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Find out the cause of poor battery life. Set the correct settings for longer battery life. Maintains the smartphone battery in place. What use Apps to Save Battery? What myths surround smartphone battery? Here you find out everything you need to know.

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identify battery eater

It is not always immediately apparent why the battery on some days will drain faster than others. but Android has a good battery index that indicates exactly which app or what process how much power is required. Go into the Android settings and switches to the battery menu. There, all apps are listed that use electricity. Tap on one of the entries for more information. You will then see, among other things, how much processor time consumed an app or how much data it has received.

android 5.0 lollipop battery consumptionAndroids battery statistics show, for which most of the energy is needed. The detail view gives you options for individual apps or system components. / © AndroidPIT

Has an app an unusually high battery consumption, you should think about that. In this case, it may even help to clear the cache of an app. Simply scroll down to and tap on app info. Typed then empty button cache. If this does not help, it would be now time to think about an alternative app and delete the original app, to extend the battery life.

battery stats clear chache deBelow you come directly to the app info, in the you can empty the app force-quit and their cache. / © AndroidPIT

In the battery settings menu 5.0 Lollipop also hides since Android the power saving mode. This turns off the app synchronization and background data (in part), so that the standby power consumption is greatly reduced. For continuous use, however, does not lend it, since your important e-mail or other messages could be missed. The battery life of your extended so but reliable.

Tips for longer battery life

  • With the right Settin more battery life
  • Apps to Save Battery

Battery life extended thanks to less screen brightness

This tip is very obvious, but nevertheless should be mentioned: Current smartphones have usually a screen with a size of 5 inches or more. The display consumes the most energy, but consumption by reducing the brightness can be reduced somewhat. Because whether OLED or liquid crystal display (LCD): Bright colors mean more power, ergo less battery life.

So pulling the quick settings from the top of the screen caused and pushes the brightness slider to the left, that you can still see everything well. To make sure that really the lowest value is active, you must disable the adaptive brightness in the display settings. With this basic tip anyone can extend its battery life, any kind of device.

android lollipop brightness settings deOften displays are easy to read even at reduced brightness. / © AndroidPIT

Disable Wi-Fi and extend the battery life

Leave your house, the phone for data transfer to the wireless network connects. But Wi-Fi is still active and is looking for networks in the area. This consumes power and is unnecessary in most cases. Turns WiFi so if you do not need it. In Android 5.0 Lollipop to a single tap on the corresponding Speed ​​setting ranges.

android lollipop wifi settings deAnd Wi-Fi must be turned off for thorough save power. / © AndroidPIT

Since Google has taken with its Street View cars, the SSIDs of all wireless networks in its location database, it uses the WLAN module of your smartphones to navigate. To prevent that, you typed in the Quick Settings on the label below the wireless symbol. In that opens, settings (see top right) you simply switches the detection function.

turn off GPS

Google determines your location based on three data: triangulation with cellular antennas (relative distance to known Wi-Fi SSIDs see item "disable Wi-Fi") And GPS. But not always is this necessary. Confining the number of location methods, the battery life can be significantly extended.

does not require you the positioning of your smartphone, it will turn out. Many apps determine, for example in the background your location, which costs energy. This is another simple tip, which allow you to extend your battery life, and sometimes felt.

Thus, the positioning is turned off: Pulling with two fingers the notification bar down and tap on the icon location, or go to the Android settings, changes to location and sets the switch to Off. In the site menu you can also keep track of which app has accessed lately on your site.

android lollipop location settings dePositioning can be completely clear with a hint. In addition, you can set globally or per app, on what kind of site to be determined. / © AndroidPIT

You can navigate to Android either with GPS, with the radio antennas or a combination of all data. While in densely populated areas the already active mobile antenna should be enough, is the most sensible on the highway, the GPS signal.

without live wallpaper

Animated live wallpaper are nice to look at but also go to the expense of your battery. Used - if possible - a static background image, if you want to extend the battery life.

restrict synchronization

Many apps and widgets load in the background for data. Weather apps about search periodically for new data. Is a low interval set, often look for new data. This should be avoided because the battery is characterized claimed unnecessary. Some apps (such as lower right: Facebook) offer this an appropriate option with which can adjust the frequency of background update to extend the battery life.

android lollipop synchronization settings deNot all apps must always download the latest information. Extended intervals or complete disabling (only upgrade if you wish it) means less power consumption in idle mode. / © AndroidPIT

Turn off keyboard vibration

The vibration motor in a smartphone consumes energy. Thus, this engine is not hiring as you type, you should it under Settings, Language & Input, Google Keyboard, settings turned off by disabled Vibrate on keypress. So you make any big jumps, but who typed much can thus extend over time through many mini hop battery life.

android lollipop vibration settings deTurns out the vibration of the keyboard. / © AndroidPIT

use energy-saving mode

Each current Android smartphone has one or more power saving modes. Most often, these energy-saving modes are not enabled by default, so you often have to lend a hand. so check rather be with your Android phone again to see if the power-saving option is enabled.

