[Stock MM 6.0.1] [GUIDE] Z3 Compact rooten without data loss

Once in front:
If something no longer runs, you're own fault. I am responsible for anything you do with your device. ask for help is of course ok :)
First, I would like to thank the guys from xda and Android aid, of which I have this Rootmethode and have also received assistance.
The Z3compact is hereinafter often referred to as Z3c.
To pre-check you should under "Over the phone" have in the settings following build number: 23.5.A.1.291. The kernel version should be on the "Tue June 28" be dated. There is flashed an older kernel, which is dated April and has a gap, the bat with a file is used on the PC to start TWRP.

  1. Secure data
  2. Download the following: Flash tool (Google Drive Mirror) files (ROOT asked SuperSU, Xposed, kernel 575, kernel 291
  3. Installing the Flash tool.
  4. Installation of the driver: go Here in the installation folder from the flash tool in the drivers folder. Then there run flash tool-drivers.exe. Then the following hook: fastboot, flash mode and Z3 Compact. IMPORTANT The installation work must, you either use Windows 7 and there allow the installation of unsigned drivers (you are asked) note 10 following instructions OR Windows 8 / Windows: disable driver signing.
  5. PC restart to make everything work.
  6. Allow at Z3 compact in the settings under Developer options USB debugging.
  7. Connect the Z3 compact with the PC. The connection must be MTP. Enpackt now Z3c root.zip on your PC and copy the folder "Aufs_Z3c_kopieren" the Z3c. In it are relevant zip files that you NOT unpacked.
  8. Start the Flash tool. Queries the mobile phone, if you want to allow USB debugging confirmed her and taps "Do not ask" at.
    In Flash tool you wait until it is ready and click on the flash. Then you choose "Flash mode" and in the following window should look like this: image (It is flashed an older version of the kernel 575, which has a safety gap can be rooted then through)
    If you have clicked on flash you should pull out from the Z3c the USB cable, and shut it down. (Appears you then also in the Flash tool) Now keep the volume down key and while plugging in the USB cable. Then the Flash tool should now flash the kernel. If you something about Aborted zero etc get, just start clicking again on the flash and try the flash again. The driver may not be installed and loaded. then simply leave the phone with them as it is. You can see in the text box from the flash tool when it unplugging the phone and then you can start up again.
  9. Now you check whether under About phone at the kernel version, the date April can be seen. If so, connect phone back. Close the Flash tool. Then run in z3c root folder on the PC under the script install.bat as administrator. If your cell phone then restarts and you see the Sony logo, watch out. And when it vibrates and the LED turns green, hold Volume Down button until the LED is pink.
  10. Now the TWRP Recovery starts.
    As simple flash under Install the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip and xposed-v87-sdk23-arm.zip. After that restart phone. Now you installed the XposedInstaller_3.1.1.apk. Then should you Xposed installed and SuperSU is now automatically on it (by the ZIP)
  11. At the end you installed the newer 291 kernel. These repeating Step 8, only that the flash window instead of the kernel that entdet on 575_R3D the one who on 291_R3D ends.

Link from the Android Help thread: https://goo.gl/jiSDiX
Link from xda thread: https://goo.gl/JkY2oC
Xposed Framework on xda: https://goo.gl/31G2YY
Thanks to DroydFreak of Android aid and russel5 of xda, and thanks to swish of Android aid for the approximation of adb.exe the adb version of Z3c.

Good Morning!
There is also a possibility to carry out the whole thing with nem MacBook?
Cheers, Kara

As long as you have Windows do not via Boot Camp.

Hello Rexxar,

Thank you for your description of the Rootvorgangs. She is so clearly written that I now even think dare to root my Z3c.
A question about this: I have an older laptop with Windows 10 (upgrade from Win 7) without UEFI, but with old BIOS that the "Secure boot" does not contain a function to disable the driver signature.
Does this mean that I (disable driver signature) this step can leave?

