Huawei Watch in review: Luxurious SmartWatch with quirks – Hardware Tests

In several weeks of daily test of Huawei Watch I could discover all their strengths and weaknesses. Above all, I was able to answer the question for me if I need a watch or not.

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Cheapest offer: Huawei Watch

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Huawei Watch: price and availability

When pricing the Chinese manufacturer follows the great model Apple and Huawei Watch offers in three versions. The cheapest option is the Huawei Watch Classic from 399 euros, followed by the Active Watch from 449 euros and the outrageously expensive Huawei Watch Elite with rosé gold-coated stainless steel casing from 799 euros. Rates may be higher for each variant by different bracelets. A golden Watch Elite with matching stainless steel link bracelet costs about 1,000 euros.

Huawei Watch: design and processing

Of the Android Wear watches, I think the Huawei Watch for the best. The rounded design it looks like a normal watch. The button on two clock does not press on the metacarpal, when, for example, rests on a table. And both the housing and the Sapphirglas lid of the display keep daily stress.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch 7Even the presentation in the sales box of the Huawei Watch is of high quality and unique in the watch world. / © AndroidPIT

The Huawei Watch is 11.3 millimeters thick and has a diameter of 42 millimeters. The display measures 1.4 inches (35.6 mm). The corpus of the watch weighs 47 grams, the bracelet 12 grams. While the models are often get cheaper with leather strap, the purchase of the link bracelet made of metal is worth. The large weight difference between watch body and strap have your watch uncomfortable tremble at the wrist.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch 13The base plate is made of surgical steel and is particularly resistant to pitting and corrosion. / © AndroidPIT

Even when material Huawei demonstrates a knack for high-quality material as the housing is made of cold-rolled stainless steel surgeons. This type of steel is particularly well protected thanks to the molybdenum content to pitting and crevice corrosion. Huawei has made and the bottom plate of this material, only a 10-cent piece large circle in the center with the heart rate monitor consists of plastic.

Quality is also the display glass, because this uses Huawei sapphire crystal. This material is harder and more scratch resistant than the standard Corning Gorilla Glass. In everyday life, the Huawei Watch was able to survive several clashes with steel doorknobs without prejudice.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch 6The hardware button is located off-center to the right side, but in a two-o'clock position. / © AndroidPIT

Our test model is the cheapest variant of the Huawei Watch. This means that the bracelet is made of black leather. This bracelet measures 18 mm in width and can be replaced by a quick release even without tools.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch backThanks to quick release can exchange the bracelet quickly. / © AndroidPIT

In my long-term test I have been with the clock in the shower. I have also otherwise often be wet. She has suffered no damages. The IP67 certification means the Huawei Watch is dust-proof and can be submerged up to one meter deep in water.

Huawei Watch: Display

Huawei is the 1.4 inch display of the watch on the AMOLED technology. According to the technical data that would have to be the sharpest display on the smart watch market 400 pixels display with 286 ppi with 400 x. That's true only for dark backgrounds, but not in bright or even white Watch Faces.

The reason lies in the Pentile matrix display that provides a lower number of subpixels available and thus reveals a screening in spite of high resolution in bright areas. This is particularly noticeable in bright Watch Faces and hands felt, because here then you realize strong podium training at the edges.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch 10Thanks AMOLED display Black is really a rich black. / © AndroidPIT

Apart from the display in terms of color and brightness can be quite convincing, although the AMOLED display at flat angles has a slight greenish tint and brightness must be adjusted manually always lack of an ambient light sensor.

Motorola has in the Moto 360 in the lower part of the display of such a sensor. Unfortunately, he ensures there for a disadvantage, because the sensor is located under the round display, which remains black at the location of the sensors and thus looks a whole as a flat tire. Huawei has subordinated to good appearance of functionality and omitted the sensor.

The result is the most beautiful watch will display that you can get at Android Wear watches.

Huawei Watch: Software

Like all Android Wear watches also the Huawei Watch must abide by Google's standard system. Huawei she adds a customizable dial. The Huawei Watch is one of the first to receive software updates. Those always unlock new features that make the clock in everyday life even more useful.

In the past, Android Wear watches and thus the Huawei Watch were always practical. Thus, the wireless support was added in one of the updates. So can your home or expanded to work the range between watch and phone to the complete radio network.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch 1The speech recognition "OK Google" is inaccurate in noisy environments. / © AndroidPIT

Also, your music can save between jogging on the clock. On the four gigabytes of internal memory your music from Google Play Music can save for a complete marathon. This then can hear you only with Bluetooth headsets as the clock neither a suitable speaker still has a jack connection.

