Best Android Games

Whether card games or first-person shooter: In Google Play Store, there is a huge selection of entertaining games. In order not to lose track, we give you at this point an overview of recommended Android games. We here do not distinguish between free and paid games. update: Newcomers in Sections card games and strategy games.

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Table of Contents

  • Card Games
  • Offline games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Tower Defense Games
  • role playing
  • Endless Runner
  • Action Games
  • racing Games
  • fighting Games
  • strategy Games
  • Adventures
  • Arcade games
  • mystery Games

The best card games for Android

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heores of Skyrim

With The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim highly sought after trading card game for iPad and Android tablets already got one in March with fans on the market. However, smartphone players first had to stay outside. This has now changed, as the latest version of the app lets you finally immerse yourself on the Android smartphone in the magical world of Elder Scrolls - long fun is guaranteed here! The download is 1.45 GB not exactly small, but well done quickly through a brisk Fi.

elder scrollsThe Elder Scrolls now available on your smartphone. / © Google Play


Blizzard is a master of repetition, and I mean that in the best sense. Whether it comes to Moba, FPS or MMO: You understand how to develop a product and perfected. The CCG is now another games category that has taken Blizzard. The result is Hearthstone; a very successful game in this category.

Hearthstone is not a groundbreaking change in this division. It consists of a turn-based 1-on-1 confrontation with monsters and spells. to learn the game takes only minutes, but mastering it is a challenge. The high number of different cards allows for a variety of strategies. restive to improve its own deck and perfect, is just one of the aspects why Hearthstone enthusiastic and captivating.

Although it costs no money, but a lot of time. There is great danger that one but then engaged too often and too long with it. This video shows how a developer of the game explains the reason for being a single card; one of thousands. The enthusiasm for Hearthstone stands or falls with the balance of monsters and cards. Blizzard is doing everything possible to protect them. This is one of the reasons, always keep playing the game.

AndroidPIT hearthstone hero 252easy to learn, hard to master: Hearthstone. / © AndroidPITHearthstoneInstall on Google Play

The best offline games

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a 1-on-1 Fantasy fighting game with lifelike movements, neat control and many weapons. It is relatively slow for a fighting game ,. Strategy is at least as important as clamp reactions: Keep the nerves despite some leftover energy of life and survives the attack. That alone should bring you a good sweat. It has become a free offline classic.

AndroidPIT best offline android games 8Shadow Fight 2 transforms you into an insurmountable fighters. / © AndroidPITShadow Fight 2Install on Google Play
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The best puzzles

Roll the ball

Roll the ball is a puzzle game in which you have to find the solution with the help of physics and engineering. At least you have to pre-plan your steps. So you trained your concentration and attention. Should you like the challenge, that's just the game for you.

The aim of the game, the ball is in the "gate" to transport. For this you have to create the blocks so that the ball can roll through the tube. The red and blue block can not be moved. All other blocks, whether with tube section or without, can be moved. Bear in mind that sometimes not every tube section must be used. So get creative and find its way to the goal.

With successful completion of each level, the number of blocks increases. Over time, you can unlock different tips that can continue to bring you in moments of perplexity with the help of bonus games. This can also be obtained when you look at promotional videos. Only criticism: If you do not buy the pro version, a promotional pop-up appears after every third level.

AndroidPIT best android games 1Roll the ball requires foresight and planning. / © AndroidPIT
  • Roll the ball in play goals

Other popular puzzles

Cut the Rope 2

Another Editor's Favorite: Cut the Rope 2. In this game you have to feed them with candies a little critter named Om Nom. By separating it at the right moment the cord - to English: Cut the Rope.

This free-to-play game shows colorful and playful. But the puzzles are quite clever and challenging. Over time, the game becomes more difficult. The first step is easy again and again, so it is suitable as a casual game.

AndroidPIT cut the rope 2 game 1Cut the Rope 2 is more challenging than it first seems. / © AndroidPITCut the Rope 2Install on Google Play


Another puzzle game that knows how to impress, is stack. In this game you have to build a tower by stacking your individual blocks together. Good timing and hard nerves are the key to success here. the timing does not fit, you lose a part of the tower. can customize the look of the game since you can earn new designs for the blocks with time. These range from retro on zigzag to platinum. Also in this game there is the possibility to watch promotional videos to unlock in-game items.

AndroidPIT best android games 3In Stack your fast fingers and perfect timing needs. / © AndroidPITstackInstall on Google Play

The best tower defense games

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the oldest tower defense games for Android and his successor is the superstar of these Games category. In Plants vs. Zombies uses your chosen greenery in the fight against an army of zombies.

