Android KitKat for the Galaxy S3: Unofficial ROM now available [UPDATE]

When Samsung announced provide no KitKat update for the Galaxy S3, the outcry was great. Now developers are rushing to the popular Samsung classic to help. update: A new, more stable version of the ROM is available.

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galaxy s3 kitkatA sight that will never be officially in Europe. Unofficially already. / © Samsung, AndroidPIT

The unofficial ROM has Android 4.4.4 for the international S3 variant (i9300) and is directly borrowed from the KitKat update for the Korean S3 model. It is still not completely stable. The network connection strength is not displayed correctly and SMS can not send currently. That the ROM is still in its infancy and has been compiled in a few hours, it runs however already remarkably stable.

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Bloatware was removed, KNOX as well, and the XDA developer promises a more stable ROM than other previous KitKat offers for the Galaxy S3. Those who now want to test before, it can download it from the XDA-Developers here. For any damages or otherwise undesirable consequences as always carries your own responsibility.

[UPDATE: 6/10/2014, 11:00 am]

A new version of the beta-ROMs now fixes the known SMS problems and the network connection strength misrepresented. Thus, one can unofficially speak of a largely stable and functional ROM.