Samsung Galaxy S5: Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 (to test) is also a year after the release still an eye-catcher and, above all, a price tip. Under his hood up some useful functions, of which one discovers some only at second glance hide. Our tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5 help you going to get the most out of your smartphone. Now we show you how to solve the most common problems.

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Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: appliance slowly, what to do?

Even after the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop runs the TouchWiz interface on your Galaxy S5 slow? Often it is up to a crowded internal memory or a busy latch. So, it pays to banish not used apps and app data from the device. so disabled as many apps as you can and empties the cache of your S5, to bring it up to speed. Does your exactly as described here:

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You can also TouchWiz by a simpler, faster Launcher replace. Shipyard to take a look at our list of best launcher. Some of them are characterized in particular by the fact that they work on resources and the rule of thumb: The fewer places animations and playfulness of the launcher in the day, the faster it will feel. As you missed a new look in detail your smartphone to bring the unit up to speed, will you explain in this article:

  • So you missed your smartphone for free a new look!

This also means that you keep your TouchWiz default launcher, but can to animations, S-Voice, widgets and so on make it easier to ensure that your Galaxy S5 feels faster.

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Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: battery

Low battery power

Even if its battery is not exactly tiny dimensions, may lead to battery problems with the Galaxy S5. Because some apps suck constantly on energy storage and provide an enormously shortened battery life with the Galaxy S5. Then you want either one of our battery tips to follow for the Galaxy S5, or the app cache, as we have described to you here. In principle, you can an app that draws a lot of battery, remove such malware.

samsung galaxy s5 batteryThe lush 2,800-mAh battery of the Galaxy S5 is useless if an app sucks him empty. / © AndroidPIT

Enable ultra-power saving mode in case of emergency

It may happen that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is dangerously close to zero. To endure a little longer with little power, you should follow and turn to the ultra-power saving mode this S5 tip. Makes its name because it is the system representation radically simplified and reduced to grayscale: This looks anything but beautiful, with this S5 tip but saves the smartphone much resources and using this trick for the Samsung Galaxy S5 you unlock the Ultra -Energy one.

  • Go into settings to power saving mode
  • Stationed there the ultra-power saving mode to On and activated him in the next screen.
  • If you are in the ultra-power saving mode and want to switch back, pressing the top right of the three points and then disables the ultra-power saving mode
EnergiesparmodusS6The ultra-power saving mode does not look nice, but saves energy! / © AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: Camera

The Galaxy S5 camera crashes or does not start

When the camera stops responding, which is occasionally mind that an app blocks the system interface that needs the app to function. The simplest solution is to restart here: Hold the power button down until the menu appears and select reboot.

A simplerer fix is ​​sometimes that one off the video stabilization and turns again. finds the menu item to you, if you press the camera app of your Galaxy S5 to the gear.

samsung galaxy s5 new formatWhen the camera of the Galaxy S5 does not respond, a soft reset helps best. / © AndroidPIT

virtual tour

The virtual tour of the S5 is a kind of Google Street View to make your own. In shooting modes of the camera you'll find the option Virtual Tour. If it is activated, you can watch move, rotate and take pictures with the camera through space, similar to make the Street View cars. Then you can move through the captured scene, as if walking on a short tour of the room. The number of shots is limited.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz virtual tour deSamsung Street View: The virtual tour. / © AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: display

Set Cinema mode for better image quality

So videos or games are better and more detailed simply the Samsung Galaxy S5 shown, you should set the Cinema Mode. This S5 Trick Here's how:

  • Go in Settings and presses on display.
  • then goes into screen mode and selects cinema.

If these settings do not like the course it can always change.

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KinoSamsungGalaxyS6In cinema mode see especially games on the S5 better. / © AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: Settings

quickly change settings

The setup menu of the Galaxy S5 has take over 100 entries, and the quick settings when opened completely by two-finger swipe from the top of the screen, the entire screen. This S5 tip, however, one takes a finger to help, to display only the most important quick settings. Which they are, you can define yourself by your open with two fingers the complete view and then click on the pencil icon at the top right. Then you see the "active key" and the "available keys" - drag & Drop you can replace individual icons and change their position with this S5-trick.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz quick settings deWhat appears in the Quick Settings, you can determine to some degree themselves. / © AndroidPIT

use search function for settings

Those who want to find their way in the jungle of Samsung's setup menu, already a seminar for advanced needs this visit. but is extremely useful search function, which is behind the magnifying glass icon that appears in open settings menu in the upper right corner. From here you can specifically search for menu items. This S5 trick is very helpful, but finding errors is not tolerant, showing only results that correspond exactly to what was entered.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz settings search deyou can also search directly on the settings, instead of scrolling on the Galaxy S5. / © AndroidPIT

Adjust the settings menu

The settings menu of Samsung's TouchWiz user interface has been redesigned visually with the S5 and looks different now than before. Who is not to find your way or round icons just do not like, you can change the appearance for the Galaxy S5 by simply tapping on the three-point button at the top right with this S5-trick.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz settings order deThe tab view (right) is the hit! A hot tip for the Samsung Galaxy S5. / © AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: Basic functions

