can be an Android hack system if the offender only has the mobile number?

Hello SanMairtin. I have a My personal request to you, which is really important and I need your Utzü. Could you contact me to the private mail address?

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Hello Narcisa,

the thread is already several years old. Although SanMairtin is still active here, but I doubt that it sees purely by accident.

Write best him a PN.

Hello martin because I had private contact me here is my email a question and help you feel könntes xxxxxxx
If you lg so grateful

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Hi monika,

your email address, you should not publicly post.:O

In principle, there is reasonable suspicion is in the room, the man / woman by a stalker / ex-partner "supervised" is announcing this or claims should go away of getting a lawyer to police /. such devices should be made by a certified expert / forensic / police in augenschein and prove (if any) to be saved. NO ONE has to endure stalker !!!