Popcap provides a colorful, addictive-making, well-balanced strategy game that you can play almost indefinitely. The game progresses from level to level ever and calls you out with new tasks. Boredom can not arise thus.

For a free-to-play game you get a lot of content without having to pay. And brings a lot of fun too incredible.

AndroidPIT best android games 1Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the king of tower defense games. / © AndroidPITPlants vs. Zombies® 2Install on Google Play

Defense Zone 2 HD

Defense Zone 2 HD is a tower defense game in realistic military garb. There is clearly a deep common than the above competition and also offers a more difficult start. The game currently costs 3.19 euros in the Play Store. There is also a free light version available to test the game for now.

AndroidPIT best android games 6Defense Zone 2 HD brings a great graphics but good gameplay mit./ © AndroidPITDefense Zone 2 HD LiteInstall on Google Play

Castle Defense

Castle Defense is one of the oldest free-to-play games in the tower defense games. Therefore it's no surprise that the graphics and sound are a bit dusty. Even otherwise the game is nothing more exciting. However, the game makes the principles of tower defense games right on the head and is therefore suitable mainly for entry into the genre.

The riders move in this game on a predetermined path that has to be cut by using turrets. The game includes more than 100 levels, three difficulty levels and a motivating upgrade system.

AndroidPIT best android games 5Too bad the graphics of Castle Defenders meanwhile, is out of date. / © AndroidPITCastle DefenseInstall on Google Play
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The best RPGs for Android

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG is a vertically running shooter with RPG elements. This combination of two genres brings momentum into the boring become shooter genre. With each level you can earn your other heroes and expand its capabilities. The aim of the game is to free Dragonia of the dragon. So the final bosses of each level are of course dragons.

The gameplay is simple and colorful and there is felt an infinite number of buttons on the menus. Disturbing are the incomprehensible long load times, especially if you start the game. But you will soon forget those annoying waiting time when you You must take care of the dragon. But if you want to just quickly play a few rounds, it can be a frustrating.

AndroidPIT best android games rpgs 8Dragon chaos in Dragon Heroes: Shooter + RPG. / © AndroidPITDragon Heroes: Shooter RPGInstall on Google Play

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

As the name suggests, stood for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, the comics of the same name, the series sponsor. In this game you have to build a new civilization by building your new workshops, training camps and farms.

Outside of your base, there are different missions and expeditions to exist. The former consist of fixed, style similar to the story tasks. In the raids you fight against other players online for recognition and inventories.

The greatest disadvantage of the game is certainly the pay-to-win character, yet very noticeable after the first hours of play. but the game is already enough fun to make a recommendation.

AndroidPIT best android games rpgs 2Walking Dead has a versatile gameplay. / © AndroidPITWalking Dead: Road to SurvivalInstall on Google Play

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is an attractive and monopolizing extension of the Marvel Universe. You start with one Black Widow, Captain America and Iron to save the world. The controller can choose your own and so You walk through each level on the way to each end boss.

Over time, your other characters plays freely between which you can then freely switch back and forth. Also in this game you can do it yourself easily via in-app purchase, but the game motivates you enough to get ahead without this support.

AndroidPIT best android games rpgs 6In Marvel Future Fight collecting downright heroic. / © AndroidPITMARVEL Future FightInstall on Google Play
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The best Endless Runner Games

Alto's Adventure

Among the Endless-runners Alto's Adventure is one of the most influential games of recent years. The gameplay is inherently simple: Alto guarded some llamas in the Andes, but break out. Your pursues on your snowboard over an always newly generated track. however, the operation is very simple: you typed to jump on the screen and hold the contact to perform a back flip. The snowboard run is over, if you do not come up properly after a jump or you will be stopped by a stone or a ravine.

Great influence exercised Alto's of Adventure because you always have three missions that need to fulfill your to rise a level. Time you have to collect 50 coins, sometimes to travel a certain distance. All ten levels unlocks your new snowboarders who differ from their driving style forth. Then you can not just Alto, but also with Maya, Izel and some more hunting on the slopes.

If you like Endless Runner should have played Alto's Adventure. The app is free, but offers a unique in-app purchase, with your always collects twice as many coins. In addition, you can watch on demand Watch a video to Alto, Maya, Izel & to revive Co. again and continue the run.

alto photoAlto's Adventure: A graphically varied Endless Runner / © Screenshot: AndroidPITAlto's AdventureInstall on Google Play


Vector reminiscent of Mirror's Edge from the year 2008. The character moves in parkour style through a world run by a totalitarian state; In this case, however, in 2D. The animations are still terrific and the movements of the character look realistic. The focus is more on the pure survival as on the collection of rare items. Jumping from ledge to ledge has rarely felt so good.