S Health

S Health is part of the repertoire of the S5 to it and is your personal fitness consultants. The shows you, for example, how many steps you walk daily, the number of calories burned, and even how stressed you are. While you can, the Android smartphone to take on the next run through the park, however, a compatible sports bracelet or a watch worth more. The fitness gadget can you then couple with the S5 and analyze your health and training.

galaxy s5 ShealthThe integrated app S Health measures your heart rate, steps taken and more. / © AndroidPIT

Stop S Voice

S Voice, the voice control of the Galaxy S5 is enabled by default and can be achieved by double tap on the home button. This has, among other things means that it always takes a while until, you come back to the home screen when you press the Home button once - the S5 "waiting" a second click. People not using S Voice regularly, but can disable the feature for the Galaxy S5 in this way with this S5 Tip: Settings -> General and then remove the check mark from open About Home button under the heading waking up.

galaxy s5 s voice switch offWho does not want to use the Home button S Voice can disable it in the settings. / © AndroidPIT

Multi Window

The Galaxy S5 offers in which two apps share the screen and both are displayed simultaneously a multi-window mode. To use this convenient feature, multi-window must first be activated in the settings. You go into the settings to our sound and display for this Galaxy-S5-trick, tapping there on Multi Window. There you activate the function and can subsequently from any screen by pressing and holding the Back button to achieve. The bar disappears once you've opened two apps.

galaxy s5 multi windowHalf-half: the multi-window feature lets you show parallel on display two apps from a selected range. / © AndroidPIT

Do you want to close one of the two parts, either repeatedly pressing the Back button until it disappears. You can clean up in the gray area the menu by dragging and dropping the app launcher. The menu appears when you press in the app selection bottom right of the arrow. Do you already have two windows open, you can take the duo as a new shortcut in the Quick Launch column, so that the apps can be launched together faster.

Call pop-ups

Not always, one is glad if someone by ringing - an incoming call is displayed in full screen, the user pulls thus abruptly from his work. This can be annoying, but the Galaxy S5 you can deal with this S5 tip by activating a pop-up for incoming calls - these are small windows that are displayed in the top of the screen and the user can choose whether he the Answering or prefer to go with it, which he was busy. To activate the pop-ups, this S5-trick followed: Scrolls in the settings for the field applications and selects there Call settings. Then your taps call pop-ups and sets the hook there for the first entry.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz call popup dePop-ups interrupt videos and give you the quick way to respond. / © AndroidPIT

Air View

Samsung has also equipped the Galaxy S5 with Air View. This feature allows in certain applications and views previews, such as calendar entries or photos without having to touch the screen. These simply holding your finger just above the display, and you open a window with additional information or image preview. Air View is activated via the Settings menu in the movement, and there in the item Air View.

galaxy s5 airviewWith airview you can look at you previews by You just keep your finger close on the display. / © AndroidPIT

take screenshots

Screenshots can be done with the Galaxy S5 as always with Samsung through a special combination that is somewhat different from the usual Android method. Here, the S5-trick with which you accomplished this: Pressing simultaneously the home and the power button to capture the current screen and save it. Wipe the side of his hand across the screen (works in both directions) and then take a screenshot: Alternative also works with the Galaxy S5, the old hand edge trick.

hand operation

The display of the S5 is quite large, especially for smaller hands, but there is a mode for one-hand operation. So the S5 trick: You just have from one side of the home screen quickly swipe from edge to the center and back again. The screen is then reduced shown on the side, have carried out from which your wiping gesture. You can activate the mode under Settings -> Sound and display -> One-handed operation.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz one handed deThe S5 can also be operated with just one hand. / © AndroidPIT

Disable My Magazine

My Magazine is Samsung's own news reader, summarizing the news from social networks and news sources. It can be reached from the home screen with a mop to the right. If you do not use it, you can also turn it off. How to do this, we have in the bloatware article along with the disabling S Voice (see link above) looked at more closely.

Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: Advanced Features

private mode

Sometimes you take with your phone to situations that are not intended for everyone's eyes. In the private mode, your content can hide. enabled for this Galaxy S5 trick charged past the quick sets the private mode and select a four-digit PIN. Alternatively, you can him via Settings -> Personalization -> reach private mode. Are you in the mode that you can, for example, in the gallery select images and move them to the private folder. If you then leave the private mode, these images are invisible.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz private mode deUnwanted Apps can be hidden, be concealed private photos and videos. / © AndroidPIT

LED flash as a notification light

Some of my iPhone friends use this feature, and I personally find it quite annoying, but maybe you like it so, to use the flash as a notification light. Goes into this Einstellungsmneü and then Personalization -> Input help -> Hearing impairment. There you will find the point flash notification.

galaxy s5 TouchWiz Samsung flash notifocation deBlink, blink. Dial M for blind - with the flash alert. / © AndroidPIT

