Huawei Mate Pro 10 in the test: power after a week addicted – Hardware Tests

for a week now I test the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. During performance, battery life and software have been further improved, especially the camera will take a leap forward. Learn more about this in our first review of the Mate Pro 10 with a first sentence.

  • Huawei Mate 9 prepares long-term joy
  • Huawei P10 Plus in the test: simple and unspectacular

To the section:

  • Price and Availability
  • Design and processing
  • display
  • software
  • performance
  • Audio
  • camera
  • battery pack
  • Technical specifications
  • final verdict
  • Where buy?

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  • &# X2713; battery can hold a weekend
  • &# X2713; camera has excellent post
  • &# X2713; hardware performance is excellent
  • &# X2713; The sound is great
  • &# X2713; IP67
  • &# X2713; dual SIM (only Open-market variant BLA-L29)


  • &# X2715; There is no jack
  • &# X2715; HDMI adapter for Easy Projection neither available at Huawei supplied yet
  • &# X2715; more fragile than before Design

Cheapest offer: Huawei Mate Pro 10

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Huawei Mate Pro 10: Price and Availability

The Mate Pro 10 comes with us in Germany since mid-November 2017 three colors, each with 799 euros on the market. The choice is initially red-brown mocha, gray and blue. The Mate 10 without Pro does not come to Germany.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per 0010You have the choice: gray, reddish-brown or blue? / © AndroidPIT

The three major provider and one&1, the Mate take 10 Pro also in their respective portfolios and deliver preorder the new smartphone until November 21, home. As a free bonus quantity beckons preorder the Smart Writing set worth 229 Euros, whose special pens digitized handwritten notes and live to Mate stores 10 Pro. Some note-8-lovers should be noisy here.

O2Huawei Mate Pro 10 at O219,00 €To the shopTelekomHuawei Mate Pro 10 at Telekom€ 1.00To the shopVodafoneHuawei Mate Pro 10 at Vodafone€ 1.00To the shop

Variants to the store does not exist, but rather to the SIM equipment. Provider-bound editions are expected to be only one SIM slot have (BLA-L09), while freely purchased is Editions (BLA-L29) two SIM slots will have. But this you must in each individual case at the provider ask if the Mate actually comes 10 Pro in the trade. Telefónica and 1&1 had confirmed that the units sold in them are dual SIM capable. The dual-SIM model is incidentally one of the few that can be used on both cards in parallel LTE; useful in times of VoLTE and All-IP.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1817O2 and 1&1, the Mate sell 10 Pro as a dual SIM device. / © AndroidPIT

Huawei Mate Pro 10: Design and workmanship

Huawei has the design of Mate overhauled 10 Pro. Even the Mate shown last year 9 Porsche Design pales in comparison. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of robustness: Huawei bows to Designed-to-break trend and glazed the Mate Pro 10 front and rear. The jack falls to the new glossy slick design victim; as with a shocking number of flagship smartphones of the year. As a consolation, there are IP67 certified against dust and splashing water.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1879The Mate 10 Pro has the modern borderless style. / © AndroidPIT

The aluminum frame is highly polished and is borderless on the two glass surfaces. The free bundled and transparent Silicone Bumper and the standard glued Screen Protector hold the Mate Pro 10 first traces temporarily at bay.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1903The screen protector absorbs the first scratches. / © AndroidPIT

After a week the tested Mate saw 10 Pro still like new; apart from minor injuries in protective accessories. But we will look at this again in a year.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1836Rear makes the glass the curve for sleeker feel. / © AndroidPIT

On the hands-on presentation had already been explained to us that the antennas for LTE Cat. 18 would not have been possible in the aluminum design as its predecessor. It may be the truth, after all, Huawei waived in Mate 10 non-Pro to the Gbit fast LTE, but has there the proven-robust aluminum design.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1848The aluminum edge blends smoothly into the glass. / © AndroidPIT

The Pro version of Mate 10 waived, unlike the Mate 9 Pro, to the dual-edge design and serves the Friends of the conventionally-plan displays. Curved Glass is located only on the back and ensures that the device uses slimmer than it actually is. Behind a sheet "Signature Stripe" the area of ​​the main cameras and provides the new emblem of the Mate series.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per 0007The new glossy stripe above the new design feature of the mark. / © AndroidPIT

