Samsung Galaxy S7 – unfortunately the provided e-mail app works at S7 unlike the S5

Hello experts,

with my Samsung S5 I use the provided e-mail app for web, gmail and other email accounts. All e-mails are set up POP3 and also in the cell phone. The email preview works properly. If I am PC the emails they are downloading with Outlook no longer displayed in the mobile phone. In Outlook, the e-mail account is stored as a POP3 account and emails after 14 days from the server.

At S7, however, the e-mails are still displayed, even if they are downloaded to the PC with Outllook. In S7 are saved as POP3. One could of course in Outllook deposit that the mails after download are -gelöscht from the server, but not what I want.

But why does it work in S7 ncht as the S5 ???????

Has anyone of you an idea / solution or can anyone name an e-mail program that when S7 works as in S5?

Am grateful for every tip.

Greeting Peter

I have neither one nor the S5 S7, but I'm sure all your problems are solved with IMAP. The now offer, almost all providers for the free accounts. In any case, it works with GMX, Freenet, Yahoo, and Google Office Outlook and your mobile app to IMAP to.

There is already a topic about this:

In short, there seems to be no automated solution to give to if you do not, as suggested by Aries, would like to switch to IMAP.
Otherwise you could stop off and manually delete his inbox in the S7 easy.