AndroidPIT best android games endles runners 4Animations in Vector look good and realistic. / © AndroidPITVectorInstall on Google Play
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Best Action Games

Implosion - Never Lose Hope

Implosion - Never Lose Hope is graphical and playful an outstanding action game for Android. I need you to beat through masses of enemies in the style of Devil May Cry or God of War.

You play a equipped with swords and firearms fighter who must prove itself in different worlds against mutants. The controller and the atmosphere give little cause for criticism. Whether you simply want to beat only it happening or want to specifically use combinations of attacks: Implosion fun.

The graphics are pretty much the best that you will find your Android and the boss fights are simply stunning. Only the first levels are free. After that, the game with 9.99 euro proposes to beech, which is definitely worth the game.

AndroidPIT best games 20Graphics and controls of implosion - Never Lose Hope earn top marks / © AndroidPITImplosion - Never Lose HopeInstall on Google Play

Into the Dead

Although Into the Dead is not a new game in the Play Store, but it still belongs to the best action games. The game combines an Endless Runner with a shooter game and you have to fight their way through herds of zombies.

On the way you will find several boxes that give you weapons to abzuwähren the zombies. Among other things, a well-known weapon against zombies: the chainsaw. The game is available for free in the Play Store, but also offers in-game purchases.

AndroidPIT best games 23Into the Dead's grandiose presentation plays a big role in the success of Spiels./ © AndroidPITInto the DeadInstall on Google Play

Hitman: Sniper

Square Enix's Hitman series was a great success on the PC and the console and now the games have landed on the smartphones and tablets. In Hitman: Sniper you find yourself behind the sniper rifle of the protagonist again, with the need to fulfill your orders. There are about 150 missions for the price of 0.99 euros, currently provides a really solid performance for the price. With in-app purchases, there are better weapons that allow you a faster progress in the game.

AndroidPIT best games 26Hitman Sniper's voltage often eats away at the nerves. / © AndroidPITHitman SniperInstall on Google Play

The best racing games

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is a miniatures game, in which you look from the top of the racing cars. To control your use four buttons: right and left steering and throttle and brake. Particularly the self-acceleration is in mobile racing games unusual, but it works almost perfectly. This does not mean that the vehicles would be easy to control, because it tends to slip and it can be a real struggle to keep it on track. The controller can even convince clear, but only the 3D graphics makes it a real highlight.

It is strongly reminiscent of the old racing games from the 90s and is one of the best racing games for Android.

AndroidPIT best android racing games 4With 3D graphics and great control Reckless Racing 3 is a real highlight. / © AndroidPIT
  • Reckless Racing 3 in PlayStore

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a free racing game from Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds.

It is somewhat reminiscent of Mario Kart and includes various modes. There are different vehicles to choose from and more characters can be unlocked. It quickly notice that behind the game, a large developer enemies: The animations and graphics are the highest standards. The first step is easy and when you have once housed the entry-level behind, makes the game a lot of fun.

AndroidPIT best android racing games 6Angry Birds Go! feels a bit like Mario Kart. / © AndroidPITAngry Birds Go!Install on Google Play

Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade is a jet ski racer in which your injected through a futuristic touch industrial wasteland and parklands - of course on the water. Even the two previous prompted much racing fun, but still Riptide GP Renegade is one better: The gameplay is the same, but there is a little story, even better graphics and new challenging tracks. During a race you can show your different stunts that give you more boost power - the standard tricks are quite simple, later combos require a lot of tact.

In single player mode you can einrechnen many hours of gameplay, it goes on in the multi-player mode where you can compete against friends. The game costs 2.99 euros. Slightly cheaper is still recommended predecessor - Riptide GP2.

AndroidPIT riptide pg renegadeRiptide GP: Renegade is a perfect continuation of Riptide Series / © AndroidPITRiptide GP: RenegadeInstall on Google PlayRiptide GP2Install on Google Play

The best fighting games

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions includes all known Marvel heroes. Fought for you the way to the top and switched thereby released more and more heroes. The precise control make the game the best fighting game for Android. Simply wiping the screen activates a whole range of different attacks; significantly more pleasant than annoying buttons on the screen.

The game requires a certain hardware to ensure smooth gameplay fun. But even on older hardware, it is quite playable. The game is available for free in the Play Store, but includes in-game purchases.

AndroidPIT marvel game hero 4Games Your favorite hero in Marvel Contest of Champions. / © AndroidPITMARVEL Contest of ChampionsInstall on Google Play

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals mixes the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us with pro-wrestlers of the WWE scene for a bit crazy, but fun fun. The graphics and animations are top-level, and you can play with up to three participants.

