“Display overlay detected”: How your fixes the annoying Android problem

She suddenly get the error message "Display overlay detected" and do not know what you should start your order? We have compiled all information that can identify the problem and fix your step by step. update: In Safe Mode can be avoid the overlay problem.

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Directly to the section:

  • error message "Display overlay detected"The behind it
  • Solution 1: Step by step "Display overlay detected" remedy
  • Solution 2: Safe Mode of Android
  • Solution 3: Alternative solutions and advice of the Community

error message "Display overlay detected"The behind it

The problem: You start an app, and this requires new permissions. but Android warns you that a Display overlay detected has been. You should disable the setting. The alert gives you a few hints but as you can fix the problem exactly (directly to the solution).

AndoridPIT display overlay detected 1Error message: "Display overlay detected" / © AndroidPIT

The cause: The error message "Display overlay detected" will appear if your a floating app (like the Facebook Messenger) is used and a newly installed app starts, the first requesting some access rights. Other floating apps such as Twilight reduce the blue tones of the display and cause it to overlay errors.

affected smartphones: On the Internet, problem descriptions for Samsung and Motorola smartphones found. Probably it is a problem that can occur with many brands. AndroidPIT could adjust the behavior on a Vodafone and a Samsung smartphone.

causing Apps: We made the app drupe to the problem, the Internet and our forums are also apps like Clean Master, Lux or Twilight of the error message "Display overlay detected" blamed.

AndoridPIT display overlay detected 4Drupe and many other apps cause the error message "Display overlay detected" / © AndroidPIT

The technical background: Apparently there is a security measure of Android apps ask at runtime to see if they can get access to the memory, the phone or the camera. Theoretically, a display overlay could now get in the way you answer the dialogue. Google believes this is a risk. Therefore requires Android in versions marshmallow and nougat that no display overlay is active when your an app assigns new rights.

Android Oreo brings the solution: Only with Android Oreo the problem of display overlays is resolved. Because with this version will no longer allow Google Apps to lie about system displays such as the notification area or dialogues as the right query. The warning will cease. Disadvantage: apps like Twilight will no longer work with Android Oreo as before.

The solution, Part One: Error Message "Display overlay detected" remedy

With some smartphones, which are affected by the error message, now a software update for Remedy has made. So once studied for new firmware (Settings > Over the phone > Software Update). Does not help that, just come along with the solution:

Step one: "Display overlay detected" remedy

Opens the setting named "over other apps", Samsung is the corresponding option "Apps that can appear at the top", Typically, you come to the goal:

  • Opens the system settings.
  • You can find the search box on the top right.
  • Search there for "over other apps",
  • Alternative route: Apps > [Tool icon] > over other apps

Among other Samsung users have to go a different way, because about finding your find the right menu not:

  • Opens the system settings.
  • Then: Applications > application Manager
  • taps "More" and selects the entry "Apps that can appear at the top" out.
AndoridPIT display overlay detected 6The road to the settings for the display overlays / © AndroidPIT

Step Two: "Display overlay detected" remedy

a list of various apps that give the right to lie about other applications now appears. Now you must identify the problematic app and this temporarily suspend the right to sit on other applications. Here is a checklist with which you can quickly identify the app and disable targeted:

  • Do you see the bubble an app on the screen? This app is pretty sure the cause. Either you hide the app bubble or disabled the app in the list.
  • Have you installed an app that changes or the colors on the screen adjusts the brightness? Such apps can use the error message "Display overlay detected" cause. Disables these apps.
  • Nothing found? Then it's time to take a different path we imagine this guide in the second part.
AndoridPIT display overlay detected 7The list of apps that are allowed to view a display overlay. / © AndroidPIT

Step Three: Start the app, the new permissions requires

Now you can start requesting a new permission the app. Now you should the warning "Display overlay detected" no longer receive.

If the error message "Display overlay detected" again, you will find an alternative way in the second part of this guide, as your fixes the bug or bypasses.

AndoridPIT display overlay detected 2Now it is: Even drupe itself can be affected by the display overlay problems. / © AndroidPIT

Activate screen overlays again: Step Four

In order for the app that you have disabled in step two, to work properly, you should allow to appear on other apps her again. Did you have your clear all apps in step two, it is worth only those re-enable that you actually used.

The solution, Part Two: "Display Overlay" recognized in safe mode bypass

The above steps will help in most cases, resolve the problem of display overlays. However, some users report that the above steps have not helped. Fortunately, there is another way you can work around the problem: Android has a safe mode, in which the phone starts almost at the factory state. All Apps but remain installed and therefore you can now manually set the requested rights. That's how it's done:

  • Remembers you which app requires new permissions.
  • Your smartphone starts in Safe Mode. For that you unlock your smartphone initially completely.
  • Switched it on and keep always hold the volume down key during startup.
  • Now open System Preferences and in the App Manager.
  • Place in the list, select the app that requires new permissions and selects it.
  • Click the menu permissions.
  • Selects the appropriate permissions for the app.
  • the smartphone restarts.

Now the problem should not arise because the app in question now has the required permissions.

  • Details: Launch Android in Safe Mode

The solution, Part Three: Error Message "Display overlay detected" remedy

The above steps will help in most cases, but not in every case. Many members of the AndroidPIT community have had to put up with this problem and for sharing your insights. We have put together the tips.

"Display overlay detected" Fix: Tips AndroidPIT community

At least two manufacturers features are known to us, who are responsible for the problem of display overlays.

  • Samsung smartphone: Settings > Advanced features > One-handed operation. disable it and reboot phone. Now the problem should be resolved.
  • Huawei Honor bzw- smartphone: Settings > intelligent support > provide quick access to Off

Android allows manufacturers to make a variety of adjustments. This makes it impossible in this case to list every potential cause. Fortunately, the AndroidPIT community has lots of tips and hidden causes found that can certainly help you at this point. In this list we call you known apps that have triggered the display overlay error message.

  • Cheetah Mobile apps like Clean Master or CM Locker often lead to the problem. Remedy on uninstallation. (Thanks to the many commentators)
  • disable the app Twilight in the notification bar and the assignment of rights should be possible.
  • ES File Explorer with activated feature ES swipe. Disable the side menu behind the entry "ES swipe", (Thanks Henry and Alice)
  • settings > Shortcut: You see in the Android settings, select Shortcut, then tapped him once and disables this there. (Thanks Caroline)
  • DU Battery Saver and Battery DU Speed ​​Booster: uninstall these apps should have helped (thanks Corinna)


The problem "Display overlay detected" can be pretty sure solved with the above tips. In latest firmware updates and some tested nougat firmwares the problem no longer exists because disappear at these briefly display overlays. A complete solution will come only with Android because Google Oreo then changes the functionality of the system dialogs.

Did you helped this guide? Write it in the comments or tell us if this was not the case (called then best your smartphone with Android version). And when friends of you encounter the error message, send them the link to this guide.