The best camera apps for Android

What are actually the best camera apps for Android and what makes them better than the conventional applications? We present you we tested camera apps that you should try.

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Why use an alternative camera app?

Many smartphones are equipped with very good photo apps. But alternative camera apps have new functions and settings options. And these peculiarities we enter in the following examples.

require some of the presented camera apps that your smartphone Camera2 API supports Android - which unfortunately does not apply to all. The developer of the Manual Camera has developed a standalone app that tests the Camera2 API on your smartphone.

Manual Camera CompatibilityInstall on Google Play

Open Camera

In Open Camera is a free open-source camera app. The user interface is kept simple. Besides some general information, such as how much device memory is still free or time, you still see the virtual trigger for photos and videos as well as some options on the right. Open camera can show you what angle you Your smartphone just think - with the optionally visible guides you, thus ensuring the best perspective.

AndroidPIT open cameraOpen Camera / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

The options you is an exposure control (exposure) is available. Also helpful is the lock icon for the exposure lock. This helps in backlit scenes.

Open CameraInstall on Google Play

Manual Camera

Manual Camera gives you settings for the shutter speed, focus, white balance or exposure compensation. In addition, you can store images in lossless RAW format, this camera app. In the post-processing of images You can then draw on the full range of sensor information.

AndroidPIT manual cameraManual Camera / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

Who takes the photography really serious, but still wants to use his smartphone, here is an excellent facility. The necessary image adjustments you take with a wheel right down in front, which exudes a certain retro charm. Taps on the left edge is long to a set value and the controller concerned on "automobile" reset.

Manual CameraInstall on Google Play


VSCO is an exciting mix of camera app, filters, image editing and artistic social network. The app is unusually designed and acts first on the simplest functions limited. After the capture or import an image, however, the user in addition to numerous filters - a lot of it to pay - also plenty of options for image editing available to change a photo so that the desired look is achieved.

VSCOMinimalist look, but much behind it - that's VSCO. / © AndroidPIT

Within VSCO the user can share his photos with the community. Like other social networks, it allows VSCO to network with their own friends, acquaintances and contacts in order to marvel at images together. The app itself and many basic options are free, but there are many in-app purchases and ways to spend his money at VSCO. The filters and presets that sells VSCO for up to 59 dollars, can also be used with other software, such as Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw.

VSCOInstall on Google Play

Google camera

The Google Camera app is clear and beginner-friendly. Wipes your from the right edge to the center, the menu of camera modes and settings appears to resolution and quality. Many options does not provide the Google camera. Only Nexus and pixel users will enjoy the excellent HDR + mode, which can conjure stunning images.

AndroidPIT google cameraGoogle Camera / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

You can absorb Sphere images as panorama and as a photo. The latter is a walk-Ball panorama that can you look over the motion sensors with the matching Photos app - 360 degree cameras but are more suitable for such recordings.

google cameraThe Google Camera app offers panoramic capabilities. / © GoogleGoogle cameraInstall on Google Play

Camera Zoom FX

A classic camera apps is Camera Zoom FX. The camera app allows you to use pre-filters, but also scores as a pure camera app with no frills. On request, she displays guide lines or shows you a stabilization indicator to. Turns this option and see a red circle on the screen if you still rumwackelt too much with the smartphone.

AndroidPIT camera zoom fxCamera Zoom FX / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

A small oddity is the incognito mode: This displays a Web page, and only in a little window at the top left of the camera preview. while a touch on the display takes a photo. A manual mode, there are also - but for this you must in the settings first enable Camera2 API.

Camera ZOOM FX - FREEInstall on Google PlayCamera ZOOM FX PremiumInstall on Google Play

Do you have other tips for good camera apps? Name us your preferred app in the comments!