The display edges above and below the display shrink to a few millimeters. The new 2: (1 format as always marketed as "18: 9") We get a 6-inch display in a body in which one would have only a 5.5-inch display in previous models can accommodate. In fact, the compact feel makes an attractive impression.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per 0014Left P10 Plus (5.5 inches), right the 10 Mate Pro (6 inches). / © AndroidPIT

Huawei Mate Pro 10: Display

As in Mate 9 Pro / Porsche Design, is an AMOLED display to use in the Mate 10 Pro. Along with a night mode, brightness clever automatic transmission and a dark design for the user interface Huawei plays the increased contrast of the technology good. It dissolves in about 403 ppi on, has the new 2: 1 format and is increasingly focusing on Android's built-in split-screen system to take advantage of the new widescreen reasonable.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1874The display offers brilliant colors and sharpness. / © AndroidPIT

After the first week, the colors indicate always full, the contrasts extensive and AMOLED problems such as a burn-in effect are not recorded. However, since the technology is prone to premature aging, this section of a longer-term observation needs.

Huawei Mate Pro 10: Software

The Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 solves the EMUI 5 nougat-based and supplies in addition to the Oreo core features some improvements in the context of artificial intelligence. The newly available in Chipset Neural Processing Unit (NPU) is to generate performance benefits in future apps. So far, however, we see them little.

  • Android 8.0 Oreo: Update index for smartphones and tablets

The EMUI update from version 5 to 8 suggests a greater leap than you in fact see. Older devices like the Mate 9 or the Huawei P10 / Plus will receive the update to that version. Also on our editorial Mate 8 we installed EMUI 8 as part of the beta program. So just EMUI-8 features we list here below, the one on the Mate finds exclusive 10 Pro.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1717Used some a cheap Type C HDMI adapter for Huawei's Easy Projection. / © AndroidPIT

Easy Projection makes the smartphone for easy PC replacement

Above all trumps the Mate to 10 Pro with the so-called Easy Projection. This feature turns the Mate Pro 10 via a standard adapter of Type C to HDMI into a simple desktop. Unfortunately, the implementation encounters in its current implementation still many limits and still needs strengthening. But already shows great potential so that it will satisfy even complex office tasks. We tested the feature separately and evaluated in an independent review:

  • Huawei Easy Projection in the test: to start not bad
AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1712Easy Projection allows quick presentations. / © AndroidPIT

Updates fix teething

Our review unit has received an update even within the first week. This fixed a serious problem that had led in connection with the Google Play services to a massive battery drain. After the update, which could be installed without reset to factory settings, disappeared the energy problem and the Mate 10 Pro could reach the promised battery life.

Huawei is pursuing a diligent update policy and provides for most of its appliances two years from launch almost monthly updates can therefore be reliable and secure.

Huawei Mate Pro 10: Performance

The chipset Kirin 970 was thanks to 10-nm process more energy efficient than the 960s, but has not changed anything on the CPU and the GPU. The largest performance advantage that will draw Mate Pro 10 long term from the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to be prepared especially for the tasks in the areas of AR / VR.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Benchmarks

3D Mark Slingshot ExtremeGeekbench 4 MulticorePC Mark Work 2.0
Huawei Mate Pro 10291967436822
Samsung Galaxy Note 8259168165152

The NPU was advertised extensively by Huawei. What is it good? Currently, your added value still limited to a few Huawei-specific applications. In the long run, Huawei will also accelerate third-party apps to the NPU. Together with Microsoft, Huawei has a translator app on the pre-installed Huawei Mate 10 Pro, the text modules in an instant and without an Internet connection from a translated into 40 other languages; still performs in the test but under Google's level. Other talents of the NPU, we describe in the camera section below. Views are available in a separate article.

