deal Whatsapp verification


I ported my phone number to another provider and needed because of updates to reinstall my Whatsapp.

Apparently my phone number was not yet active as I've done the Whatsapp installation. Ie SMS did not arrive and phone calls either. Now I have to wait 17 hours and icj use Whatsapp for business too.

You can bypass this verification?

Support said that I should wait 17 hours .. Is there another option?


Hello Hakan,

As far as I know, to circumvent the verification blocking time is not possible

still needs .. shame wait another 10 hours :( Nevertheless, many thanks for the reply. lg

Would probably not legal

acsho illegal .. well I do not want to do .. was thinking more like that something like delete data cache empty or so .. which method already tried >> without success

still respond to thank you for the

A lock is realized serverrseitig. Since home remedies bring nothing!

Hi, you can lock the deal by sending the verification code to your landline number.