Also Spotify will support smartphone decoupled offline music when the update arrives on Android marshmallow for the Huawei Watch. In addition, this update is to enable the built-in speakers hour. This is to be used mainly for audio feedback, or serve as an aid - so read you the time and other screen content. In the video shows that you actually can play with it music. However, that sounds as bad as you would expect, the video shows:

Use in everyday life

The Android Wear system is primarily to the fact that you can see immediately the wrist all your notifications. This saves a lot in everyday life a lot of time because you can already sort out when looking at the clock unimportant. Moreover, this happens noiseless except you no one will notice the vibration.

In addition, you can via voice control OK Google commands like "Shu call to" settle, so your your friends and colleagues calls in combination with a Bluetooth headset, without holding the phone in hand. Take a look at our tips:

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The Play store is filled with many other app ideas. In part, there are already games for the Android watches. On beads search some tips are staying us that we have collected in separate articles for you:

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AndroidPIT Huawei Watch huawei mate sHuawei dials (Watch Faces) also indicate lunar phases and times of other cities. / © AndroidPIT

The voice control by "OK Google "is the only complex input method for Android Wear watches. Otherwise, there is only the touch screen and gestures for smileys. A keyboard is still missing. Especially the latter paralyzes the otherwise useful utensil much and forbid them to provide a really great value.

The company is not ready for it, that people receive call her wrists commands.

The voice commands are impractical for several reasons. First, the speech recognition only works for existing and stable Internet connection because it is calculated on Google servers. On the other hand, the microphone can not be distinguished from ambient noise your voice. And finally it is not appropriate in all circumstances, to call out his wrist commands; the company is not ready for it.

Huawei Watch: Performance

Inside the Huawei Watch the same hardware plugged in almost all Android Wear watches and accordingly their performance to be compared with them. Apps stutter after their first computer installation. After this initial phase tripping but you can work very smoothly with the clock.

The processor is the Snapdragon 400 that is known from the Moto G. The internal memory is 4 GB, from the still 2.3 GByte available even after the installation of several apps. The RAM may be measured just under 512 MB and should be increased in an upcoming SmartWatch generation. Along with faster, internal memory bottleneck could be expanded here, which probably caused the stuttering after the launch of Apps.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch huawei mate s google mapsTo navigate in unfamiliar cities one must not whip out your smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

In the Huawei Watch are next-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, an optical heart rate monitor and a six-axis motion sensor, with the Huawei Watch can distinguish different types of movement, such as walking, cycling or climbing to.

In everyday life the watch turns out to be moderately accurate Sports Gauge. Here complex solutions will be needed to collect accurate data. Even simple twists in bed are recognized as steps so that the sports data of the Huawei Watch may be classified as approximations rather. Here we give them more of HTC's Under Armor, which consists of several components and promises a sophisticated software solution. However, since Huawei is not marketed as sports equipment, can not you hold against inaccurate fitness data as a disadvantage.

Huawei Watch: Battery

The Huawei Watch has only a 300 mAh battery. This battery has held for 30 hours in my test before the clock for the first time had the magnetic dock again. Here the display to always-on was switched. A slightly longer battery life is obtained by disabling this feature, but then she loses her watch character.

AndroidPIT Huawei Watch 9The battery holds a meager 300 mAh and is not sufficient for two days maturity from. / © AndroidPIT

Huawei Watch: Specification

Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Android:R.A.M:Internal memory:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:
300 mAh
1.4 inches
400 x 400 pixels (404 ppi)
Android Wear
512 MB
4 GB

final verdict

In terms of aesthetics and feel the Huawei Watch is currently the best Android Wear SmartWatch. March 2016 there is the Huawei Watch Classic Link Watch for some dealers for around 350 euros. However, models with leather band is a bit cheaper, I can not recommend it.

The cheaper Android Wear watches offer except the first Moto 360 and the Fossil Q has the same performance and with the exception of Sony SmartWatch 3 an almost identical equipment. The latter has an additional GPS tracker that can be used in a few sports apps to capture your jogging route exactly.

When compared with non-smart watches, the price is still within reasonable limits. The daily walk to the charger is the counter argument for most SmartWatch procrastinators, rather than the price of the watches. The added value is that your you will save many daily views of the smartphone and thus in everyday life is actually gaining time.

Where to buy the Huawei Watch

Best priceeBay HUAWEI WATCH STAINLESS STEEL ACTIVE M.€ 257.00€ 257.00 TotalTo the shopeBay Huawei Watch Leather Black SmartWatch Brand New free poison Ship From New EU264.88 €264.88 € TotalTo the shopshop (3)Delivery time:immediately availableHuawei Watch Classic - 42 mm - stainless steel - Smart Watch with mesh belt - Ed333,72 €333.72 € TotalDelivery time:immediately availableTo the (4)Delivery time:immediately availableHuawei Watch Classic - 42 mm - stainless steel - Smart Watch with mesh belt - Ed333,72 €333.72 € TotalDelivery time:immediately availableTo the (158)Delivery time:immediately availableHuawei Watch Classic with mesh bracelet340,00 €Shipping costs from 5,99 €345.99 € TotalDelivery time:immediately availableTo the shopCompare prices

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