Top 5 Apps compass for orientation with the smartphone

A small gimmick, but can be useful and helpful in walking, abroad and vacation or in the route planning: The smartphone as a compass. We show the five best compass apps to determine the four winds.

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Of course, the accuracy of the determination of location and direction depends from your device and the circumstances. Meanwhile, however, most smartphones are using GPS and sensors able to be used as a compass. Depending on the system, an application might be better than the other work, as well as any app sets a different focus. Try you by!

Compass - Smart Compass

In the free Smart Compass You can use by the camera in compass during the gaze, which is handy for determining the geographical orientation of a building. The compass orientation remains fixed in portrait or landscape mode, a metal detector is also integrated. The Pro version costs 80 cents, is free of advertising and offers additional features such as the determination of the geographical North Pole or military coordinates.

Compass Smart CompassInstall on Google Play

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stabilized compass

The crux of this compass-App is a filter by which the measured values ​​of the gyro sensor are refined to provide a stable and more accurate determination. Therefore, the smartphone should be used in a horizontal position in this application. In addition to the reliability of the value app puts on usability and a simple design that supports excellent readability outdoors.

stabilized compassInstall on Google Play

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Simple Compass

The name says it all: Although Simple Compass comes with different, sometimes playful designs, the standard interface is but absolutely reduced. Simple Compass has exactly two functions, a spirit level and the determination of the compass.

app simple compass screenshotBeautifully simple: Simple Compass is one thing above all - simple. / © Android developer

Marine Compass

This app is a great-looking Compass in 3D. Regardless of the location of your device, the gyro shown is always parallel to the ground. Other 3D objects can also be represented, for example, a cube or coordinate system. The current GPS coordinates shows Marine Compas on on request. The application is free of advertising and requires no unnecessary permissions. An augmented reality plugin is available for 99 cents, wherein the compass can be used in conjunction with the camera.

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3D Compass +

3D Compass + combines augmented reality card information in real time and compass functions. About GPS Your location related data and even display the current speed when driving can. 3D Compass + is available for free.

app 3D compass plus screenshot3d Compass + offers Augmented Reality and speed information. / © Sam Lu3D Compass PlusInstall on Google Play