  • What Huawei uses its new smartphone-brain

128 GB UFS 2.1 memory are fast and plentiful. A MicroSD option can still be handy for different reasons. Unfortunately, the Huawei Mate it is missing 10 Pro, just like in previous Mate 9 Pro / Porsche Design.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Audio

Another place where the NPU is the normalization of call volume. Your whispers into the phone, because it again "just very unfavorable" is, you listen to your over at a normal volume. Conversely, if your opposite responds particularly loud, his voice is normal, according to with you.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1850The speaker bottom is in landscape mode to sideways stereo speakers. / © AndroidPIT

Prevails in your environment but big crash, which raises Mate Pro 10, the output of the speaker accordingly and makes sure that your still understands your opposite good. then speak your mate into 10 Pro is noticed your comparison with intelligent filtering nothing of the noise around you. Huawei has traditionally been one of the best in the field of voice quality, so we can not wait to test this.

Ingloriously is softly parting of the jack plug. The packing of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be accompanied by an adapter. But what I think, you read most of separately.

The audio equipment in the housing is at least as good as the Mate 9: A loudspeaker broadcasts to the front, one at the bottom. In portrait mode, the Duo switches to a two-way mono system. In landscape mode, it becomes a stereo setup. In any case, the output sounds full and relatively well; So much less tinny than one would expect from smartphone speakers.

Huawei Mate Pro 10: Camera

In the camera app of Mate Pro 10, you can sit and watch at work the NPU quasi. The object and landscape recognition is handled by the new processor in real time. In conjunction with the portrait or the open-shutter mode you can already see in the viewfinder how the image will look like after the post. And the results can be more than just look. Look for yourself:

  • Test photos with the Huawei Mate Pro 10
AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1852The Mate 10 Pro works with Leica Summilux look. / © AndroidPIT

On the hardware side has changed over the camera set-up from the nine Mate relatively little. There now are two f / 1.6 optics of the Leica Summilux-H brand instead of f / 1.7 with Summarit-H. but the asymmetric sensor duet remains: The black and white dissolve with 20 megapixels; the RGB sensor triggers only 12 megapixels, but has for an optical image stabilizer. Each of the sensors has its own Image Signal Processor, which merged data from the artificial intelligence on the NPU to an image analysis to be reworked already in the viewfinder in real time in real time.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1723The portrait mode starts the live retouching. / © AndroidPIT

The new portrait mode, as we know it like back in the 2017er versions of the iPhone or the Google pixel, the AI ​​detects in real time the scene and provides both the exposure and the post accordingly: exposure, focus and saturation thus ensure that photos get a striking look without manual post-processing. Green grass is so just a little bit greener. The NPU uses this offline on training data back that Huawei had evaluated on the domestic servers, 100 million photos.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per 9989The software recognizes the man in the viewfinder and keeps it in focus. / © AndroidPIT

So the camera sees that your pet photographed a people, plants or food and uses filters that are usually used for photography this kind objects. And especially in fast moving objects it is helpful that the focus of the movement consistently follows up your triggers.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1727The focus mode dispenses with the aggressive post effects for skin tones. / © AndroidPIT

Above all, the still quite endeavor implemented in the Mate 9 bokeh effect is now more economical, more intelligent and more accurate used. The portrait mode comes with the EMUI-8 update to the other Huawei smartphones.

The post effects are cooler than expected

After I was a little skeptical at first whether so much post-processing will be good for the photos, the results have mostly me pleasantly surprised. The Mate 10-Pro camera or their AI reliably detects what they should concentrate and dyed, sharpens and turns on the dynamics, where it is necessary. The results are indeed always retouched visible, but still cool.

IMG 20171022 132727 distortThe grass is always greener. / © AndroidPIT

Of course, the post-processing can also disable. Even then, the camera achieves excellent results. This is due to the optical image stabilizer and, not least, the new, large f / 1,6er panel, so allow together smaller ISO values ​​or shorter exposure more sharpness.

IMG 20171022 161721 distortThe dynamic range of the camera of the Huawei Mate Pro 10 is outstanding. / © AndroidPIT

Last you can activate the manual mode introduced as early as Huawei P9 by your hoisting the bar above the shutter button. There you manually adjusts ISO, closing time, exposure, focus, white balance or color temperature if you dislike the automatic.