AndroidPIT wwe immortals game hero 1WWE Immortals has pretty busy us. / © AndroidPITWWE ImmortalsInstall on Google Play


SOULCALIBUR is a classic from 1998, and much has not changed, which is quite speak for those quality of the game. Surprises not stop the game ready, but it's solid and has exciting fights. SOULCALIBUR includes a variety of fighters and several weapons and attacks, but unfortunately there is no multiplayer mode. It is one of the more expensive games in the Play Store currently 10.24 euros, but it provides one of the best fighting games from.

AndroidPIT Soulcalibur game hero 3SOULCALIBURs good control makes it one of the best fighting games. / © AndroidPITSOULCALIBURInstall on Google Play

The best strategy games

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

A first: Rollercoaster Tyconn Classic is not free, but at 6.99 euros even comparatively expensive. But the classic Atari has to offer as an exciting construction game also lots of fun. Build your own amusement park with huge roller coasters, and do not forget to delight audiences with new attractions. The app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands. A small drawback: Although the price of 6.99 euros more in-app purchases will be necessary for some things that cost from 2.19 to 6.49 euros. But even without these RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is fun - not only for friends of retro look.

rctBuild your own amusement park and keep the audience entertained. / © Google PlayRollerCoaster Tycoon® ClassicInstall on Google Play

XCOM: Enemy within

XCOM: Enemy within is one of the best strategy games for Android. Unlike so many games in the Play Store, it is not a free-to-play game. The strategy hit came some time ago on the PC out there and enjoyed some success. On Android, he brings good graphics, but also a matching price of once around eleven euro with it.

andrdoidpit xcom enemy within teaser 2XCOM: Enemy within is one of the best strategy games in the Play Store. / © AndroidPITXCOM®: Enemy WithinInstall on Google Play


Dominations is one of the newer games in the Android scene, but now has already reached over 1 million downloads. You build your own base in the game and lead your nation from the Stone Age into modern times and on into the Space Age. The level of strategy is higher than one is accustomed of Android games. Every minute you have to make a decision that can affect the whole further course.

AndroidPIT dominations game teaser threeDominations: developed from a former developer of Civilization II. / © AndroidPITdominationsInstall on Google Play
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Best Adventures


Machinarium is one of those games that you can put aside barely: The Adventure is characterized by a detailed cartoon graphics. You control the robot Josef and must free your kidnapped girlfriend Berta. The game dispensed with spoken dialogue, but instead see your thought bubbles indicating possible actions.

The game captivates thanks to its very own atmosphere and you certainly entertain a few hours. With 4.99 euros, it is not the best game in this listing, but other costs do not.

Screenshot 20160415 151605Machinarium / © AndroidPITMachinariumInstall on Google Play
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The best arcade games


available only recently, but it has the class for the list of best games. It is a new spin on the classic pinball genre. After a few minutes of the game is clear: An old pinball game you will not want to touch so quickly. Your first have a time quota of 60 seconds. Is this out, the game is over. The trick is: Your flippert the ball upwards to reach new (Pinball) -Welten and can get time bonuses. The replay factor is thus very high. The game is held neon colors, which ensures pure for arcade atmosphere. After a Game Over You have to start again at the first level - only an in-app purchase on for 1.99 euros checkpoints free.

AndroidPIT screenshot pinoutPinOut: Rethinking / © AndroidPIT PinballPinOutInstall on Google Play

The best puzzle games

The Room Three

The Room is a series of games that imprisons you in a room and you must find the way. This is achieved yourself by solves various puzzles - Escape games called the genre. Already the first two titles of The-Room series have inspired with your intense atmosphere. When setting the way, always serves a modern alchemist milieu, where current and photography exist in early forms - state of the art in games: Most around 1900, coupled with supernatural elements.

Back to The Room Three: A "mysterious Master" (Description) challenges you to follow in his footsteps. To achieve this you must repair your various circuits, enter into other dimensions (which is done using a special visual aid) and you must various objects combined. What sounds quite abstract here quickly makes you feel good. The disadvantage is well supported by The Room Three that some puzzles are a bit hidden, so that the player does not know where it goes. Then sometimes helps the built-in help, the tips are. Several hours of gameplay await at The Room Three on you. Have you finished the game, so there is to discover alternate endings option.

The Room Three currently costs 4.59 euros, but also the cheaper predecessor are a real recommendation.

AndroidPIT the room threeThe Room Three - challenging puzzles and exciting atmosphere are guaranteed / © AndroidPITThe Room ThreeInstall on Google PlayThe Room TwoInstall on Google Play

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