answer annoying registration question definitively with No


We recently bought a Galaxy Tab Pro, all in all a very nice part, but also some not so good features such as the glossy display. This is not as subject.

What annoys me animal, is the eternal login request from Google: "Gallery would do the following: Picasa Web Albums"Including, very small, "By continuing, you agree to ..." This question appears in part several times a day. I do not agree with this question and want to permanently with "No" answer. Is there a possibility?


You could try to find out which application sends this question and this stop disable or.
However, you should only do if this application is not essential.
The remains so until the next time the device boot

Under System settings, accounts, Google Account, disable the sync Picasa and photos.
Further system settings, applications, all gallery, here remove hooks for notifications.

Hello Angelika,

thanks for the tip, I've tried the same times. Let's see if the eternal questioning now has an end.



I hope it will work. ☺

Thank you, it works!


also helps 1 1/2 years later, thank you!