Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – What Micro SD card for S7 Edge?

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I wanted to ask what Micro SD card itself recommends 128GB for a Galaxy S7 Edge because I can take, too 4K recordings and watch. I would not like to spend more than 60 €.

Greeting Robert

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Kuck times here:

And € ungerne 60 ....
If you really want to 4k the map must be fast and that costs.

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In my Xperia Z2 this card potters:
SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Android 128GB up to 80 MB / sec Class 10 memory card + SD adapter FFP - a cost of just under 37, - EUR.
4K recording and playback are no problem. Whether self-recorded or foreign videos from the camera to play back properly.
The card should work in an S7 Edge.

I ordered just today this on Amazon.
Samsung Memory Card microSDHC 128GB EVO Plus UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10 for smartphones and tablets, with SD adapter. Costs scarce 42 €.

For almost 57 € could you also a SanDisk Micro SD 128GB Extreme treat (seen at Amazon). Would again n'en beat faster.
@ Frank King: You run the card as a mobile storage, and can be recorded burst shooting directly to the card?

Mobile storage? You mean that? :
Sony, LG and Samsung: MicroSD cards can be but when internal memory use
No, the card is in my Z2 "just" the memory card, which I everything Larger such as maps of Navigon, etc. Here store in addition to music, photos and videos.

With Sony's camera app and Camera ZOOM FX is all recordings can (photo & Video) store on the microSD card. Of the known camera apps Google Camera AFAIK, the only one that can not save to external storage media.

For even more expensive card to be even faster alleged: but a faster memory card requires that the smartphone is able to write so quickly to the card or to read. It can not, the card is a bad investment. Unfortunately, the technical data of smart phones, is never or rarely indicated how quickly the internal or external memory can be respectively. Example: I put o g.. Card in my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will not be the data far dug as fast as in my Z2, which indeed is already a pretty betagtes model.

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thanks for the quick and detailed tips! ��

I now have my + chosen a Samsung Evo 128GB. Everything works great! Thanks again!

Greeting Robert