Ok Google: Commands for voice search and control

The voice control and search of Google is improving. Few realize how many commands already understands the smartphone. After Google's "Now" has removed from the name, is gradual transition to the Assistant. Which Ok Google commands are possible even without expensive Google pixel, we show you here.

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  • Google Assistant: Will Google's web search for intelligent chatbot?

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If your from "ok Google" have not heard, you have not used an important function of your smartphone to date. This is the beginning of voice control: voice search or voice commands follow. Google's voice commands can be call the smartphone, home, smart watch, car or in the Android TV television. The list of Google voice commands will be continuously expanded, the quality of search results continued to improve.

AndroidPIT moto 360 2015 19Voice Search is especially handy because, where you can not touch. / © AndroidPIT

For voice your needs the Google search. This is pre-installed on Android smartphones. Like you "ok Google" set up, we will tell you in more detail in a separate article.

  • "ok Google" disable and enable: It's that easy!

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Google Voice Search: the most important commands

As Google itself does not provide extensive documentation of what you "ok Google" actually you can ask Kristijan Ristovski came unceremoniously to the idea to start a community-supported list. This can access your under ok-google.io. Unfortunately, it is entirely in English, but it gives an idea of ​​what goes with Ok Google way.

most Google voice commands can be Logically, though use in English, but many services are not good enough yet integrated. After all, we were able to successfully try the following:

categoryExamplesPeopleTimeWeatherconversionmathematicscontrol appsDefinition, knowledgeClockcalendarGmailphoneSocial MediaTranslatememoryMapsSportstravelbrowserFilms, seriesmusic

"How old is Barack Obama?"

"With whom Benedict Cumberbatch is married?"

"Who invented cell phones?"

"When the sun rises in Hong Kong?"

"What is the time zone in Cairo?"

"What time is it in New York?"

"Do I need an umbrella on Sunday?"

"How cold it is tomorrow night?"

"What are 5.5 inches in centimeters?"

"What are $ 399 in euros?"

"What are 70 square meters in square feet?"

"What is 2 to the power 8?"

"What is 16 divided by 4?"

"What are 90 percent of 200 euros?"

"Write a message" ... "Hans-Georg Kluge" ... "with threema" ... "Hello HG [point] How are you [question mark]",

"turn off Bluetooth"

"Define Basic Law"

"How many people live in Leipzig?"

"Put the alarm in four minutes"

"Place the alarm on 6:40"

"See my alarm clock"

"Wake me at eight"

"Start a countdown" ... "three minutes"

"Place the timer to 20 minutes"

[Too bad in German yet]

"Add Hans-Georg an email" ... "business" ... "Subject High bill" "Message [dictating message with dot and comma]" ... "send",

[In German still poorly integrated]

"Calls on Anke" ... "Mobile" [Phone number in the contacts available]

"Calls to the movie theater at the Friedrichshain" [No phone number on Google Maps]

[In German to poorly integrated]
"How do you say wooden leg in Italian?"

"Remember home to the laundry"

"Remember tomorrow morning to the post office"

"I want to go home"

"How long do I need to cycle to work?"

"How far London is?"

"How did Bayern played?"

"Flight FR 5203"
"Open androidpit.de"

"What are the best movies in 2015?"

"What's On in the cinema?"

"How long is Dances with Wolves?"

"Show me movies by Tim Burton"

"Game music"

"Games some of Warren Zevon"

"Games Rocket Man by Elton John"

Often you can also link your commands. Asks you for the birthday of a personality, you can immediately afterwards asking where the person resides.

How to Improve Assistant and Home voice commands

Was the previous voice search and control still quite rigid, is to make the whole natural artificial intelligence. In addition, the Assistant to Google Home to connect your devices in the home according to the uniform system. Then the system can act more effectively.

The pre-Assistant scenario looks like this: You say your phone "Games Luke Cage on Netflix"; then your typing on the smartphone on the Google Cast button in the corner, the Cast device selects and starts about streaming to your living room TV.

AndroidPIT Chromecast 2015 24Google Home works completely hands-free. / © AndroidPIT

In an Assistant setup from smartphone Chromecast or Android TV television and maybe Google Home which is much easier. Here you say only "Ok Google, play Luke Cage in the living room", The artificial intelligence understands what your streaming subscription services the mission radiates and which Cast device is meant.

Google has even renamed in this context its Chromecast Companion app and redesigned. The new task is to serve as a hub in the smart home. Logically, ie the app now ...

Google HomeInstall on Google Play

From search is conversation

The key word of the new query types is conversational. Search should feel like a dialogue between man and man and less like a keyword-staccato from man to machine. Yet the Assistant dominated just only this, if you look at the current list.

But phrases like "Show me pictures of the Cairo-holiday 2013 with pyramids on the TV in the living room" no hurdle will be more and he will always react more accurate over the coming weeks for the Assistant in the future.

The complexity of requests increases, as the machine learning principle similar to what we learn from mistakes. By Improvements to users of the vocabulary of the system little by little bigger, until the above table is unnecessary because we do not need a formalized questionnaire or command scheme more.