“When communicating with Google servers encountered a problem”

I have a similar problem. And although I can not log in to the Play Store or YouTube with my Google account me. There always comes the message that the communication with Google servers failed. However, without a login I can use the YouTube app. so I what I need to reacquaint myself with my Google account login can?

Have the same problem, a solution has been found in the meantime?

For me it has also forever does not work. Have seen that in the application list, the application "Google Play services" was disabled. After activating the login went flawlessly.

Can it be that is rooted your phone if so
Stage Get the app root Explorer then you go to system folder because then in the folder etc if you then scrollst down you'll see a file named hosts to you open with text editor that is with the app doing then all texts in which a Google.com is available you need make at the beginning of the text # just save it and then everything should work

I have taken a long time but now it has worked for me.: D

apk in google enter Aptoide and install.
Then with the app "Google play services" install log in to google and DONE.
I hope it works for you too.(cool)

It worked. Contrary to expectations. Thank you!!

Hello I had also I had this error message, the Google stops play dinste dan I went to all setting and have to update deinsaliren and dan it all started with that and I can not sign ?????????? !

Please help me

What can you do if you do not root and have to do it with the root explorer?

Thank you as well, pam it was thanks to your tip !!! Thank wuhu kudos to you !!!

Dreazer MC
my device is rooted got the tip from you followed jez it goes again thank you .. I never would have thought that it only works because I entered before the text a #'ve

Super thank you has geklpt

Thank you worked!

I had the same problem and have tried it several times. All these solutions have not helped me but then I found a solution. Is your mobile phone gerooted if No roote it. After you've done it. (Available in PlayStore) go to root explorer and try searching the hosts file. Delete it and your problem is solved.