No person needs LTE Tablets

Tablets themselves are quite nischige products; but above all, the extra charge for LTE worthwhile only in exceptional cases. We explain to you why LTE tablets are actually unnecessary, how to go surfing with a pure wireless tablet and what has to be observed.

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Samsung tablet per note 12 2 lteIs the LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 LTE per really relevant? / © AndroidPIT

While an LTE tablet promises completely autonomous Internet, the additional costs are usually not justified. Why? The reason is quite simple. If your own a smartphone, it is incredibly easy to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. With it, the Internet connection to the wireless antenna to the tablet (and all other participants) is passed and your tablet is just as connected to the mobile Internet as if it had its own LTE connectivity. Here we have prepared a step-by-step instructions for you:

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Airtime eric nexus 4 data usageThe data consumption can be the Achilles' heel when too many devices depend on wireless hotspot of your smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

Of course, cost sharing the Internet line additional data volume. Therefore, you should conserve the existing high-speed volume handle and observe our saving tips. In addition, you should rather quickly go to the Play store settings, typed at the top of Auto-update apps, and then Allow No automatic app updates at the top. Does your not, accesses the default and your tablet will download updates perk since it believes to be connected to an unlimited wireless connection. And then you surfing in no time with a snail's pace. You need more high-speed volume? Then check it out here:

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nvidia shield tablet android shield hub shopThe Shield Tablet delivers LTE with quasi-free in the 32 GB version. / © AndroidPIT

Some tablet manufacturers have added quietly that LTE for most customers is no added value and give it as a free surplus in version with more flash memory just to do so. Seen in the Shield Tablet Nvidia. It costs 299 euros in the 16 GB version; the 32 GB version costs 80 euros more and has an LTE antenna and SIM card slot in tow. This can of course vice versa look at, but at a gaming tablet, the multi-gigabyte games to be installed, 16 gigabytes of additional memory are probably the more interesting possibility to enlarge.

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The Wi-Fi tethering, which we have described above you may have a further disadvantage in addition to the high data usage. Because when your smartphone is turned at once to the wireless router for your other devices to its battery consumption increases significantly. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carry a spare battery. Of which there are almost daily which cheaper in the Amazon flash offers.

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LTE tablets are nonsense: Conclusion

For smartphone owners with a modern data plan (ie 1 or more gigabytes of high-speed volume per month) actually worth no LTE tablet. An exception would be that you really need a lot of mobile high-speed data volume for your tablet. As a rule, data-only SIMs are slightly cheaper, since you do not make calls with them (but often send SMS) can; and then it may be that the monthly cost of a dedicated data SIM become lower from about the tenth gigabyte than a smartphone contract with the same amount of high-speed volume. then noted, however, that the LTE tablet was more expensive to buy.