Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Error message Cocktailbarservice stopped

After the update, I keep getting the message Cocktailbarservice is stopped and the side panel is gone. Does anyone have a solution.

uninstall and reinstall already tested?

what exactly? I read in another forum times but all panels disable the message comes with me every second I did not even get to Paneelverwaltung. = (

With a little patience to do it. I've done it. Again and again in the settings select the side screen and remove the hook from the individual panels.

Hi Stefan, I also have the problem, although I'm using the settings on the side screen, but it can not go on, the Fesnter pops up and I can disable nicts more. How was that for you? Thank you in advance.

Hello Michaela, You've done it now, or what did you do with the Medlung, I have the book now, too. What do you mean update it? I stopped the Android update for some time and it is now only surfaced with cocktail service.