DXRacer chairs

DXRacer OH/KS06/NW King Series

Heavy, but solid.

This chair by DXracer belongs to the well-known King series. The manufacturer called this series this way to emphasize the fact that this seat truly deserves to be used by a king. This model is one of the DXracer thrones for those willing to feel like kings in their castles. This chair fits heavy users weighing 275 lbs. with 188 height. It was intentionally created for bulky users spending a ton of time on video games. If you’re an experienced competitive gamer, you’ll understand why this very DXracer model is appreciated so much.


  • Both DXracer cushions are added to the purchase for maximum support of your spine;
  • The adjustable flexible elements include armrests and a backrest;
  • There’s a five-point wheel base combined with a top-quality full metal construction inside;
  • There’s a DXracer hydraulic system of lifting;
  • Ideal for gamers weighing up to 124 kg with 3.2 height;
  • Other materials used in the construction are foam and PU leather with Carbon covering.


  • Solid, always staying in place on all types of floorings. Stands on its own no matter how hard and active you move while playing or working at your desk.


  • Not low enough for some of the users.
  • You can’t remove parts of the DXracer chair to change them for renewed original ones – this possibility is not included in the service.
  • Wheels of this DXracer chair feel too tall.

DXRacer OH/RW106/NR Racing Series

Pricey but worth it.

This DXracer gaming chair near me belonging to Racing series is also one of the most popular among competitive gamers all over the world . The ergonomic back of the chair is designed to fit your back perfectly. If you’re searching for such and experience, remember that you should try the DXracer chair on before you decide to pay money for it. Don’t want to spoil your impression? Remember that you should be no more than 180 lbs. and 185 cm to fit this chair model by DXracer.


  • DXracer cushions are included;
  • Flexible elements and adjustable armrests provide you with support and firmness;
  • Inner construction can’t be widened or resized in any possible way, that’s why you should be careful while making the measurements of your body;
  • PU leather and strong mesh are used in the design;
  • Extra high back, which is typical for DXracer gaming chairs of the Racing series;
  • The foam is perfect as always – ready to hug every inch of your body.


  • The functionality is almost flawless starting with easy assembling finishing with healthy and painless experience.
  • Perfect office and gaming chair solution due to the complicity of design.
  • Lifetime guarantee, which is typical for all products released by DXracer Company. You won’t be able to change parts of the construction for new ones, but you can be sure that the company worries about the quality of their products and you’ll get a renewed chair in case if there’s something wrong with it or with some of its parts.


  • Only two color variations – there’s no possibility to choose a unique DXracer series.
  • May feel a bit tight in the area of the back – try it on before buying.
  • Recline positions have no possibilities to be fixed stably.

DXRacer OH/RB1/NE Racer Series

An undeniable perfection in the world of gaming chairs.

Let’s get introduced to one more gaming chair model designed by DXracer for the lovers of competitive gaming ready to spend tons of time playing together with their teams. The chair holds users no more than 185 cm weighing up to 180 lbs. That’s one more variant of a racing car seat design that will certainly attract your friends and visitors.


  • This DXracer chair model is released together with two cushions for better spinal support;
  • The backseat is adjusted together with 3D DXracer armrests able to move not only up and down, but also inwards and backwards.
  • Works best for users no more than 5.11 feet tall and weighing up to 81 kg.
  • Designed with the use of DXracer PU leather and carbon;
  • Strong DXracer mesh together with the shaping foam give a feeling of stability.


  • Full metal DXracer construction inside combined with flexible elements as a backrest and armrests give a feeling of firmness and constant support.
  • The mechanics of the chair is just fantastic due to the special DXracer hydraulic lifting mechanism and five-pint wheel basement.
  • PU leather in the covering feels like natural skin. It never gives you a disgusting sticky feeling no matter how hot it is in your region.
  • The best thing about DXracer chairs is a lifetime warranty. The parts are fully protected by the company for no more than two years.


  • The chair is simply outstanding from all points of view. We’ve detected no disadvantages here.

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