Huawei mate 10 per camera per modeNo manual white balance nothing would go here. / © AndroidPIT

Selfies 2.0 Fixed-focus clippers are made with the f /. Again, a focus effect is possible, it also recognizes groups clever unlike in previous versions. so blurred faces belong to the past. Here you can also watch the portrait mode captures all faces and sharp sets.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1807The selfie cam now detects multiple faces that are passed over when Blur. / © AndroidPIT

Huawei Mate Pro 10 Battery

The battery power of Huawei Mate 10 Pro Mate usual outstanding. The problems with lack of notifications, which you had to buy this battery life in previous Huawei smartphones seem to belong to one week of testing the past.

Huawei mate 10 per battery controlExtensive menus give you fine control over power-intensive apps. / © AndroidPIT

Instead, you are now Huawei sophisticated, manual control of apps running in the background. Ex works you will only be informed about such apps, but EMUI not stop it without your permission. Particularly clever is the dark mode to save the AMOLED display of Mate 10 Pro Energy.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 per review 1840Supercharge loads the Mate 10 Pro with over 20 watts. / © AndroidPIT

The 4000 mAh battery can be charged turbo-fast with Huawei's proprietary technology; after 30 minutes the original accessories invites from 0 to 58 percent. A seal from TÜV Rheinland certifies that the system is safe. Wireless charging is missing and the battery can not be easily replaced.

100 percent charged, I could use the Mate Pro 10 on low utilization a complete weekend, so from Friday evening to Monday morning. Another weekend, I used it as a Wi-Fi hotspot and made some photos. Then, the battery lasted through only one day; However, in this scenario heavy users still longer than many competitors.

Huawei Mate Pro 10: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
154.2 x 74.5 x 7.9 mm
178 g
4000 mAh
6 inches
2160 x 1080 pixels (402 ppi)
8 megapixels
20 megapixels
8.0 - Oreo
Huawei EMUI
6 GB
128 GB
HiSilicon Kirin 970
2.36 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, dual SIM, Bluetooth 4.2

final verdict

Despite the promising performance, the impeccable design and top camera Huawei can still show off the price. That in terms of design, it follows the trend towards more fragility and the jack away, is unfortunately normal and necessary part in view of the competitors.

AndroidPIT Huawei mate 10 per 0011Huawei may not pass without asking. / © AndroidPIT

Huawei will be the first in the race for the best smartphone and served the Germans only the Pro version of the Mate series; everything else would not be good enough. Here lies inside an astonishing amount of previous hardware. Huawei is betting on the breakthrough with his new NPU, the little brain in Mate 10 Pro and the camera effects.

And with the latter knows Huawei really impress. After a week already I do not want to miss this camera. With almost any other I get so quickly to such a good result. Here Huawei can provide the consistently more expensive competitors forehead.

In the following weeks we will 10 leave the Huawei Mate compete Pro head to head, then we will figure out how to cut its battery life and how the results of his camera with or without a filter against iPhone 8 pixel 2 or Galaxy Note. 8 but at least by then I give her no more the 10 Mate Pro.

Where to buy the Huawei Mate Pro 10

Best priceeBay Huawei mate 10 Pro 128GB740.00 €Shipping costs from 4,99 €744.99 € TotalTo the (438)Delivery time:Delivery in 13 to 14 daysHuawei Mate Pro 10 LTE dual SIM smartphone 15.2 cm (6 inches) 2:36 GHz, 1.8 GHz Octa Core 128GB 20 million pixels, 12 million pixels Android? 8.0 Oreo Titanium, Titanium Gray, Gray799,00 €€ 799.00 TotalDelivery time:Delivery in 13 to 14 daysTo the (438)Delivery time:Delivery in 13 to 14 daysHuawei Mate Pro 10 LTE dual SIM smartphone 15.2 cm (6 inches) 2:36 GHz, 1.8 GHz Octa Core 128GB 20 million pixels, 12 million pixels Android? 8.0 Oreo Blue Blue799,00 €€ 799.00 TotalDelivery time:Delivery in 13 to 14 daysTo the shopT-Mobile.deDelivery time:Pre-order: available from 17/11/2017Huawei Mate10 Pro Gray799,95 €799,95 € TotalDelivery time:Pre-order: available from 17/11/2017To the shopT-Mobile.deDelivery time:Pre-order: available from 17/11/2017Huawei Mate10 Pro Blue799,95 €799,95 € TotalDelivery time:Pre-order: available from 17/11/2017To the shopCompare prices

Huawei Mate Pro 10

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