Samsung Galaxy S4 mini – battery goes down quickly

Hi Guys,
I have a GT-I9195 and the battery does not last long it keeps max: 7 hours, I'm not doing nothing with the phone and it discharges just like that, you have any idea what this might be the cause would be very nice if you could help me

MFG Hans

Have you ever looked in the settings, there you can see which application most draws on the battery but in our battery. It is also important that equipment in areas where there is little or no reception, are constantly looking for power that costs a lot of battery. Also, it may be because in the end that the battery is simply the end.

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So the setting under Battery of the Android system is the most with 72 percent just

Thanks again

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Hmm, So for me is the Android system, only 7%, something can not be right there with you. What exactly I do not know well, in the field, I know not from me.

Oke thanks again I have to even know why the rate is so high

you may send a screenshot?

Try out this app. The battery must be 100% charged.

Hi Guys,
I Pedal s4 mini and my battery is empty soon the phone was rooted but I have zur├╝ckesetzt in the orginal condition where I had other roms was not the battery out quickly why could that be I besitse degree no root. Here are Show battery

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What appears when you select Android system?

it shows that there

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I suspect that your battery has just safe hands ...: / The consumption of the Android OS is a percentage so high because you use the device virtually impossible otherwise - otherwise I can not explain the whole.

what can I do dageen or do?

whether it is on battery, you can check yes hereby ;-)

New battery get: /
But maybe you can you somewhere before an appropriate rent and see if thus solves your problem - only to be ensured that it really is the battery.

ic h have two batteries one original and one mumbi 2100 mah battery with the two, it is the same with only the orginalen it goes a little faster empty

OK, that's weird. the battery always went blank so fast? With two batteries? Or just one?

the orginal battery had always kept long but after I state my mobile phone on original that was long ago and have bought dan battery ichein spare battery and the ratio is equal to

now it looks like this
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What also amazes me that your Android OS consumes relatively little ... For me, the OS and the Android system consumes about the same amount.
You have not screwed around with root privileges on the hardware?

no, I do not think so