Thank you for your help


It should work without problems.

Unfortunately, it does not.
I get the following error messages for the driver installation:

Some drivers could not be installed:

Sony Net (05.05.2014 6.0.600016509)
Google. Inc. (WinUSB) AndroidUsbDeviceClass (12/06/2010 4.0.0000.00000)

What can I do now?

Best regards

Meanwhile, I've figured it out themselves and successfully hingekriegt the rooting. Thanks again for the great description.

Best regards


Good evening,

thank you first of all for the detailed description.
I've done all the steps and as a kernel version is also April 22. In the build number but 23.5.A.1.291.
However, at the start install.bat as administrator on sale in the CMD daemon started successfully but then nothing happens.
Why is that.

Thank you.

greetings Frank

Even cell phone properly connected, then, was to MTP I and USB debugging think one?

jup, flashing precedes yes.

Hello again,

I now flashed the 291 kernel again, then executed to test the Install.bat. Here, too, he remains "daemon started successfully" are without an error. In front of it "daemon not running. sarting it now on port 5037",
Unfortunately'm stuck here.


So now it worked. The ADB driver was not installed correctly. In Android Help thread (link above), there was the same problem. ADB sometimes makes trouble installing Win7, so with me. After the ADB driver repair with the program of adbdriver.com now everything works.
Thanks again for the tutorial.
/ Edit

Thank you.


Hmm, then I do not even ...

Good evening,
Thank you for the instructions!

And now to my problem : P
I use a Win7 64bit PC, where all drivers are now installed.
To point 9 everything works, April, it says. The install.bat then ends but with:
"error: device not found
Rebooting into TWRP recovery ...
error: device not found
Press any key . , , "

After that starts the z3c new and completely, the green LED does not come to light when I still the "Vol - " press, I get to Safe Mode.

Here then end my knowledge and hope here to help :)

Greeting Toni

EDIT: Problem solved -> simply times the install.bat not run as admin, now it worked !! : P

Everything connected correctly?
Try any time another cable?

Hello Rexxar,
Thanks for the detailed guidance - it worked right away! :)

At two things I am, however, failed.

  1. The entire Sony bloatware (for example, Chrome browser, Google Books, etc.) can be deleted apparently using Titanium Backup. But from the apps they do not disappear and after a few days they are also found in the records of Titanium backup. what I do wrong?

  2. Various Banking Apps refuse to serve if Xposed Framework installed. Unfortunately, it can not be uninstalled! Is it because I have to re-install the old kernel only? (If I want to uninstall the app from Xposed come out the error messages that delete permission to mount and files are available)

Thank you in advance,
Greeting Tom

I am pleased that my guide has helped you.
Flash times this zip in recovery, Xposed should remove.
http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/uninstaller/xposed-uninstaller-20160829-arm.zip <-unbedingt this take, I'm not sure whether I supplied (if I did at that time) is the correct, so use the link here!
Are also mods for Xposed bypass the detection of banking apps, but I can not say what and how well then it works in practice you.
Use no banking apps and Xposed I no longer because I no longer use the Z3c.
Therefore, I can not help you with Titanium Backup. But it's worth it anyway not to delete the bloatware as this you will receive no more space. A piece of the internal memory is used only by the system and the bloatware and the other part of you. Since you can not permanently delete the bloatware, your usable portion remains as great as he is.
Can indeed root then all adapt, but that does not necessarily worthwhile.
but you could even try the SD Maid tool that might still brushing something away.

Hello Rexxar,
Thank you for your fleet and helpful response. You were in your package at that time a x86 instead of the poor packed ;-)

An app works on removing of Xposed ever again - the other wants no gerootetes device.
Can I rooten also undo again? And if so, how?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Try Hide my Root from the Play Store.

Otherwise, I'm not sure if you can reverse the process. uninstall possibly firmware.

Are, however, can hide the root several solutions. Attempt first hide my root.