Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Note4 always turn off and on and off and on

Good day,

in Title I actually already said everything. But something more concrete: Last night worked my Grade 4 quite normal when I turned it off. This morning, now it makes funny business and spins above described around.
Who knows the problem?

more beautiful day than as mine has begun.

... since there are an infinite number of alternative ... only times battery out !!!

Good morning Schorsch,
That was the first thing I did. Then, however, was already concluded with my ideas!
Hopefully you still have some.

some more info for Damage You should already contributing -
what you have otherwise been made?

Battery level?
Start with charging cable?
USB cable to PC?
Recovery with gravel?
Stranglehold in download mode?

beiso thin info from your side is otherwise the recommendation to go to the nearest phone shop ...;.)

Hi Schorsch,

Thank you for your help, but I did not really needed, also because not everything that you suggested, is to be realized with a phone that does not work. I was busy all day, even aushäusig, and just wanted to see if someone starts on the subject. There would be even more information came.

My Note4 works recently resumed. What have I done? Since I did not have time to take care of the Note4, I have reactivated my old Note2, because I had to have a cell phone. When I later times had some time, I have tried to localize the fault, which I succeeded. I turned the score 4 without SIM card and without SD memory card and it stayed on. After that I reingetan the SIM card and turned on and the unit stayed on. Then I've done purely the SD card, and I had the problem again that the device is always switched off. I then checked on the computer, the SD card and it was technically fine. Since it could be yes only to the stored data. So I copied from the SD card everything on the computer and with the blank card also remained the Note4 on. Where as now the problem is I do not know, I do not understand. but I have a guess as to why I have a problem with it. I have last night made a backup with Kies3 and then found during the backup that I had forgotten, not to include specific content in the backup, because it would take far too long. Well, ran the backup and which I then canceled, which was not so easy. Since, therefore, something must have happened, which led to the error. Something else I can not remember it.

You again thank you.


do you have the problem to solve permanently now? I opened a thread because my note with SD card crashes. I was able to locate the folder. But that was too far ....

Yes, Emma, ​​I did so gradually. The crashes were rare, but but they did not stop. I reformatted the card. This has brought nothing. I do not know what else I have tried, but it has everything brought nothing. Ultimately, I have - but with little hope - the unit to the factory settings. But this has yet made it. Now it works perfectly again.
In my opinion, all this had to do with the aborted Kies3 fuse. The program ran whatsoever crash the device. But now I have no more problems.

You good luck in solving your problem.

Thanks for the feedback. Though not my solution, nice that your device is running again. :)

Good day,
have the problem that the note off of less than 30% from a battery stand.
I'm assuming that is flat. Or can have other causes?
In any case is still under guarantee on the phone (Vodafone Buissenes rate).

Has your problem as resolved? I have heard the same.
Battery has been replaced. remained a problem. Then the device was completely replaced, still goes above 20%, and again only if it depends on the charging cable. 'm super annoyed. For 3 months just running around.

Hi Lisa, just seems currently to be a bigger problem on different models. For me, the device also has turned ever been with 50 percent. But mostly it at 40 per simple ... Zack out. In a known encouraging the same s4 is. I've already tried everything. New battery original. Device set to factory settings. Battery But I again longer, but at 40 percent ... Off. Bin planlos.wende me now times on the samsung support.

For me it was now being expected to have both times on the Telekom tried to repair and then has just completely changed the second time ... Still, mobile drives despite 20 - 30% charge down and without connection to the cable does not back up.

And at a known (also Note 4) and my fiance (S4), the mobile phones are simply assumed at the weekend and since then not again.

Can not be ?! Here, our contract renewals are at and we had thought of the S7 variants ... tzzz

I had that problem too. Have zugelgt NEN new battery. Now it comes down to the Amazon Music app, which still manages to bring my touch to the crash.

I know from the Amazon music app too. Once the Application Manager "force stop" and the app can not crash the phone. (Music)

And another culprit was later responsible for the crashes. The app Dumpster left my cell phone run really hot and restart. After uninstalling everything ran perfectly again.


I know from the Amazon music app too. Once the Application Manager "force stop" and the app can not crash the phone. (Music)

Thanks for the tip. I will try the same times.

Have it tested now. Crashes still. but seems to be an app problem. In PlayStore to 4 users complain about the problem many central.

Also have the problem. If duweißt how to eliminate the problem, I would be grateful if you can let me know

I think because only an update will help. 've tried everything (System new app new, music stored internally or externally). It all brought nothing.

Hi folks
I have a similar problem with the (now cursed) Note4.
When I want to use the camera, the Note4 turns off and then tried to start over again. Whether it's 90% or 30% battery capacity. First, I changed the battery. 3 pieces I have available. With all the same problem!
After inserting the battery, the phone all by itself, without which I have pressed the Start button start. Have tried everything .... even the phone resets ... nothing helped. Incidentally, it is within one year of the third Note4 ... Moreover, it is in very simple activities such as the sending of photos in "Whatsapp" Damn hot. now I give it to annoy and exchange in all probability now but for the iPhone, despite limited storage capacity. to me of this Samsung scrap