The Computer a restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. windows installation can not proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restar …

Today I made a system restore on my PC, but then we had a power failure and my PC was holding out. In power and then came a message (message in the title) I then a fix on YT carried out (link: and now the PC starts constantly new and it appears that features are installed and it has 64% charged.

I ask for your help, I need urgent personal and business Please urgently PC.
Thank you in advance

my pc: Medion Akoya e2217 (win10)

You probably from windows 7 to 10 I know the updated case where the update is always hanging in Akoyas.
Windows 10 can not find drivers for your internal Intel graphics card. And no you can not get it to run, I tried habs xD

nene, I was reseten him on, as then turned out of power. I can tell no one that there is no way to fix the problem ...

You'll have to start from the DVD and play new Windows, another way I do not see.

Han no CD, the operating system was already installed

Already tried F8 during the boot process?

a try if you iwie get into Safe Mode and then install as the driver or can

Drivers are all on it, it was not a upgrade, but a reset, which has been interrupted: /

It is not a real boot my pc constantly launches ne

holding down the F8 reboot, the Wiederherstellungskonsohle would appear.
The restoration must then be re-initiated.

Click once START, RUN looking into which you can enter what one line. Type in: "cmd"It will open a terminal, here you give: chkdsk c: / f / r

During a power failure, the file system may be damaged. with chkdsk, which is brought back in order. After that, the system should run again.

cmd please start with admin rights

when Windows does not boot a difficult

If you no longer have access to the system, press F8 during startup, it will open a selection screen. Here Choose startup command prompt. The system will start with the terminal, into which you then:

chkdsk c: / f / r

followed by ENTER typing. The process may vary depending on disk size and content as well as the existing errors, take a long time. In general, the system should then work properly again.

Moment, I will test the time now

No, nothing happens

I'd show you a video of how it looks, which goes some way?

Record, set it to YouTube or send a link to a cloud or from mediafire and already we can see it :-)

the PC starts after the 64% charged repeatedly nej

I unfortunately see the video no authorization.

Create some or get a Windows installation DVD,
boats the Pc so,
(Possibly in the BIOS change the boot sequence or with ESC or N or similar to access the boot menu)

Before installation, you should be asked whether or windows to be repaired system recovery or reinstallation.

ISO images to be downloaded you can find on the net.