Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – battery charge suddenly decreases rapidly

I had just put my cell phone at 17%, then I have it short off and when I took it in his hand again, the display came "Battery Low 15%", 10 seconds later it was at 0% and it has gone out. Has anyone ever noticed that?

So when the battery "sings", Then off to the doctor. There's something wrong with your hearing. : D
Otherwise: If this happens for the first time? Then do not worry. Does it happen more often, it will probably be due to an app. ;)

So with these jumps the battery I had with my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 sometimes. Only the iPhone you can probably do much against. You could try to erase the Batterystats and recalibrate the battery. delete the Stats can di in the recovery and re-calibrate you the battery, where you device which then runs empty and then without taking it once completely load it from the mains or large what to do, well, it is then the perhaps the night gets very long line to have what the network over. Of course, a battery could even go to their knees, they are known not immortal :-D

It is no longer surfaced luckily since this morning and I mean, of course, falls ��

Then you should edit the first post ��

Unfortunately Ok I must say that now happens all the time. It comes mostly from between 30% and 40%. Then the message Phone comes off and there are only 0%. Factory reset I have already made. Any ideas how I can fix it?

The description is typical of a faulty battery. can be replaced!

Yep, the battery is probably down.

Had the same problem, there have now leave the second time sending, because the intelligent technician (Attention SARKHASMUS), have only performed a factory reset of the repair company that worked on behalf of Sony in Austria the devices. Let's see what will now be undertaken. :)

Yesterday I got a brand new phone from Sony without paying the trimmings.

Did you forget your device simply ends only where did you buy it? I have my unit now not get back ..

Hello everybody

Have the same problem. It gets worse by the day, now comes the message even when the battery level at 65%.
The problem is that I have this phone for more than a year, but as far as I know is the guarantee for the battery only for valid for 1 year.

Can you help me there?

Sony warranty service for permanently installed batteries at 24 months is.


Many thanks! Have finally hope (previously had a HTC phone)
: D

Simply regularly stop by the forum, I'll report me as soon as my back is coming back.

I got it directly from Sony posted and my phone is already more than a year.

Have my back got today. It was installed a new battery, until now no problems. Am, however, skeptical about the IP 67 certification ..

Did my last posted, but at the point of sale, and not Sony itself.
Seems to be with you always went well! Have fun!
And I think the phone will continue to try to be waterproof .. at your own risk ��

Well, underwater photos in the pool, I'll still rather not do : D

Who replaced my battery under warranty, now it works perfectly again!