Samsung Galaxy S4 – contact list sorted incorrectly

Good Morning all,

Yesterday I noticed that individual contacts in the list in part are sorted completely wrong (and a contact appears 3 times). Whether I sort by last name or before or after being displayed.

but I can not say how long that is. As it has previously worked with security, I guess that it depends on the last update together (5.0.1).

Does anyone have any idea what this is and how I'll go?

Sort of looks like that.

- BXxxxx Gxxxxx
- Wxxxxx HXXXXX
- Kxxxxx HXXXXX
- Nxxxxx HXXXXX
- BXxxxx Lxxxxx
- Gxxxxx Mxxxxx
- HXXXXX Mxxxxx
- Wxxxxx Rxxxxx
- HXXXXX Rxxxxx

Kind regards

In the contact of the three times in the list was, I've just cleared one of the three contacts and now the other two are gone too. ???

After exporting the contact list to the SD card and the re-import everything was back in order.

To me, that looks like a first and last name assembly, so the way you've captured the contacts. The triple I explain so that you can see both the list of mobile phones as well as the SIM card.

Hello Frank,

I'll Show me all contacts (SIM card and device), but all contacts stored on the device, the SIM card contains only two contacts, my number and voicemail.

I do not understand the sort when it is sorted by first and last name, the records should be sorted differently,
for example would have the two entries that are at M below yes "B" and "T" or "L" and "H" sorted to be (depending on whether by ago or last name). So it makes no sense in my opinion, no matter what is ordered.

No, I meant, you should check check whether due've swapped when entering the us the first and last name, for that is happened to me when I imported V-Cards, which were then sometimes mixed up and I had to correct the hand.

The names are entered correctly, but even if I would have swapped that the names would not even be where they are now.
also I know that it was all right before.
for example
- Karl Häuser *

would have to under K or H are and not as here under L

(* Name changed by the editors)

OK, was just an idea, because I had this problem. When in doubt, delete the entire list, and again synchronize with Google or first time look at Google, as the list is built there.

have the list with Google matched online was normal list, but was still misrepresented in the mobile phone.

When I then via Export to SD card and import onto the device, the data was stored on the device again from the Google Account,
approved the list again.

In principle, the export to the SD card and the re-import would have been enough.

Can therefore in too theoretical.