Helium Backup Restore

Hey, I backed up my S5 Mini with helium, secured the Carbon folder on the PC and now copied back to the S5 to Rep. But the helium app is to restore the carbon not folders. Do I have the folder into another folder for bsp "data"That exists on the automatic S5 reinkopieren or quasi beside it, on the same level? folder in the carbon are the subfolders of my old apps and it is also each one * json file. How can I say helium, where the files are? I can only "Internal memory" click and then he says "find nothing",

Very courageous answer from you on NEN 2 year old Post : D

Use for some time even no backup programs more (Nandroid backup excluded) since everything is synced in real time with me ;)

What I would do is to create, look where the backup shows up and then the folder with the old overwriting. A helium Backup

thanks, I'll try.

Good day.

I have yesterday with the app "helium" some apps saved. the folder "carboxylic" I copied to my laptop.
Then I have my phone back to factory settings and the app downloaded again.
the folder "carboxylic" I copied back into the internal memory and wanted to restore apps (I'm on the second tab "Restoring and synchronizing" went). There I have to select the memory and I "Internal memory" selected. then after a brief charging that comes: "Were found on the Internal storage no backups. It should be made a backup!"
but with FileCommander I can see all the folders and the folders is always a file ".from" at the end.
Since perhaps me who tell me how I can recover the data? : /


Hello Matthias,
I have your thread attached once to a pre-existing on the same subject :)

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Matthias, you have to mention here that you have no root.
You have to activate carbon helium with the PC program.
For rooted devices, this step is not necessary.

As is perhaps the error.
You have to enable USB debugging before. Then you open the PC Carbon, you have to switch connection to the USB PTP. If this box is green, the app is enabled.