Prefabricated set blocks for News

You have a standard set, with her adopted you into SMS or you used when you just are not available? In the keyboard settings that reaches your from any application that requires a keyboard, you can assign the number keys so-called shortcuts, so set blocks that are automatically inserted when you press the corresponding button down and then move the finger.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz keyboard shotcuts deLess Tap: The set of building blocks make it possible. To them your passes via the keyboard settings, which can be reached via the gear icon (in the left image). / © AndroidPIT

Operation by pencil instead of S-Pen

Actually, a great feature, but Samsung has nowhere really mentioned: The S5 can also be operated with a conventional pencil, much like the Xperia Z Ultra. You just have the touch sensitivity of the display for this S5-trick for the Galaxy S5 increase (glove mode). Is this in the settings for sound and display, then selects display and scroll to the very bottom to the point touch sensitivity high. Then you can in each text entry box to change the input type by your on the bottom row taps on the second button from the left long and selects the T icon. The handwriting recognition works similarly good as in Note 3 to the S Pen.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz touch pen stylus handwriting deWrite as with the S Pen: Simply increase the sensitivity of the display. / © AndroidPIT

faster downloads

The Galaxy S5 is the first Samsung smartphone with a so-called download booster. Behind it the opportunity to increase the download speed in the WLAN by also uses the LTE connection of the smartphone parallel hidden. Both data streams are combined, thus allowing a faster download. The download booster trick for the Galaxy S5 can be found in the settings menu directly from the Quick settings, but is a bit hidden. Quick Sets simply slides to the left until the button is visible.

galaxy s5 TouchWiz Samsung download booster deOne of our S5 tips: initiates large downloads download booster. / © AndroidPIT

When enabled, it will automatically turn on when files over 30MB one - assuming, WLAN and LTE are available. But be careful: Do not forget that the use of the LTE connection will be deducted from your data volume.

theft protection

Really can protect against theft can be Galaxy S5 course not, unless you carry it around in a bear trap with him. But the smart phone can be locked remotely with this S5-trick also important data can be deleted remotely. The "Find My Mobile" feature also allows you to search for the missing device. Remote access enabled yours by your navigate through the settings menu system and there selects the point security. Here you can find the remote access under Find My Mobile. To activate it, just follow the instructions on the screen. Afterwards you can manage remotely the S5 via the website

If you have no desire to set up a Samsung account, you can easily apply this S5 trick: Go to the Android Device Manager, Google has enabled by default on all Android smartphones, including on your Galaxy S5. Simply log in you with your Google account in the web interface of the Android Device Manager, and already you will be the location of your lost Galaxy S5 displayed (if not exactly the location service is disabled). You can let it ring from there, lock with a new password or delete their data.

Call the emergency

For Abschlss still a rather important S5 Tip: Of course we want it to anyone, but if you should are even able to you but, in an emergency should be discontinued, the S5 can do it for you. So the S5 trick works: First, you must via Settings -> system -> Emergency Assistant least create an important contact name and number. If you then send help messages option is enabled, you can send a call for help by pressing three times the power button, if necessary with pictures and voice recording. This is particularly handy when older people want to use with physical ailments the device.

galaxy s5 samsung TouchWiz emergency deIf you never need hope: The emergency function of the S5. / © AndroidPIT

Tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5: Apps

Remove unwanted apps

On Samsung's smartphones are not only useful apps, much so-called bloatware found in the App Drawer - Apps Samsung partners that are entirely unnecessary for many. You can easily hide the happiness by her the App Drawer opens and then go to the menu on the three-point button these apps. From here you can uninstall apps directly, but system apps that can not be deleted, can be easily hidden from there. And as the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. The S5 trick works exactly like the Galaxy S6. Therefore, you can also look into those instructions:

exclusive Apps

Android users love yourself together your app collection and peck in the Play store the raisins out. But not everything offered by the manufacturer to own apps, per se bloatware. Taking a look at Samsung's exclusive apps worthwhile in any case. Among the so-called "Galaxy Essentials" S5 owners will find a number of apps that make their lives with their smartphone may even lighter. The Galaxy Essentials is yours by your typed top right of the app drawer on the three-point symbol. Even apps to manage accessories like the Gear Fit are available there. Alternatively, you can reach the Essentials via Samsung App Hub "Galaxy Apps", which also features in the App Drawer.

DE galaxy s5 tips screenshot 4For owners of the Galaxy S5, Samsung a number of exclusive apps. / © AndroidPIT

move apps to SD card

If the internal memory on the phone is running out, you do not think alike to the deleted during S5. Thanks to the S5-tip with the SD slot, some apps can be easily moved to the external memory card. You go for that Galaxy S5 trick the setup menu, scroll to the field applications and selects here the application manager. There you tap on an app and move it on to SD card. This is not possible with all apps, but can work in some cases and thus provide more free space.

still knows your more useful tips S5 and S5 tricks? Share them with us in the comments!

The article has been completely rewritten. Old comments can therefore act incoherently.

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