Sleep mode AndroidThe power saving in floor Android are not exactly varied. / © AndroidPIT

For most smartphones with Android you will find this in the settings in the battery options. There you click on the top right three-point menu and selects power modes and then activate this in the following view.

Samsung, Huawei and Sony still offer further modes. There is often still an additional mode, which reduces the functions of the smartphones on the essential and up to SMS and phone disables all functions normally. Thus, the battery life can be extended again.

Sleep mode EMUIManufacturer essays as EMUI Huawei offer an ultra-low power mode. / © AndroidPIT

Power Save option in Android 6.0 and above

In many devices that are published in 2015 or later, there is the power saving mode Doze. This new feature added individual apps into a deep sleep mode when the phone is not in use. In most cases you do not have to activate Doze. Nevertheless, you can manually enable the user various apps in the Doze state.

Android 6 0 DozeIn Android, individual apps can be optimized. / © AndroidPIT

To do this, you go into the settings and apps there in the advanced settings. There you can in the options "Battery performance optimization" check what apps of Android are already provided for the Doze state. You see here an app that has not yet been optimized by the operating system, then you can there even enable the option.

  • More about the new features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow there are

Apps for more battery life

Most battery-saver apps are nonsense. You can only find out what apps are consistently running in the background, but not intervene helpfully. A manual troubleshooting (see above) is inevitable. However, there is an app that helps you implement the tips for saving more convenient.

IF recipes increase the battery life automatically

IF (formerly IFTTT as in "If this than that" For "if this then that") Is an automation app that performs actions on events. So it makes sense to use these causal chains also for battery saving. Leave your office, you need to home no WiFi. So switches the antenna and prolongs battery life.

ifttt recipeIF has a channel called Android Battery. / © AndroidPIT

Specially IFTTT has opened a recipe channel, lie ready in the pre-When Danns to activate. Type in that the WLAN is to switch off when you leave work. Reactivates it when you arrive at home. Will you have some real data? But then logging enabled in a Google spreadsheet. IFTTT does it all for you; with the right recipe. These recipes are now compact ago in a separate channel called Android Battery.

ifttt recipe batteryInstead of the channels you can also easily work with the search term to arrive at recipes with which you can extend your battery life. / © AndroidPIT

So invite you the app to report back with a new account, visited the site and scoured the recipe channels that you most likely commitments. Each one of them you can add from the PC browser out his account, after which it is activated immediately in the smartphone.

Whom the way of the channels is too cumbersome on the site that simply works within the app using the search. The term Android Battery helps optimally on and leads to many good ideas that you can extend its battery life automatically.

Unfortunately still IF requires extensive knowledge of English because it is the team still failed after all these years to translate the app in German.

IFTTTInstall on Google Play

spare battery and maintain

As indicated above, there can be a noticeable heat generation on the back of your smartphone with some chargers. This is a sure sign that the battery is not charged gently. This heat has the consequence that the chemical components of your batteries age faster and that in turn means that he has lost very early noticeably capacity. It can happen that your smartphone has already repeatedly after just one year on the day of the outlet, or your you must set a power bank. Prevents such damage before using a high quality smartphone charger.

Myths surrounding the battery

  • You should calibrate the battery pack
  • One should fully dealt with the battery and discharge

calibrating the battery

For a while, the rumor has held that one must recalibrate the battery statistics in Android, so the prognosis for remaining battery life vote again. So it was thought at times that the statistics over time lose accuracy and would always unreliable in this way. But this has cleared up some time ago Google developer Dianne Hackborn, the statistics will reset anyway once to charge his phone more than 80 percent. You must look not worry about inaccurate information. If this results in a failure, it is very likely a case of service and not a banal software bug.

The battery needs to be fully developed, and to and loaded again

This assumption stems from the time of nickel-cadmium batteries and still adheres. Those old batteries had a so-called memory effect, which has punished occasional recharging with drops in capacity. Lithium-ion batteries have this effect does not take age and even faster when they are constantly charging by the full-empty-year-full principle. The electrodes are charged again and again to the border and carry microscopic damages. These reduce the long term its capacity and thus the battery life of your smartphone.

however, balances your the battery level between 30 and 80 percent, he holds out long longer. In BatteryUniversity you want to have demonstrated in several tests that this treatment increases the longevity of lithium-ion batteries. this is only feasible with a power bank.

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