error message which card is defect (even with the micro SD card as in this case with me). Therefore, the error message is very confusing.
On something you just have to come since I last had thought of it as the SD card otherwise funktinierte.

Thanks for this helpful post. I had the problem myself and have made it just as you described it. Now everything goes back:)

Manfred :)


because at the moment my S6 Edge has been submitted due to a bug, and now I use my S4 for a few days as a replacement mobile phone, I noticed that I have this Simkartenproblem. However, since I use no LTE, as this was also apparently a reason for this bug and I have my Micro SD card has been removed, I thought that the problem was finally solved. However, I had to realize with horror that this is not the case, and has purely changed anything ... So there must be another reason ...

Good evening,

I can only say that the S4 my wife's smoked for another reason beyond repair. The new of rebuy no longer makes the old zicken despite old sim. So problem solved by involuntary phone exchange.

Greeting DJWHAM

I have the same problem on a S4 (Vodafone branding) - pointing to the Micro-SD I've already seen, but I have no inside ... (and the installation of a new brand Micro SD brought no improvement) - SIM has also just changed (to this as faulty excluded) - the error comes back ... - on some days I need five restarts to ever become active again - then it goes again three weeks with no errors ...

I could also exclude vibrations and temperature fluctuations ...

the only thing I'm not 100% sure whether it was helpful a little bit depress the metal strip with which the SIM is held with removed SIM - they "firmer" Contact has ... - at least it felt like it a bit better / less often ...

an Android bug may actually not be, because then have ALL with devices from the same batch and the same OS version this bug ...

I had the same problem. When I had taken out the SIM card I saw scratch marks on the metal surface. So the simcard seemed to slip back and forth, thereby losing contact

Here is my SOLUTION:

Repairs I have described it by gently pushing the shaft as Daniel P above and additionally have a very small piece of paper fixed to the Simkarten side with a mini piece of tape (of course so that the metal surface contact yet gets this construct into the SIM card slot inserted ,

The SIM card "caught" now in the shaft and can not move back and forth. In addition, even a small piece of tape from the top over it and the problem was solved.

I have my problem solved now final ... - have allowed with an S7 ... : D

So I have the problem too ... but with an older operating system and that 4.4.2. I also have a Samsung but a Wikio ... Running constantly ... is thus really probably a software problem ... Unfortunately have no customer service like you ... only the Lidlkram and then I will not leave me .... why something does not get baked android?